Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Peek at Usagi-chan

Not a lot of IMDb work today-- I translated credits for about 6 films, but made no submissions. In Pink Film work, I finished cleaning the posters I have downloaded since November. They're ready to upload now.

Usagi Minagi as Narumi Mori in Chubby MILFs: Narumi Mori, Tamaki
For work on this blog, I took screenshots of a Tamaki Yasuoka / Usagi Minagi video, Chubby MILFs: Narumi Mori, Tamaki (June 2009; KBKD-534). In a later post, I'll do a full review of this video pairing two of my all-time favorite models.
But to tide you over for now, here are a couple screen-caps which I've never seen before, of the lovely Usagi-chan from that video.

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