Sunday, April 24, 2016

Checking in

KEEEE-RIST! It's been six months since I've checked in here. But I've been constantly busy in the realm of Japanese erotic entertainment, so those months weren't wasted. I still don't plan on coming back to this blog regular anytime soon because I'm enjoying building up the English-language references on the subject so much.
Panty daisakusen poster
Recently added poster: Naomi Tani in Panty daisakusen (パンティ大作戦; 1973; re-release poster)
My Pink film work has been very rewarding. I've come across many great--if not always pristine-- images of posters from previously unknown films of the '60s, '70s and '80s. I absolutely love digging up information on the rare and unknown, filling in the dots, making connections between films & film personnel, finding images to bring greater depth to the raw data... All this, of course, makes me completely unfit for Wikipedia, but a perfect fit for IMDb, which honestly tries to put together a comprehensive resource, rather than provide a platform for bigoted know-it-all ignoramuses to decide what is and is not 'notable'... but I digress... Looking towards the Pink Film Awards ceremony of this year, which will be in May, I finally finished that long-term project at IMDb.
GVG-097 video cover
Recent debut, Chitose Saegusa in GVG-097
In JAV work, the archives continue to thrive, though they're not expanding as quickly as before, since I'm balancing between them and the Pink Film work. There are now over 2,000 followers at the Tumblr version of the JAV archive. I made an effort to dig into the VHS-era big-boob material, getting a decent sampling of big-boob material of the '80s and '90s. I also focused on filling in more of the filmographies of a few busty icons whose IMDb entries I had the privilege of starting-- Kimiko Matsuzaka, Mariko Morikawa, Ran Masaki, etc.-- and to link them to IMDb.
JUFD-484 video cover
Recent archive/IMDb addition: Mikoto Yatsuka in JUFD-484 (2015)
I finished collecting data on Japanese Adult Videos with a busty/BBW theme to get me through the end of last year. I took a break then to work hard on some other creative projects, and to focus hard on Archive/IMDb Pink film coverage again. I plan on sticking to this course until the end of June. By then I should have caught up on the JAV work that I have lagged behind on-- I'm up to the end of August-- and maybe even have it all linked into IMDb by that time too. Once I start up on JAV again in July, I'll try to stick to the 10-a-day posting schedule that I finally figured out by the middle of last year. Submit them to the blogs, and then to IMDb (if appropriate), and cross-link them when accepted at IMDb. I'll have to catch up on some of the new releases over the past year, but want to continue digging up early busty VHS as well. Future projects I'm contemplating are a comprehensive yearly listing of Pink/Adult films (rather than the studio-specific ones I have now), a "Personnel" archive-- pictures of people involved in making Pink/JAV... mostly actresses, naturally...
Miyabi Hayama returns in ICD-290
And I'll conclude this post with this exciting bit of news: Everybody's favorite Japanese BBW, Miyabi Hayama, has come out of retirement to favor us with another DVD: ICD-290!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Pink Digression

