Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sora & Miwa: JUFD-288

In my IMDb 1994 Pink film project today, I added credits and worked on Honban jugyô: Kyonyû ni bukkakero! and Hitozuma hentai biyoshitsu, and I submitted new films, Honban shitagitai and Higi shijû hatte: Makura-e no onna. Above we see posters from Honban jugyô: Kyonyû ni bukkakero! which I submitted today-- Original release poster on the left, and 2000 re-release poster on the right...

And here's an interesting little tidbit from Fitch coming out on June 1. Titled Chônyû & bakunyû double pressure: Abare oppai ni umoretai (超乳&爆乳Wプレッシャー~暴れオッパイに埋もれたい~; JUFD-288), it stars the lovely O-cup, Sora Nanami (七海そら/ at right above) and L-cup Miwa Harukaze (春風美羽). Take a quick look at this cover while you can, because I think I've figured out who's complaining about these images, and it's absolutely incredible: It's DMM, the adult retail site... These guys seem to be intent on cutting their own throat... They've blocked many pages from foreign viewing, and most of those that are viewable are "translated" by Google, making them absolute gibberish. Now, apparently, they don't even want potential customers to be pointed to their site... Incredible... So, if you wish to purchase it, please respect DMM's wish to be left in peace, go to Amazon or some other site...


  1. DMM and Japanese companies are a bunch of numbskulls. They hate non-Japanese so much that they don't want their money! It's amazing. Every major Japanese company is like this. I kind of hope DMM dies one of these days for being such douchebags. The DMM block outside of Japan is the dumbest thing I've ever seen, but fortunately, unblockdmm and other sites can be used to get around it.

    DMM videos suck anyway. They are locked on the computer you purchase it on and for me, ended up being useless.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Fumie! Yeah, I'm holding back from going on a rant about what they've done to their own site over the past year... I used to intentionally link to DMM here and at Boobpedia, thinking I was sending business their way, in exchange for sharing info about the videos & models... Turns out they want to be left alone... The only one of the recent copyright complaints I've been able to read concerned my linking to one of their pages... What? They don't want traffic sent their way?.. Anyway, I'll look into unblockdmm for the information, but not link to the site... Thanks for the pointer!...

    2. Yeah, I don't understand DMM at all, especially when they turn down things that benefit their site!