Friday, February 27, 2015

Not QUITE Dead!

Well, this is an anti-climax... After I worked myself up into such a lather of self-righteous indignation, now Blogger has changed its mind on pulling the plug on "adult" content. So, now what? First I'd planned on using this weekend to work on my new JAV Archive... THEN I planned on using it to move all my blogs over to Tumblr... NOW, I think I'll go back to the JAV work, but duly warned.

My confidence in Google has been shaken, certainly. And this no "ads for or links to commercial porn sites" limitation, in particular, has me worried. I get no kind of pay-back at all for this hobby, and have no links for commercial intent, but I do cite producers and distributors as the source for the information I present in these blogs, and as sources for readers seeking further information... It's possible they could mis-interpret that as commercial intent...

I've put my foot into Tumblr, and already had some welcoming signs-- three followers already. On the other hand, it always takes time to learn a new platform, and I'm having difficulty figuring out some pretty basic stuff on Tumblr. Formatting posts, with links, etc. looks to be surprisingly difficult, involving html coding, etc. I must be missing something pretty basic, because I doubt it's really that involved...

The main drawback to moving this blog over there is that Tumblr didn't take any of the comments, which is a big loss. I'm not seeing how to link directly to the images, with full descriptions, as I've been doing with Blogger/Picasaweb in the IMDb pages... I suppose I would link to the Blogger post itself, though I'm not sure IMDb will accept that...

I couldn't figure out how to use Tumblr to accept the .html file back-up of the whole blogs (I read reports that it won't), but I think WordPress will do this... and then it's possible to export from WordPress to Tumblr...

This Tweet encourages the use of to back up blogs under threat of deletion. I had meant to look into using that after I had moved everything over to Tumblr. I still plan to at a later date, but their is not so much urgency now...

Anyway, this scare forced me to look into safety systems. It's nice to know that they are there, and I will keep my eye on them just in case Google decides to change its mind again... I think for now, I'll continue here at Blogger as before, but I will start using Tumblr, as a back-up for these blogs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This is the end

I've been away from this blog for a while, busy working on my BBW JAV archive, but now it looks like this archive, and the two Pink Film archives have all been a waste of time. After long claiming to be anti-censorship, pro-free-speech, etc., Google has announced its intent to join the forces of censorship and remove all blogs with "adult" content.

I didn't just choose Google/Blogger on a whim when I came here. I checked to make sure they accepted adult content, and I made every effort to abide by their rules and policies. And they reward this by not just changing, but by completely reversing their policies. In May 2008, they published "Promoting free expression on the internet", stating, "Google's commitment to freedom of expression is at the core of everything we do"... HA! In January 2012, they posted, "Don't censor the web", which just looks like a sick joke today, now that they have decided to become the web's biggest censors. They invited us to trust them, then spit in our faces once we did.

So, for the coming month, I will be looking for a new place to display my stuff. This blog has been a lot of fun, and it is, by far, the most popular of my blogs. But my main concern, as far as sharing information and images, is for the archives-- the Pre-1990 Pink Film Archive, the Post-1990 Pink Film Archive, and the JAV Archive. I'm looking at Wordpress, but they have an ominously vaguely-stated policy with regards to adult content. They first say that they permit "mature" content, but then use subjective language which they could interpret, or change, at a whim, to delete a lot of work if they choose to. Google, after all, didn't just re-interpret their policy, the flat-out reversed it.  Tumblr might also be worth looking into-- maybe better than Wordpress?... I don't know... If anyone has a better suggestion for an adult-tolerant, safe, free blog/archive forum, please let me know!

It's been a fun, rewarding four years working on this blog. When I started it, I'd thought I was pretty much the only guy in the world who admired the beauty of big, beautiful Asian ladies. In the course of writing, sharing information, and discovering new models, I've also been happy to meet fellow fans of these lovely ladies. Keep dropping me notes until the last day-- March 23-- and we'll meet again... don't know where, don't know when... but I know we'll meet again some sunny day!


P.S. (Feb. 25) Thanks to reader Brandt, I've started moving this blog over to Tumblr. Apparently Tumblr only allows 250 posts per day, so the move of all four blogs is going to take a week or so. I'll start with this blog though, since I'm the least anally-retentive with it, and I can experiment with formatting, and learn how to use the new site without messing up my archives. Here it is started at Tumblr:

Being a new site to me, it's going to take a little getting used to. But so far it doesn't look too uncomfortable or difficult... I don't see the dates of the posts listed, but that can probably be fixed in settings somehow...