OK, it's long past time to check in on this blog again. I've been busy.
TMHK-024 video cover
Recently-found poster image to Kôji Wakamatsu's Sei no hôrô (性の放浪; 1967)
I intended to spend all this year working on my new JAV Archive, but at the beginning of August I got a bit tired of it, and had a hankering to dabble in Pink a little. So I spent all the month of August, and some of October, working on my somewhat-neglected Pink Film Archives. I have been keeping up with the new Pink releases all year-- there are only three Pink films per month released these days, so keeping up with them is not very difficult-- but I decided to look around the 'Net and see if I could find any new images of older Pink film posters... I DID!... I found a few sources for older Pink film posters-- 1960s & '70s, mostly-- which allowed me to start new entries on those films. Some were just-barely-acceptable distorted images from Yahoo Auctions.... But most satisfactorily, some of these posters were to films for which I already had entries illustrated with just stills, or video covers. A nice theatrical poster is always my goal. I also found much better images of posters to a few hundred Roman Porno films for which I already had entries. I upgraded the images for my existing entries for those films.
Japan's first sex film star: Tamaki Katori
While doing this I happened to stumble on a few excellent stills of the first Pink Film starlet, and therefore Japan's first sex film star: Tamaki Katori. These show her in the mid '60s, I believe. The one film I've seen her in was Koji Wakamatsu's The Woman Who Wanted to Die (1971). She was plump, mature & gorgeous in that film. I'll add these images to my only-just-barely-started upcoming blog/archive on Pink film/JAV personnel, which I sort of plan on working on next year-- while coming back to this blog on a more regular basis as well.
Anna Ohura: Branded 'not notable' by a mob of bigoted know-nothing & deleted from Wikipedia
Due to Wikipedia deletions (rant to follow below), I also found a picture archive on lovely early '00s actress/model Anna Ohura. I'm not sure what format this actress/personnel blog will take-- Bios, & pictures, naturally-- but absolutely EVERY picture I can find (as I've done with Chihiro)?... or what?... I'd like it to be a full encyclopedia project-- not only articles on actresses, but also on directors/other personnel, films, videos, genres, etc... I'm thinking it over while accumulating the data in the JAV Archive this year...
TMHK-024 video cover
Miwa Sasaki VHS covers... coming to the JAV Archives
At the time I took the Pink detour I was caught up with the JAV archives. So the bad thing about that detour, obviously, is that it has put me behind in the again... by one month. But by plotting my JAV course systematically, I was able to grab up a month's worth of images & data over the past couple days, and I still have ammunition for future entries while I translate, format & post the data & images. I finished this portion of the catch-up project this morning, allowing me to take time off for some non-JAV work, and to whip out this quickie post here.
TMHK-024 video cover
Ellen Joe's VHS covers soon to grace the JAV Archives
I've been concentrating on building up the representation of VHS covers most recently at the JAV Archives. This results in older, less-spectacularly buxom/BBW subjects, but a better historical perspective. Also, having lived through that era-- even the later Roman Porno era-- it's nice to revisit some old favorites like Miwa Sasaki and Ellen Joe (whom we see above)-- who can still hold their own with today's zaftig lasses-- so I intend to revisit the early days of the busty/BBW genre many times.
TMHK-024 video cover
A new Shizuku Amai DVD
But as soon as these are all posted, I'll dive back into recent debuts-- such as the incredible Shizuku Amai, above-- and catch up on recent releases by old reliables like GAS, Maguro, IZM, Bombom Cherry, & all the rest... The Pink Film Archives are my personal favorites, and, I think, the most important work I'm doing, but the JAV Archive at Tumblr is proving to be, by far, my most popular project. At only just over half a year, I am nearing 1,000 followers.

