Friday, May 24, 2013

Noa Serizawa: SND-20

Noa Serizawa in SND-20
I was able to watch Super Boob Gal!! Delicious, Juicy Woman Flesh (JAMS; July 2009; SND-20) last night, and got started on GAS-242 with Hana Uehara. SND-20 is part of JAMS' New Sexy Zone series and stars the scrumptious Noa Serizawa. With impressive measurements of 128-82-106(cm) / 50-32-42(in) and a Japanese K-cup bra, she's certainly a model that arouses attention. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to have much of a filmography, appearing in only three DVDs that I know of, in 2009/2010. This DVD was her first for JAMS, which seems to be the only studio she's worked for.
This is a fairly straight-forward sex video. It has a few interesting camera angles, but they don't really add to the action. The one above is from the first sequence of the video, in which Noa-san gives a soapland treatment to a lucky gentleman.
The next sequence has Noa playing with her boobs for the camera, and then giving paizuri to a large dildo. So far nothing out of the ordinary about the video, except for the very beautiful BBW model, Noa. She wears the blond wig or dyed hair throughout the video, which doesn't add anything, and actually takes away, in my book, but she's still quite beautiful.
The rest of the video consists of the real sex, and this is where Noa really shines. She moves in a very sexy way-- not overly wild, and not overly-passive, as with some actresses. She seems to be enjoying herself, and she grinds rather slowly and very erotically.
A brief soft-S&M scene follows, with Noa abusing a captive man with her body... If I'm ever convicted of a crime, THIS is the punishment I want!
Noa shines again in another straight sex scene, starting out with her on top. She doesn't bounce and flop her boobs around, which Tamaki Yasuoka does so well, she just lovingly humps the guy, happily and without too much fuss. 
She proves to be just as beautiful on the receiving end, with her big boobs pancaked out. All-in-all, while nothing extraordinary, this video is made better than the usual by the beautiful presence of Noa, and by her superior sex scenes...
Model: Noa Serizawa is one of the bet of the best, a classic BBW beauty and an excellent performer.
Video: Good, solid BBW admiring and sexual activity, no frills, but nothing to set it out from the pack either: A solid 7 stars out of 10.
Waka okusama: Maruhi takkyûbin (1994)
At IMDb I finished the year 1994, submitting new films: Inran minshuku: Okami-san ga iku!, Waka okusama: Maruhi takkyûbin, Tsumatachi no hirusagari: Shûdan furin, Furinzuma: Otto ni iwanaide!Fûzoku-jô: Naisho de honban, Obasamatachi no chitai: Injuku, Meiki no himitsu: Chijo santai, Honban marudashi kahanshin, and editing information for Honban jukujo: Kyûshozeme. I got a good start on 1995, copying the list of 118 Pink film releases from PG, the credits from JMDb, and some of my own filmography listings. Tomorrow I'll have to finish that, copy the poster links, then I can start translating and submitting... might do a couple non-pink entries first, since I've got about a week extra before I officially start on 1995 in June... maybe some Kimiko Matsuzaka and Mariko Morikawa videos.

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