Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Momojiri Yuuka

For tonight's visit to the realm of Asian BBW heaven, let's drop in on the soapland Mucchiri, and visit with sweet and chubby Yumeka (ゆめか), alias Momojiri Yuuka (桃尻優香), whom we first met in February in a Pink Film review post, and a post covering her only video appearance that I was able to find.

Her Mucchiri profile provides a video clip, and lists her stats as 30 years of age, 157cm tall, 133cm K-cup bust, and 125cm hips. Her blog has a profile which says she was born in Tokyo, February 9, 1983. Pictorial evidence presented above shows that she's a beauty either from the front, or from the back. The image above right displays her signature "Momojiri" or peach-ass.. Let's hope some wise director talks her into stepping in front of the camera again!

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