This concludes the post proper. What follows is another anti-Wikipedia rant, so you can stop reading here. Forgive me... I wasted five years working, writing and contributing information there, thinking that Japanese erotic film is part of the "uncensored sum of human knowledge"... and it is, of course, but Wikipedia has been taken over by Crusaders and bigots... If you want information on subjects they personally don't like, "Google is your friend", as they say-- in other words, Wikipedia is not...
DNT-062 video cover
2010 compilation DVD with an appearance by the 'non-notable' subject of THREE documentaries: Maki Tomoda
Since my last report here, Wikipedia's deletions have finally started in on Japanese erotic cinema. Recently declared notable subjects who blatantly pass even Wikipedia's subjective, original and biased definition of 'notability' include Anna Ohura, Hitomi Tanaka, and Maki Tomoda. Maki Tomoda is not just an AV star, she's starred in several mainstream theatrical films, TV programs (thereby passing one porn 'notability' test), she has won Pink Film Awards and Pinky Ribbon Awards, thereby passing TWO porn notability tests, and has been the subject of THREE documentaries, including a French (international) one-- thereby passing even the GENERAL Notability Guidelines!... The discussion stupidly ignored the heavily reliably-sourced (i.e., 'notable') first award, noted only the second, more minor award, and THEN, when the first one was mentioned, assumed it was the second one, which-- without reading a word of Japanese-- they deemed 'not notable'. It would have been absolutely pointless to point out any of the buffoonish comedy of errors going on during the discussion which resulted from that fact that no one in the discussion either read Japanese or was not biased against the subject. Bigots are as arrogant in their opinions as they are ignorant in them... This is the state of Wikipedia today-- Crusaders gutting subject areas against which they have a clear bias. I have to admit, I was surprised at the brazenness of this Deletion-- she clearly passed Wikipedia's own biased guidelines, but they deleted her anyway. I expect the next step to be a rewrite of those guidelines because nobody objected to the deletion, and then virtually ALL Japanese cinema articles could be deleted if anyone chose to do so. They will be deleted with selective bias, though, naturally...
TWV-035 video cover
Fechi-angle kyonyû Ôura Anna (フェチアングル巨乳 大浦あんな - TWV-035; 2003)
Nearly 100% of deletion "discussions" now result in delete. "Deletionists" have driven off the contributors, and have completely free run of the project now. Anyone with interest or knowledge of the subject area has given up on Wikipedia and gon on to other projects. Contributing anything to Wikipedia is futile-- I've seen articles deleted after passing more than 20 nominations. That's a waste of the time of the editors who put the article together, and the editors who fought to save it after dozens of discussions. So, let them delete the entire subject of Japanese cinema. Wikipedia is already useless on the subject due to the bias of these few, non-productive editors. (When he's not searching WP for any mention of boobies or pee-pees to razor-blade out of the encyclopedia, sexually-repressed obsessive/repressive Hullaballo Wolfowitz, occasionally adds a little to articles on trivial 1950s paperback science-fiction compilations. There would be nothing wrong with that, if he weren't so active in deleting content on much more 'notable' subjects in other areas... and he insultingly sources these sci-fi articles only with open Wikis and databases which he would never allow at an article on a subject against which he is biased.) It will continue to be this way because it is infinitely easier to delete an article than it is to create one.
PPPD-402 video cover
Hitomi Tanaka: 65 starring roles & growing at IMDb. Recently deleted as 'non-notable' at Wikipedia
I've seen some of the editors involved in these deletions admit on other sites that they are at Wikipedia only for the "drama", with no intention of ever contributing content... In other words, they are trolls. And I don't blame the trolls-- that's what they do: Have fun disrupting a project until they get caught and thrown off-- "Ha ha! I wasted their time!"... No, I blame Jimbo Wales & the creators of Wikipedia. These trolls are not being thrown off-- They are staying, and the CONTRIBUTORS are leaving... Crowd-sourcing is one thing, but allowing the crowd to govern itself results mob rule. Like at IMDb, editors should be allowed only to contribute information to Wikipedia. Experts/professionals need to be hired to investigate and accept or reject that information, handle formatting & deletions, content disputes & discipline, etc. Giving the editors free reign to create, interpret and enforce rules resulted in the Lord of the Flies atmosphere-- People with no interest in content are in charge, the real contributors are driven off, anti-content Crusades, subject-area purges, non-stop argument-- all to the harm of the encyclopedia. The takeover of Wikipedia by the "Deletionist" trolls. So, delete it all, trolls! Jimbo and the Wikipedia "community" don't care... And subject-specialist sites like IMDb become all the more valuable because of their tolerance of the intolerant...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Catch-up time

