Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rei Tachibana: WZA-04

I did quite a bit of IMDb work today, submitting data on six or seven films, and translating credits to another eleven...
Tonight we look again at a video we've visited at least three times before. The reason for the multiple visits is that it features multiple actresses, all of them of high interest to this blog. Previously we featured appearances by Tamaki Yasuoka in May 2012 once, May 20012 twice and June 2012
Today we look at another actress featured in the video: The statuesque Rei Tachibana. Rei-chan is a magnificent specimen, and was featured in my first post back in August 2011.
Besides a jaw-dropping figure, she has quite a pretty face, though, like several of these models, she's got a bit of a half-Caucasian look...

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