Saturday, May 4, 2013

Can't Take My Eyes Off of Rin Fujisaki...

After yesterday's heavy activity, this was another slow day for my work at IMDb. I submitted two new films, the gay flick, See you again: Hiroshima monogatari, and The petting: Suttekamu. The poster to the latter, in its 2007 re-release as The petting: Hageshii ikizukai is seen above.
Rin Fujisaki
...And for your evening's viewing pleasure, here are a couple new images from Hyperedge, of incredibly gorgeous Rin Fujisaki (藤咲凛) from Gyûkan bakunyû musume (牛感爆乳娘; GYU-01; April 22, 2013). We first saw her in my post of April 12, to which I added new images after writing, and now I post some more... I just can't get enough of this girl!...
Rin Fujisaki

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