OHO-014 video cover
Crystal Eizô's Nyûrin-dô series added, including Nene Mikami in OHO-014
I think I mentioned in my last post--two months ago?!-- that I had slipped behind in my JAV Archive work, and gotten about a month behind my 10-a-day schedule. I'm still holding to that schedule, and finally got caught up to date in the Archive posting-- which shows I've been very busy in these past two months. Ten posts a day is not really that hard, but more than that is pushing it. And, to catch up, I have to maintain that 10-a-day rate, plus 20- or 30- after a day or two off, PLUS at least another 10- a day to lessen the backlog by a day...whew!
PPPD-028 video cover
Rin Aoki in PPPD-028
I did fall behind again by four days this weekend, due to a bout with the flu, but managed to catch up today. I was fortunate that my main day of recovery coincided with a Kaiju marathon, and had a nice, fun, relaxing time watching the movies and Tweeting along with a gang of fellow Godzilla buffs. Catching up again will be easy this time since I've undertaken another major series-- OPPAI's PPPD- prefix DVDs-- which will allow quicker, standardized formatting/posting.
KYN-02 video cover
KYN-02 with Rei & Kyôko on Alpha International's early VHS double-kyonyu label, "Big Paradise"
IMDb submissions are still way behind-- about a month-- so that will be the next catch-up project. IMDb submissions are naturally going to lag behind the archive work, because the archive work is where I gather and translate the data. But because the IMDb submissions go fairly fast, and not ALL these archive posts deserve an entry at IMDb, I'm not too worried about that... As long as I don't get behind again for the next six months, I should reach my year-end goal.
PPUD-003 video cover
OPPAI label's "Ultramania series", PPUD-003 with mysterious 145cm R-cup girl, Hitomi
Half-way through my JAV year, the advantages of this work is beginning to show itself. I've been using the Archives myself to search data/images on videos, studios & actresses. I'm beginning to see this as preparatory work for some real writing on the subject, maybe starting next year... The first step in this writing may be the Actress database, which I set up earlier this year, but have not made any real contributions to. Full biographies/career reviews of the ladies, with links to their appearances in the Archives. Some of these may be redundant to Boobpedia work, but I see it as something different-- first, just because I want to work alone, without the danger of having someone else come along after me and reformat/rewrite/add errors/remove data, and all the other things that go on at Wiki-type projects. Second, because the career reviews will include personal observations & judgments which are not at home at a Wiki-type project, or at IMDb either, for that matter.
F128P-001 video cover
Ran Masaki final (真咲乱ファイナル; 1987)
At the Archive, recently, I've worked on pushing the two outer limits: Keeping up with current releases so that I have at least a couple future releases in the queue, and old VHS releases. Masaki Ran seems to be the main, first "big bust" star, of the latter envelope. I've got every one of her videos that I could locate-- she didn't make a lot. Her video career seems to have been mainly 1986.
GONEXD-09 video cover
Found & added Pray's improbable "GONE mania" series to my archives (GONEXD-09)
The work at Tumblr has proven to be quite popular-- much more so than the Blogger archives. I have over almost 300 followers at the JAV Archive, and getting more every day. Even after working for several years at Blogger, I only have a couple dozen followers total between all my blogs... I get a couple dozen "Likes" a day at Tumblr... And last, a belated announcement that THIS blog passed its 1 millionth view last month. I've been researching in this field of study since the '70s, but was unable to share mine findings with other enthusiasts. It's nice to be able to spread the information thanks to the Internet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Checking in: JAV work update, Twitter activities & new Chihiro images

FA-59 video cover
A mysterious, undated Yôko Koizumi VHS recently found and posted to my JAV archives
Now that I'm spending all my online time working on the JAV project, this blog once again has fallen by the wayside. As predicted, I've gotten behind on my 10-a-day JAV post pace, however I have kept up collecting data & images. I spent this weekend catching up on the other aspects of the project. Submitting the videos to IMDb lags farthest behind.
DEW-12 video cover
Anna Watarai & friend, in an Alpha International BBW opus on VHS
One of the major recent tasks at the JAV archives was the BBW videos & DVDs of Alpha International, which employed both Yôko Koizumi and Anna Watarai. Most of their videos give their models only single names, but when I'm able to locate one series that gives family name also, I'm able to link that to all the model's other appearances on the label. This is one reason I'm happy I'm double-posting between Tumblr & Blogspot: Tumblr's search engine is incredibly, stupendously bad. Blogspot's is very good... on the other hand, Blogspot's image-uploading interface is horrible, while Tumblr's is very good. At first I thought these Alpha International videos would never be IMDb material, due to the anonymous models and no release dates. But since I'm identifying some of the models, this takes them one step closer to having a place in film history through IMDb. Maybe I'll find accurate release dates for them eventually.
OONIKU-014 video cover
Fuuka on DVD!?
One of the benefits to doing this JAV project is that I'm able to identify actresses who are either unidentified in other sources, or given only by first name. I discovered, for instance, that there is a "Fuuka" on DVD, in Maguro's OONIKU-014 (above)... I'm not 100% sure this is our own Fantastic Fuuka, but it sure looks like her... and it means she is now immortalized at IMDb!
Lovely Miyabi Hayama on the ropes
I keep up with Twitter these days, following the actresses, and other Tweeters of interest. One of the more remarkable events recently is a kinbaku artist working with a couple BBW models. Miyabi Hayama appears in the most photos of this nature. Bondage isn't exactly my cup of tea, but Miyabi-san is gorgeous from any angle...
The Amazing Chihiro returns!
And finally, through an anonymous tip this morning, I got three new Chihiro images, which seem to have only recently appeared online-- which may be an indication that she is still active. Dare we hope?... I then found a couple other images on my own, and then added them all to my shrine to this incredible lady.
ECD-08 video cover
Tamaki Yasuoka double-header: Another DVD recently added to the archive
And with that brief update, I dive back into full JAV/IMDb work until checking in again in a month or so... But I'm still keeping an eye on this blog...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Update & Welcome to Twitter, Erika!

