Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Usagi Minagi: Farewell, KBKD-534, Hello, TIA-012!

Usagi Minagi in Chubby MILFs: Narumi Mori, Tamaki (KBKD-534)
Let's start with the boob-ish work tonight, since this has become the main interest of this blog, even if I consider my main work in Japanese erotic cinema to be the Pink film / IMDb work... Tonight we bid a temporary farewell to Chubby MILFs: Narumi Mori, Tamaki (June 2009; KBKD-534). Temporary, because I'm only 30 minutes into it, and already have 600 image snaps... something tells me I'll have to start being more selective in this new leg of the project in the future...
Usagi Minagi in Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty Exciting! Usagi (TIA-012)
...the reason for moving on is that I finished downloading a second Usagi Minagi, Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty Exciting! Usagi (TIA-012), the thrilling results of which you regard here. Just look at Usagi's legs up there!  This video was released November 1, 2006, making it three years earlier than the Tamaki / Usagi one we viewed over the past two days. Radix / Tiara released it, and it was directed by Alto Joa. This was the twelfth video in the Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series, and the first one in which director Alto Joa's gets credit at the websites (n.b. upon doing thorough research for the series before submitting it to IMDb, I find that he is actually listed on the video covers, in various different versions of his name. The first one in which he used "Alta Joa" was the video before this one-- TIA-011). He is credited in the video too, but since I haven't seen any of the earlier videos complete, I can't be sure whether he is credited in them or not... Maybe he's just slighted in the catalogue listings...
Like the previous video we looked at, Chubby MILFs: Narumi Mori, Tamaki, this one starts with the camera lovingly surveying Usagi-chan's landscape.
 We'll continue visiting the entrancing Usagi-chan in this video, spreading it out for another couple days while I work on getting another one of her releases. Until tomorrow, enjoy these images!
2010 re-release poster to Shichinin no jukujo: Inran
In IMDb work today, I added three titles: Shichinin no jukujo: Inran, Chikan densha: Kuikomi chôsa-tai, and Matagaru hitozuma-tachi, and edited and linked to posters to Kinjo no obasan 2: Noshikakaru!. I had some home computer trouble today, and was not able to boot up all night. I spent the evening working on the problem, and by the next morning-- (tomorrow, May 15), it was up and running, but still slow. What this means is that I was unable to take full notes on The Slit-Mouthed Woman, one of the three Pink films on Netflix which will not be available tomorrow... No doubt a new computer is in my future, since this "new" one is actually an old, second-hand one I got after Blogger upgraded its interface, forcing me to finally move off my ancient 1998 system...

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