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Tamaki Yasuoka: MAGURO-008

The Video

Tamaki Yasuoka starring in MAGURO-008

Tonight, for our first video review in over a month, let's look at something from perennial favorite, and lovely, lovely lady, Tamaki Yasuoka. Under consideration tonight is Ms. Yasuoka's only solo DVD for MAGURO's Nikudan label: Nikuyoku panic boshi sôkan no kyôkô fuck!!! which I'll translate to something like "Carnal panic: Incestuous Mother-son panic fuck!!!". This was released on July 26, 2010, back in the early days of this now-legendary BBW series, which had debuted in April of that year. As far as I know, Tamaki-san has appeared in only one other volume Nikudan DVD: MAGURO-027 with masked Kaori, released in February 2012.
MAGURO-008 DVD menu
As the DVD menu shows, the video is in six chapters, followed by two chapters worth of previews. I guesstimate the meanings of the chapters to something like, "Sexual harassment business", "Child and pool", "Incest with Mom", "Panic Sex", "Perverted woman", and "Golden-flesh lady". Maguro's official page offers a video clip sample.

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

She's got legs!

The first chapter begins with housewife Tamaki-san bidding her goofy son goodbye. A traveling salesman on foot spies the luscious lady, and licks his lips over her while in hiding, planning on how to make his conquest. Claiming to be a representative of some sort of household work company, he manages to smooth-talk himself into entry to her home with the intent of implementing the sexual harassment which is the theme of this chapter.
Taking a sit... note the legs!
While the gentleman talks to Ms Yasuoka, the camera looks her over quite thoroughly, giving us several looks at her gorgeous, fat legs. Those legs are worthy of at least two images here, I think. Admire a second helping, above, as we see the house-wife sitting down for a talk with the gent.
Checking out the structure
The wily salesman follows Tamaki-san into the kitchen, where he inspects the solid foundation of her sturdy edifice, finding it much to his approval... he also glances around the kitchen. Out on the porch, he disrobes Tamaki's boobs, shows the lady his favorite tool, and then escorts her into the home so that she can charge up that implement with a little paizuri on it. This progresses on to standing doggy-style, then frottage from the front, all while the housewife keeps her panties on. The salesman climaxes at about 24 minutes in, thus ending the video's first chapter. 
One of several robing / disrobing scenes in this video
The "Son and pool" chapter starts with Tamaki-san not yet fully clothed after her encounter with the traveling salesman. Goofy son returns home and wants to go swimming with ma. While she changes clothes, the traveling salesman, not yet having had his fill of Tamaki's loveliness, spies on her, while making lascivious comments to himself.
Mother and son walk to the pool
The camera takes the salesman's point of view while mother and son's walk to the public pool. He follows, fixated on Tamaki-san's cavernous ass-crack, and thighs.
Once they get to the pool, the salesman spies on Mama as she changes into her swimsuit. This is one of Tamaki-san's most iconic scenes. The stills from this brief scene of her getting undressed and then donning her swimsuit, once viewed are forever etched in the memory.
Peeking at the lady putting on her swimsuit
Take a peek at that! When I came across advertising images of this scene back in 2010, they quickly became some of my all-time favorites. Unfortunately the actual scene in the video is a bit too brief. I would have slo-moed it and let it go on a lot longer. Till, it gives us some excellent views of Tamaki-san disrobing and re-clothing, and there are a couple other similar scenes in this video.
Tamaki-san touches her toes and gives us a glimpse of heaven
Ma & son do some pre-swimming limbering up poolside, while the camera, the salesman and we are all mesmerized by her big, beautiful ass.
The salesman plies his wares, while admiring the customer's own
After son gets into the pool, our salesman makes his presence known. He sits next to her and gets her to finger his tool a bit while son is waving from the pool.
Boob slip!