Erika, now on Twitter!
First the big news: Blog favorite, the gorgeous IZM model Erika is now on Twitter. Friends and fans of hers have been welcoming her, and she's started posting some nice pictures. I quickly added her Twitter page to her IMDb profile. Follow this lovely lady at: Now on to blog business:
STAR-128 video cover
Hitomi Tanaka's AV debut, now at Tumblr & IMDb
As I wrapped up my week off last weekend, I made an experiment to see how quickly I'd be able to post. Rather than work on entire series-- since that takes in some videos outside the main topic of my BBW/busty JAV interests-- I'd like to just post what I find that catches my eye. Since Tumblr allows me to attach 10 images to one image post, I grabbed ten DVDs at random, gathered data, translated, then posted them to see how fast I could do it... not fast enough, it turns out... I'll have to work on a way to speed up the process... I think this may be the best way to work though, at least for a while... The last morning of vacation I did the same-- 10 posts-- with some Hitomi Tanaka DVDs. I have 1,335 entries in the JAV archive already. If I could manage to keep posting an average of 10 a day for the rest of the year, that would give me another 2,750 for a total of 4,085, which wouldn't be bad... So far I've been able to keep up the pace. One night I'll grab a few dozen images, post them in sets of 10s in the image blog, each set representing one day's work. Then I gather the data, translate & upload the posts to the main JAV Archive during the week. So the work isn't done exactly 10 each day... but does come out to 70 a week...
ICD-269 video cover
Erisa Natsumi in her latest: ICD-269
I spent my online time today submitting the week's work to IMDb. I managed to get 32 submitted, and still have two days to go... The IMDb posting slows things down a little, but I find I can adjust that by uploading a set of non-IMDb-worthy videos so I can catch up-- videos without release dates, or with amateur/un-named performers... It would be nice to keep up this pace, but my attention will no doubt wander... The Actress database especially has me thinking about actually writing-- bios, descriptions of actresses and their works, etc. Even a general history of bustiness/BBW-itude in Japanese adult entertainment, writing more subjectively than any of the ~pedia projects would or should allow... All this data/image collection & translation will be valuable for such project if I ever do get around to it.
VC-031 video cover
VCA's D-Cup label: VC-031
After my week of concentrated work on the JAV Archive, real life has kept me too busy this past week to do much online work. However I did finish up the VCA/D-Cup label project. I found a whole new section to the label I hadn't known about-- the VC- prefix videos-- so it turned out to be more work than I expected. I wouldn't be at all surprised, of course, if there were still a LOT more videos on the label out there that I don't have yet. In fact I KNOW there are several missing. But since these videos are almost 30 years old, it's pretty challenging finding information about them online. I know I have at least one-- maybe more-- of those videos in my own collection, in boxes somewhere in the garage. One of these days I should dig them out, scan them, and add them to the databases...
Game-changer Kimiko Matsuzaka in a compilation video
this takes a first stab at filling in Japanese "Big bust" entertainment in the days before Kimiko Matsuzaka's debut in February 1989. As can be seen from these video covers, "Big bust" before Kimiko wasn't anything to compare with today's BBW girls like Erika. Kimiko's career raised the bar on the big-bust genre, and Mariko Morikawa's debut in 1994 raised it even higher. Eri Kikuchi, who debuted in 1986, was probably the major big-boob actress before Kimiko. Ran Masaki debuted the same year, but apparently only worked for a year, while Eri has a very prolific career. She was still working a few years ago.
TFC-4093 video cover
BBW icon, Yôko Koizumi in TFC-4093
This weekend, in preparation for the coming week's work, I've discovered a treasure trove of early BBW videos, some of which I'd known before, some of which are new to me. Most of these are not IMDb material, since the models are either anonymous amateurs, or one-timers, but we do glimpse the occasional BBW celebrity: Yôko Koizumi and Anna Watarai among them.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

