Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finishing with Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty, Usagi

Tonight we take our last glimpse of Usagi Minagi's November 2006 video, Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty Exciting! Usagi (TIA-012).
The main activity of the video-- covered over the last two nights-- now concluded, a brief coda ensues. Usagi-chan first poses, showing us her magnificent charms while talking briefly with the cameraman.
And then our main protagonist appears to measure Usagi's physical dimensions and announce them for the astonished viewer. For the record, they come to: 122-108-117(cm). She also weighs herself with a contraption that gives several numbers, including BMI... I'm bushed tonight, and off for bed now though... If anyone's interested, I'll take a look later, work out the details of these statistics and post them here...
Chikan to nozoki: Hitozuma geshuku (1994)
I didn't get a lot of IMDb work done today-- mostly translating credits for future submissions. I did add two titles:  Chô inran kazoku: Seiyoku zenkai and Chikan to nozoki: Hitozuma geshuku.

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