When mom jumps in, and we get some nice views of her figure underwater. She swims around with her ass-crack towards the camera, moving those big, thick thighs and legs for a while. Then slips her boobs out.
A safety inspection of the lady's flotation devices
The salesman lures Tamaki-san off to the side of the pool where she can give him some slurpy fellatio, and then he from-the-rears her. Son stumbles onto the scene and watches with some fascination. Hence we see that voyeurism is a running motif in this DVD. Voyeurism has been a popular theme in Japanese erotic imagery for decades-- many images show not just a person, or a couple, in an erotic situation, but a third party spying on them... and this is one stylistic quirk of Japanese erotic entertainment that I find very appealing myself.
A nice mother and son talk on the porch
The incest theme finally blossoms in the next chapter, fittingly titled "Incest with Mom". It begins with mama Tamaki and son apparently walking home from the pool, though she has mysteriously changed into a French maid's attire with no top. They sit on the porch and have a mother and son heart-to-heart talk on subjects such as how big her tits are.
Keeping it all in the family
She takes him inside for bathing, while he admires her boobs and butt further. Like the good filial son that he is, he repays mama by bathing her too-- starting out by oiling up her boobs and butt.
Tamaki-san in charge
Ma gets on top of son for some penile-massage. Dick-to-thigh proceeds on to butt-to-face, and then boob-to-dick. Though Tamaki-san is on top here, for the first time in the video, the opportunity to see one of her incredible boob-bouncing routines is missed here.
Branlette avec nibards au visage, s'il vous plaît!
Tamaki flips over on her back on the floor so that son can thoroughly investigate her crotch in a bit of cunnilingus. Ma then finishes off this chapter off with a boob-to-the-face hand-job.
Rear inspection
The next chapter, "Panic Sex", begins with Tamaki-san in a gym suit while exercising in a park. The ever-lurking traveling salesman has followed her here too. He steps into the scene to admire the way Ms. Yasuoka fills out her uniform.
A slight wardrobe malfunction
While doing squats, Tamaki-san splits a hole in the seat of her suit. The gallant gentleman offers to plug up the two holes-- the one in the suit, and the one in her butt-- with his face. He escorts her home, in a scene which is available at Xhamster. Once inside, he massages her sweaty butt furiously with hands and then dick.
Looks better without clothing
Sex ensues, but it's not much fun to watch, since Tamaki-san keeps the ripped uniform on. With the pixeling in the front, the only part of her anatomy that shows through is her butt. In this scene, also, it becomes annoyingly apparent that the female moaning voice is not Tamaki's real voice-- which is a deep and soothing one. This is common practice in Japanese AVs, but especially irritating when the model has an attractive, alto voice, like Tamaki's. The lack of a musical soundtrack also makes the voice-over girl's whiny voice more intrusive. The salesman finishes up this session with doggy-style, finally cumming on Tamaki's butt.
Man clothed, woman unclothed would improve this scene immensely
He hustles her into the shower to finish the chapter off with a quickie. She remains in uniform even here, though her boobs do manage to burst through the top, making this a little more enjoyable. The disembodied voice of the moaning girl is especially eerie and annoying here.
When a woman ascends the stairs
In the "Perverted woman" chapter, Tamaki-san bounces up a flight of stares to taunt her son-- below-- with her big old butt. A little of this goes a long way for me. Oddly, in this scene, there are lighting effects-- flashing on and off, and colored spotlights-- while Tamaki-san does strip-club pole-dance kinds of movements, yet there is no music.
Tamaki-san gives her son a hand
She comes down from the terrace to give her son some good old, motherly face-sitting and then jacks him off. The girlish voice-over lady appears again in this scene whenever there is some moaning to do. It's even stranger here, because Tamaki-san talks to her son throughout, making the contrast of the different voices incredibly obvious. Again, this is an accepted quirk of Japanese AV, but not one that I like.
Come to bed!
Mother and son then crawl into bed for a rather dull boob-to-the-face handjob, made enjoyable only because of Tamaki-san's incredibly voluptuous body.
Tamaki-san paints herself
The next-to-last and last chapters are my least favorites. "Golden-flesh lady", as chapter 6's title implies, is one of those body-paint things. Tamaki is all in gold paint. The only really enjoyable part of this, for me, is watching her rub the paint all over her body at the start. Watching her rubbing her body for any reason is always fun.
More incestuous intimacy
Once fully painted, she walks across the field into a public men's room and gives her son a loud and slurpy serving of fellatio. She then paints her son by having standing sex while rubbing all over him. There is a brief sequence following this in which Tamaki & son clean her off. A preview of other releases by MAGURO lasting approximately 20 minutes follows the video proper.