BOMC done & a look back at early VHS

BOMC-007 video cover
Rinko in BOMC-007
My next major project for the JAV archives was the Bombom Cherry DVDs, which I worked on the day before yesterday and finished yesterday morning. A pleasure for me, and all my followers, I'm sure.
TFC-1008 video cover
 Ran Masaki in TFC-1008:(1986)
After working on that currently-running series, I got another hankering to investigate the early days of big-bust video in Japan. First I wanted to finish up the VCA/D-Cup label project. In the process of investigating those releases, I discovered that Behemoth-- one of the good guys at Wikipedia-- had started an article on busty Nikkatsu Roman Porno and early JAV star Ran Masaki. (Being a contributor of content rather than a drama-queen and rule-maker, naturally Behemoth is now blocked... Have I said it lately? If you want to do productive work, Wikipedia is the LAST place you should be! They don't even want contributors anymore, only drama-clowns...) This pointed to some nice images of Masaki's work in AV-- she appears to have worked only in 1986. I quickly posted a couple of those, and will ear-mark them for IMDb submission.
Eri Kikuchi in  (ST)Q-19 (1986)
Next, I found a treasure trove of Eri Kikuchi videos. While digging into her work, I found myself in a Hydra / Sorcerer's Apprentice situation... every lead I followed brought up dozens of more videos, and dozens of more leads to follow... I'll ear-mark busty Ms. Kikuchi for serious work later on, after I finish the above two projects.

The Pink Film archives-- now in semi-stable condition-- have created a pretty good illustrated filmography for the Pink Film careers of these actresses. By linking them to IMDb, they can be found by English-speaking audiences. This new JAV archive will help to add their AVs to their IMDb filmographies, as well as a link to images of the video covers.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Mother" finished; a visit with Naomi Fuji; and on to more MAGURO

MOT-070 video cover
Aya Manabe in MOT-070, set to post on April 5
Yesterday morning I finished the "Mother" (MOT-) label, posting to both Blogger and Tumblr simultaneously. I then added them all to IMDb, and added the IMDb entries to the Blogger/Tumblr entries once IMDb accepted them. By going through linking to IMDb I was able to review the 69 videos I had submitted to them, and found three typos, which I corrected this afternoon.
As a break from this recent series (2013 - present), I thought I'd look back to the early days of AV, and post some entries for Naomi Fuji (藤尚美), who debuted in 1982. Unfortunately, it looks like she only acted in Pink films, or at least I couldn't find any of her AV work. Since she seems rather obscure, but quite busty for the era, she became the subject of my second entry at the Actress database (which I didn't really plan on starting until next year).
Here at this blog we took a glance at this lovely lady back in August of 2012. I haven't given the formatting for this new Actress database much thought yet, and was having difficulty putting together this simple post. I was a little tipsy by that time, so, rather than risk seriously screwing up some formatting, I ran the Blogger-to-Tumblr program and finally finished all the transferring from Blogger to Tumblr. My two (pre- and post-1990) Pink Film Archives are now merged into one 3,500 entry archive at Tumblr.
UTOPIA-002 video cover
Kaori in UTOPIA-002 (2012) now at IMDb
Today I posted more Tumblr-only The bakunyû series DVD entries over to Blogger until they started forcing me to prove I wasn't a bot at every post. Then I finished the day by uploading the six Maguro "Utopia" DVDs to both blogs and IMDb. IMDb accepted the first three right away, but it looks like I'll have to wait till tomorrow to be able to link the other three from my archives.

