Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hitomi Matsumoto: PPUD-001

We continue our review of Japanese BBW AVs tonight with a look at the lovely morsel you see above: Hitomi Matsumoto / Mozuku. After two days working on it, I finally succeeded in viewing her November 2008 video 140 cm Q-cup Mozuku (Oppai; PPUD-001). I picked this one because it's the only Hitomi Matsumoto / Mozuku video from which I haven't already seen a lot clips and images.
Hitomi Matsumoto / Mozuku in PPUD-001
This girl is quite sexy to me, she has a real down-to-earth, girl-next-door quality, not that "professional" quality which I dislike in some models. Her face is rather plain, with crooked teeth, but she always seems cheerful and smiling, though awkward in front of the camera... She seems like just a regular girl with an extraordinary body, who has been talked into performing for an AV...
Hitomi Matsumoto / Mozuku in PPUD-001
This non-professional quality makes Hitomi's sex scenes not QUITE as exciting as those of a better actress, like Tamaki Yasuoka, who, while sufficiently "innocent", is still able to put forth an aura of real enthusiasm during her sex scenes. Hitomi, on the other hand, smiles enough that she looks like she's having a good time-- thank God she's not a crier, or a whiner-- but she nervously looks at the camera most of the time, which is cute, but not especially arousing...
Hitomi Matsumoto / Mozuku in PPUD-001
One video attributed to Hitomi Matsumoto-- 145cm R-cup HITOMI (September 2009; PPUD-003) has her looking even MORE sexy-- a prettier face, and shapelier body-- but I'm sure it's a different girl. Looking through this one, we can see the Hitomi Matsumoto in this video has a large birthmark on her back. When we review the other one, I'll check to see if she has that same birthmark, and I'm pretty sure we're going to find out that she does not. I'll report back here when that mystery is solved...
Hitomi Matsumoto / Mozuku in PPUD-001
Due to unanticipated circumstances, I wasn't able to do much IMDb work today. I only submitted one new film: Minami ni tobu futari, and worked on the credits to one: Iruka wa umi ni kaeru. This means I have....what?.... nine to submit tomorrow to keep on track? I suppose that's do-able...

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