The Opinion

A fine view

All the MAGURO videos I've reviewed so far have been high-quality productions, and this one is no different. The camerawork is professional and well done, showing us all we want to see while never drawing attention to itself. As with most incest-themed videos, there is some minor storyline-- more than in a run-of-the-mill sex video, but still, just enough to set the context of the sexual activities. There is, therefore, a lot more dialogue here than a typical sex video, very little of which I grasped, but I think I am pretty safe in assuming that it doesn't add a lot to the enjoyment of the video. What is to be enjoyed here are the visuals, and they are enjoyable indeed.
A busty lady undressing is a lovely sight to behold
The two main sexual situations in this video are the traveling salesman, and mother/son incest. The latter is played up most on the cover an the title, but the former one is more appealing to me. Both men in the video are very short and thin (Tamaki-san herself is only 5'1"). But the son is portrayed as somewhat mentally handicapped, which is kind of a turn-off for me. The salesman is only slightly less annoying... but then who is paying attention to the guys with Tamaki Yasuoka in the scene? Gratefully, the cameraman keeps his eye on her beauty.
Tamaki Yasuoka-- Plenty to admire from the front or from the rear
This video should be highly appealing to fans of Asian BBWs, boobs and butts. Tamaki-san is one of those rare models who can appeal to both boob-men and ass-men, since she's spectacularly-equipped in both areas. At first glance, I was tempted to judge that ass-worship is the order of the day here, but her boobs come under investigation quite a bit too, so the video is lacking in neither area.
A butt worth its weight in gold
As good at it is, this video doesn't have any really outstanding or unique touches to it. There is nothing to set it apart from others of the genre. The only unusual thing about it is that there is no background music. Since the music in most of these videos is usually bland, forgettable pop at best, or, worse, annoying and repetitive pop, this might be considered a point in its favor. Besides avoiding sub-par soundtrack, this gives the video a kind of live-action, home-video feeling... cinéma vérité, Japanese BBW AV-style.
A lady dressing is a lovely sight to behold too!
I only have minor complaints on this one-- the son and the voice-over "moaning girl" are both annoying, and the sex scenes don't give Tamaki-san a chance to show us her legendary boob-bouncing talents. She does get up on top a couple times, but she doesn't really shine like she does in some other performances. Nevertheless, she's always a joy to behold. In compensation for the lack of a good bounce scene, Tamaki gets dressed and undressed quite a bit in this video. I particularly enjoy watching these scenes, and I will mentally bookmark this video for whenever I have an urge to watch Tamaki-san dressing or undressing.

Final Verdict

Model: Tamaki Yasuoka. 'nuff said. Possibly the most gorgeous Asian BBW model of all time. Solidly built all the way through-- chest, rear, legs, belly-- without being too fat. She is also a fine actress for the genre, and an enthusiastic performer. Other than more donning and doffing of clothing than usual, she isn't given anything really out of the ordinary to do in this video, but what she does, she does superlatively. The important thing is, we get plenty of views of her extraordinary body. This isn't an outstanding performance from Tamaki-san, but she is always a delight to behold, and she is so here.

Video: This is a typically solid MAGURO release, though-- other than its lead actress-- it doesn't have much to set itself above other videos from this studio. No section in this 2 1/2 hour video is a complete waste, though the "Panic Sex" and "Golden-flesh lady" chapters are the two weak points for me. Even these two chapters are certainly watchable and enjoyable though. Highly recommended. 8 stars out of 10.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Return & ERIKA!

Just a quick note tonight: Vacation, and computer crash have prevented me from updating the blog for a while, but I am back now. I updated the Pink Film archive yesterday, and today I got three Pink films from the master of the sicko Pink film (I mean that in a good way), Hisayasu Sato. News in the BBW genre include recent releases from GAS, IZM, JAMS and Bonbon Cherry, as well as Sara Aikawa's retirement-- have I mentioned that yet? If not, that tragic event certainly warrants a post itself.

To give us a look at my subject of research tonight, glance at the photo above from big and beautiful Erika's blog. I've got one more of her DVDs to review, found the soapland at which she is now appearing-- thanks to a tip from an anonymous reader of the blog living in Osaka, and she has been busy keeping her blog filled with news and images.