(P.S. 3/27/2015 IMDb has now accepted all six; and, the day's work lost me a total of six Twitter followers...)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First cross-blog posts: Mother series

MOT-012 video cover
Yukari Orihara in MOT-012
 Yesterday, while browsing around the Web, waiting for the clocks to strike midnight in New York, so I could post more at Tumblr, I saw several nice covers in the "Mother" (MOT-) series, and so decided to make it my first full cross Blogger/Tumbler series. I collected and translated the data during the day, then uploaded to Tumblr & Blogger simultaneously last night and this morning. This cross-posting worked fine, until I hit Blogger's post limit, after which I had to verify I wasn't a bot every time I tried to save an entry.
MOT-029 video cover
Misuzu Tomizawa in MOT-029
I'm still working out my philosophy with regards to the JAV Archive. With the Pink Film ones, my goal is completion. That's an improbable goal, but not a completely impossible one. However it is literally impossible for one guy to make a complete database of JAV. My JAV database is intended just to reflect my own personal tastes.
MOT-052 video cover
Yukari Orihara in MOT-052
This MOT- series has some very eye-catching, lovely ladies in it, and nice covers-- as you see throughout tonight's post-- but it also had a lot that didn't interest me. I'm not sure how to go about handling series like that. If I'm doing a series, I might as well do the whole thing, which is what I did in this case... But now I've got several entries of videos that don't suit my taste at all... and that doesn't feel "right"... so in the future I might just pick out the videos that I like, and leave the series incomplete...
MOT-056 video cover
Shiho Terajima in MOT-056
Another new aspect of my posting is that I have set Tumblr to echo my posts live on Twitter. I noticed that when I was in the heat of posting-- about 40 posts within three hours this morning-- I lost two followers. I see this happen a lot: I gain followers through my musings on film, music or other things, and then they disappear when I post on JAV/Pink related stuff. I imagine I get a few porn-hound followers too, who roll their eyes in boredom when I start prattling on about opera... I guess you can't please all the people all the time. And, on the other hand, I think I've gained a couple followers at Tumblr through these Twitter posts, and someone did "Favorite" and Re-tweet one of these post/Tweets, so I guess it's a good thing in the long run.
MOT-061 video cover
Naho Hazuki in MOT-061
My IMDb work has slowed down while I've been working Tumblr into my posting routine during the past month. Today, after I finished posting the MOT- series to the blogs, I started submitting them to IMDb. I'm a little over half-way done with that now. I should finish in the morning, then link the IMDb pages from the blog entries. So, with the "Year of the JAV" about a quarter of the way through, I've got my posting routine about worked out. I don't have it down to as fast as I'd like-- where I can see a video cover, grab it, translate the data & post it within a minute-- but it's getting there. I was able to get this 74-entry series onto both blogs within a day... and now almost at IMDb half a day later... so it should all run more efficiently from now on.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Two Birthdays & a Return to Blogger

Birthday boys, Bach & Meyer
Yesterday was the birthday of two of my all-time heroes.  For some reason, I never knew they were born on the same date. First, Johann Sebastian Bach. The world without him would be considerably less joyful, but his work is outside the subject areas of this blog. However, the second: the great American auteur Russell Albion Meyer, was an enormous fan of one of the prime subjects of this blog: enormous boobs.
Kitten Natividad & Russ Meyer
I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Meyer on a few occasions. First, at a showing of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, with Roger Ebert. Second and third at a small theater near my old apartment in L.A. The theater-owner was friends with Meyer, and would occasionally run a Meyer retrospective with the master in attendance, always accompanied by a few of his buxom starlets. I remember Haji and Kitten with him one time. He and Pandora Peaks sat in the row right behind me another time... I didn't even realize they were there until a twin shadow floated over my head, I turned around and saw it was Pandora standing up. I think this was the time they had women in the audience come up on stage so Meyer could pick the honorary "Russ Meyer girl" of the evening...
The incomparable Tura Satana in the incomparable Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)
Another time, there was a rare Meyer film being shown-- The Seven Minutes, I think-- which I really wanted to see, but I had a previous appointment. I went in to see just the first half hour, then had to leave. Mr. Meyer was standing in the lobby talking with the theater owner. When he saw me leaving, he muttered, "Idiot!" I went over to explain the situation, and he shook my hand and said, "Well, don't be late!"
Kitten & Russ
One of these days I'll have to post a more thorough appreciation of Meyer's work. But for tonight, let's just leave it off with a Happy Birthday to one of America's great eccentric artists, and a man who clearly enjoyed his work.
"Dekkappai girl", Ren Nagasawa in BOMD- series, now at the JAV archive
I'm still transferring the Pink Film archives over to Tumblr, and have been adding a few new JAV series to the JAV archive when able-- mostly transferring old Boobpedia work. I'll have to start adding these to IMDb too... It occurs to me that the whole reason I'm moving the archives over to Tumblr is not because of posting difficulties, but because of image limitations... and if I'm hosting those images at Tumblr, and if posting between the two services is simply a matter of copy & pasting... and if Blogger has MUCH better searching capabilities... then I might as well keep maintaining the Blogger Archives too... As a matter of fact, several times I've tried to find a Pink Film poster at Tumblr, and found it impossible, given up, and searched at Blogger and found it in a split second. So I've been wondering if I should just post the HTML code linking to the Tumblr image, both here at Blogger and at Tumblr at the same time... I experimented with this idea last night on the Ruby Bomb (BOMD-) series, and it just added very, very little more time to the posting process, since the code is almost identical. The only real adjustment I had to make was to resize the image at Blogger before posting, and that just takes two clicks.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The bakunyû & BBW Chihiro at Tumblr

