Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dr. Minagi's Cure: CWM-084

Most of the day was spent in my new boob-related research activity: Acquiring videos for viewing. I'm sharing image snaps from these videos as I get them, but I'm thinking of also doing more formal reviews of them later on. To tell the truth, I've never been much of an AV watcher. Short clips and stills usually suffice to satisfy my curiosity of the show, and I haven't had a pressing desire to watch the whole thing... For an entire erotic film, Pink is still more my taste... a two-hour sex video, to me, is like a meal of whipped cream... You need something more substantial to put that whipped cream on-- which is what a Pink film provides with story, acting, screenwriting, cinematography, etc... As I see more of these AVs, I'll get more idea on how to view and comment on them with some critical perspective.
Anyway. All that aside, down to brass tacks: Tonight we continue looking at beautiful, chubby little pixie, Usagi Minagi, continuing a review of her video we started yesterday: BBW Teacher: Narumi Mori (San-nen P-gumi pocchari sensei: Mori Narumi; August 2009; CWM-084). Directed by Wild Seven and released by Waap Entertainment. The second segment of the story of Ms. Minagi, the teacher, appears to cast her in the role of school nurse. One of the students has some sort of a problem for which Ms. Minagi knows the best remedy.

Here we see Nurse Minagi administering the cure to the lad in the first stage of treatment, and his spirits are rallying already.

The treatment proceeds with a direct assault to the offending member. Dr. Minagi applies mammary therapy to the dangerously excited organ, hoping to work the poison out through stimulation.

After the satisfyingly successful climax of this procedure, Usagi-chan annoints herself with the venomous discharge, and a happy ending is seen for both doctor and patient.
Do-inran na onnatachi: Ôsaka fûzokuhen (1994)
In IMDb work, I added two 1994 titles today: Fûzoku rupo: Pokeberu maru ura baishun and Do-inran na onnatachi: Ôsaka fûzokuhen

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