I've got lots of catching up to do both in my BBW interests, and in the Pink film archives and IMDB submissions. This quickie will have to do until the weekend, when I'll try to do a review!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

On Vacation / Computer Trouble & Ishida-san from Shiro Usagi

Miss Ishida from Shiro Usagi
Just a quick note: I'm on vacation until next week. I've been watching a few of the Pink/Roman Pornos I've acquired recently, and enjoying them very much. I've done some IMDb work-- including finishing 1997 and starting 1998 Pink film releases. I also submitted all of Kimiko Matsuzaka's known AV work, and these are gradually appearing on her IMDb page now. There are also several new bust/BBW DVD releases to discuss, and I'll have a DVD review later on.
But to tide us over until I can concentrate on the blog again, here are some pictures of a lovely lady from Shiro Usagi-- Miss Ishida (石田嬢). Her profile lists her as 42 years old, 158cm tall, with measurements 120(K)-74-110cm.
She looks a lot like Usagi Minagi to me, but I have no evidence that this is indeed her. Usagi-chan's measurements are similar, but her height (145cm) and age (currently 32) are very different. Ishida-san is a lovely eyeful whoever she is.
April 5, 2014: I'm off vacation, but my cheapo replacement computer has crashed. I'll get back to the blog as soon as I've got a workable computer at home.

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Misuzu Tomizawa: SPRD-710

The Video

Musuko ni momare saikyô no haha Tomizawa Misuzu: O-cup
After a few weeks of reviewing older videos, I promised to try to review something more recent. Well, how do you like this for recent: Tonight's video review covers a production released less than two weeks ago-- on February 27, 2014! it stars the newly-debuted 45-year-old MILF lovely, Misuzu Tomizawa, whose bra measurement is given on the DVD cover as 123cm L-cup, though the opening credit in the video says O-cup. (It's possible that "O" in the screen cap above is just a "?", since "O" is sometimes used as a blank character in Japanese.) I covered Misuzu-san's impending debut in last year's Christmas post. That post, and the second post I dedicated to her (last year's New Years Eve post) have generated a tremendous amount of traffic for this blog. So, in the spirit of giving the audience (and myself) what they want, let's take a look at one of her performances!
This is a two-hour production from Takara Visual, on their Alledin label entitled, Chô honkaku kan'nô kinshin ero emaki: Musuko ni momare saikyô no haha Tomizawa Misuzu, which translates to something like, "Super-Full-Sized Erotic Incest Picture Roll: Best Son-Rubbing Mother, Misuzu Tomizawa" (SPRD-710). It was directed by Kyûta Tsukumo (九十九究太), and  the official page has a downloadable video sample.

The Content (Warning: Spoilers!)

There is a lot of voice-over narration in this video, dialog, acting, etc. My Japanese is not as good as it used to be, and, besides, I doubt anyone will be watching this for the story. So I mostly watched it with the sound off, and won't be attempting to describe the plot in detail beyond what is apparent from the visuals.
Boob-massage by Misuzu's son sets the story in motion
After a three-minute segment in which lovely, motherly Misuzu's boobs are being massaged by her son, she says, in the voice over, that this is bad. Oh so bad. And she decides to narrate the events leading to this disgraceful state of affairs.
Mama rests her load on the table
The story takes us back a couple weeks earlier, to a domestic scene with Misuzu working around the kitchen, then preparing breakfast for her son whose eyes, through the camera, are fixated on mama's incredible, heavy boobs, which she rests on the table.
At work in a public Men's room
We next see mama at her job, as a cleaning lady of a men's public restroom. Needless to say, her boobs attract a lot of interest from some of the men coming in to take a pee while she's scrubbing the floors.
Preparing to bath her son... and more...
A mother's work is never done, and she also scrubs the family's bathtub, then strips her adult son, and gives him his bath. This ten-minute set-up leads to our first nude scene.
...the more...
It starts with Misuzu on top of her son while he caresses her boobs, proceeds to her rubbing her boobs all over him, then finishes up after 15 minutes or so with some good old paizuri. The whole scene finishes up with Misuzu washing her son off in the bathroom while his gaze remains fixated on her boobs.
Back at work, with a friendly customer
Back at work, one of the local pissers works up the courage to accost that incredibly busty cleaning woman, and has his way with her in the restroom. His "way" being, mainly, massaging her boobs while the camera looks up from below, and then having her suck her own boobs, then doing a little boob sucking himself. After massaging her crotch a little, he suddenly stops, then leaves.
Customer in hot pursuit
Back at home, Misuzu-san has her udders laying on the table again as she enjoys a cup of coffee. The pisser barges into her home with the intention of finishing the job he started in the restroom. There is a very funny, yet sexy scene where he chases her around the dinner table, with her boobs bouncing around...
Donald Sutherland chases Chesty Morgan in Fellini's Casanova
It put me in mind of the scene from Fellini's Casanova in which Donald Sutherland, in the title role, chases Chesty Morgan around a table. This scene, unfortunately, was cut from the movie. A Fellini reference in a Japanese adult video? Could I be seeing things?
The game caught, the customer finishes the job
Anyway, he catches her, feels her up for quite a while, then escorts her to bed for some cunnilingus, fellatio, paizuri. Missionary position comes next, with Misuzu-san on her back, and a considerable amount of boob-flopping. Doggy-style and cowgirl are gone through, and this marathon sex scene of over half an hour ends with Misuzu-san on her back again.
And he comes back for seconds
Not satisfied with that, the pisser again acosts mama-san in the hallway of her apartment, plays with her boobs and gets some fellatio while her son spies on the scene from downstairs. This ten-minute quickie ends with some more paizuri. Misuzu's boobs are so big he is able to satisfy himself in a single boob.
Son's concentration is distracted by weighty thoughts
Later on, the memory of the previous scene running through his mind prevents Misuzu-san's son from studying. When she comes in to check on him, things get out of control. We are treated to another half-hour sex session, this time with the son in charge.
The weighty thoughts distract son from his studies
It goes through pretty much the same steps as the previous long sex scene with the pisser, and therefore winds up giving us a strong taste of déjà vu. Nevertheless, Misuzu-san is just as lovely to look at this time around as she was the first. Thus, we are to understand, the story is brought full-circle back to the first incest scene.