AV-Channel banner for a special sale of The bakunyû series
This weekend I finished transferring the pre-1990 Pink Film Database over to its Tumblr equivalent. 1,808 posts so far, and that's just half of it, since I'm going to merge the newer Blogger Pink Film Archive into one Tumblr archive after I've adjusted the post years back 20 years so that the timeline between the two is consistent. Also, I dived back into the wonderful, obscure world of busty VHS titles, and added Akira Takatsuki's pioneering pre-Cinema Unit GAS big-bust series for VCA: The bakunyû (ザ・爆乳).
Morikawa Mariko in The bakunyû vol.1
I'd really like to add all these to IMDb, but it's hard to find exact release dates for these early videos. The main series seems to have run between 1994 to around 2001. The first release starred JAV BBW icon, Mariko Morikawa. Another release of hers about, the same time, has an almost identical title, but I can't tell if it is part of this series or not.
Yôko Koizumi in The bakunyû hôman musume #6
There are a few related sub-series, including the BBW-themed The bakunyû hôman musume series (ザ・爆乳豊満娘), three volumes of which star Yôko Koizumi. In general, I'm finding I like Tumblr more than Blogger, though I do see a couple things Blogger does better. The main thing is that Tumblr's searching function is almost non-existent. Unless you include the search term as a "tag", and then type exactly that term, you ain't going to find it in the blog. Even Google-searching doesn't seem to work. That's a major fault. I've started adding the video code as tags, but I'm afraid I might have to start including the titles too... Also, Tumblr supports HTML, but doesn't give you any kind of HTML editor/generator. I've been using Blogger's editor to get the HTML code, then either saving it as a template for later Tumblr posts, or just copying and tweaking it for my purposes at Tumblr. Cross-posting between this blog and its sister blog at Tumblr is easy with HTML too-- just copy & paste.
Chihiro, complete collection (as far as I have) at Tumblr
For this blog, probably the most significant of my Tumblr activities today is that I decided to take a tentative, preliminary start on that JAV actress database/blog that I've been thinking about for a awhile. This will have bio info and images of my favorite actresses/models, linked to their appropriate JAV archive/Pink archive tags for the filmographies I have compiled therein. IMDb linkage will ensue (I'm a bit behind on that, but always leave a blank marker to remind me of submissions that need to be made.)
The only entry currently at this new archive is the amazing, spectacular, and all too mysterious Chihiro, whom we discussed in May of last year. Ironically, because I am unaware of any videos or films in which she appeared, links to the other databases won't apply in her case, only a storage of images. But she is the reason that I decided to start the archive now. I spent a lot of time hunting around and finding images of her last year, but now those are all inaccessible on my old hard disk. I came across two big stashes of her images yesterday. Now I have arranged them in something like a logical procession, and want to save them all together in one place, just in case of more future hardware trouble. So, HERE IS CHIHIRO. Feast your eyes, ladies and gentlemen! She is GORGEOUS!