The Opinion

A bouncy lady running
Story-based videos like this one show that the Pink film roots of the AV are still alive. In the early days, AVs were just half-hour Pink films. All story, with only 2 or three brief scenes of nudity. The AV has--rightly, I think-- evolved into its own entity since then. In the pure AV there is no story, and nudity and sex is all. Even these AVs often have a recognizable structure, such as the interview, the measuring of the girl, then going through a routine of sex techniques. But AVs such as the one under consideration tonight show that there are still some being made in which a little more thought and planning goes into the production
Misuzu's main attraction
The basic story does the job that I like-- gives some context to the sexual goings-on. It is pretty-well filmed. There are more faceless close-ups on boobs than I generally care for, but it isn't obsessive enough to become annoying. Misuzu is a bit of a special case, since she isn't one of the younger, pretty models we want to see complete. Her homey, homely face is good to get a glance of once in a while, but it's those boobs that we really want to see, and director Tsukumo gives us plenty of them.
Misuzu's boob-flopping is a joy to behold
As far as points of interests go, Misuzu is all-boob. Her butt isn't much to brag about, and she's got relatively thin, shapeless legs. Her face is rather homely, though in a good way-- she looks like a lower middle-class mother, which is perfect for the role she plays in this video. She is an adequate, but not extraordinary performer. It's fun to watch her boobs flop around when she's on her back.
Adequate, but not spectacular boob-bouncing
And she can bounce pretty good on top too, but she's not the boob-bouncer par excellence that Tamaki Yasuoka is. I would imagine she could make a good career playing this kind of role-- the hard-working, self-sacrificing mother type, who also has incredible boobs-- since it ought to be a reasonably popular niche genre in the AV market.
One of the many scenes of boob massage
One other minor complaint: Scenes of boob-massage are fine, but there is an awful lot of boob massage here. It's often shot from below, in the same angle, with Mizusu-san's face not visible, and it does get to be repititious.
The chase is on!
Repititious is definitely the word for the two long sex scenes, which are basically the same. He does a fine job otherwise, so it seems like Tsukumo could have come up with some gimmick to differentiate them a bit-- give us a little variety. The Fellini-esque chase around the table is the kind of quirky little touch I enjoy, but it was all too brief, and just an isolated instance of real creativity beyond the usual sexual techniques.

Final Verdict

Model: 8 out of 10. High. Not Highest, but high. Misuzu has only two real points of interest: Her boobs. But those boobs alone are enough to give Misuzu-san a major career. These are world-class boobs. Not just huge, they are very beautiful, well-shaped and unflawed by aging, stretching, veins or other ailments to which boobs are prone. Her acting is so-so, but her motherly atmosphere is very attractive.

Video: 8 out of 10. High. Director Kyûta Tsukumo provides very professional directing, intercutting, a decent story-line (by AV standards). More importantly, he does a good job of keeping the camera focused on Misuzu-san. He's slightly obsessive on her boobs, but then so are we.