P.P.S. (Feb. 26) I've finished exporting this blog to Tumblr, and started on the first Pink Film Archive. Here it is:

I like the way the pages look on Tumblr, better than Blogger. I don't like that it does the infinite page thing... there must be a way to limit pages to 5 posts or so... I'm also finding editing to be rather perplexing-- adding, posting images, titling, dating, composing, etc... I'll figure it out though... One major benefit I see so far is that Tumblr allows scheduling posts back to 1963 at least, meaning I can combine the two JAV archives into one-- as they should have always been...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

End of the year report / New Year plan

Again I've been putting off posting here. First let's take a look back at the previous year, and then look ahead to what I plan to do in 2015.

All data on Pink films in World Filmography 1967, submitted to IMDb this year

IMDb work in 2014 was been more diverse than the previous two, and that kept my interest going. Besides continuing work on the main, long-term project I started a couple years ago of starting an entry for every Pink film released from 1990-present, I added as much info as I could on every Pink film released in 1967 & 1968, based on entries in Cowie's World Filmography 1967 and World Filmography 1968. I finished 1967, but am only about a quarter of the way through 1968.

Pink Film Award, now at IMDb

IMDb announced they had re-opened submissions for awards ceremonies this year, and this enabled me to start up a long-desired project there. The Pink Film Award page was accepted, and proved to be a lot of work. These pages are still difficult to contribute to, and I haven't yet figured out how to add data on the event itself-- location, date and time of the ceremonies-- which I see in some other award pages. Still it's nice to see the major award of the Pink film world represented at IMDb, even if it's going to take a long time to get it all posted. In December I started adding the Pink films released in 2014-- there were only 38 of them-- and I've almost got them finished now.

Miyabi Hayama's latest: ICD-259, now at IMDb

As planned at the beginning of the year, I took some time off straight Pink film work at IMDb to submit some BBW/busty AVs. I was surprised at how quickly and painlessly these were accepted. Earlier in the year I added entries for the ICD, JAMS, and MAGURO, labels, and in late December I brought them up to date. In the process of adding those DVD, many of our favorite BBW models got their own IMDb entries. When I had them, I linked IMDb to my blog reviews of those videos.

Hana Uehara in GAS-198, both now at IMDb

In November I undertook the largest sub-project of the AV project: The 342 GAS DVDs. This brought me in communication with none other than Akira Takatsuki  himself, and he emailed me release dates on some of the earlier DVDs in the series. In order to fill out their filmographies a little, I also added a few miscellaneous video releases starring busty/BBW icons like Kimiko Matsuzaka and Mariko Morikawa, who already had entries at IMDb due to one or two Pink films they'd appeared in. Though IMDb is pretty stingy about accepting it, I was able to add a little basic biographical data to the actress' entries when I could: Birthplace, height, and links to official and miscellaneous sites. With all the above work, I wound up with the highest ranking of my IMDb career: #48 on the list of top contributors for the year.

Sara Aikawa (L) & LUU (R) new Twitter acquaintances of mine

The biggest new event relevant to the blog would be my discovery, in early October, of the mighty resource that is Twitter. I'd heard about it, but thought it was just for teenaged girls sending each other giggly messages. Little did I realize what a valuable source it is for keeping up on the latest activities of my favorite personnel.

Mika Hoshima (L) & Masaki Amamiya (R) two more of my favorite ladies on Twitter

Surprisingly, the response from these people has been generally very positive and fun. Akira Takatsuki helped me with info on the Cinema Unit GAS releases, Sara Aikawa gave me an explanation of her nickname ("Batty"), and Miyabi Hayama, Mika Hoshima, and Masaki Amamiya have all been fun to chat with, in my broken Japanese...

Among the bad news of the year was the latest in my long-running series of computer disasters, which resulted in the (hopefully) temporary loss of all the data on my 4-terrabyte external hard drive. Videos, stills, screencaps, reviews, research, etc. are all unavailable to me now... I'm still in the process of trying to recover as much as I can before re-formatting it, and then wondering how much I can trust it, or WHAT is trust-worthy in digital formats... The loss of access to this material, which I've collected online for the past two decades, was a major set-back to posting at this blog, and dealt a major blow to my enthusiasm in working with computers at all.

My enthusiasm for this hobby waned considerably in the last couple months of last year. I'm not sure why-- It's not due to any battles with censors, drama-mongers, opinionated idiots, or other bureaucratic bone-headedness, which caused my departures from Wikipedia and Wikia. Maybe it was because of the computer/Internet disasters which strike so regularly, and result in so much lost/repeated work. Also, as I'm getting older, the desire to do something of my own-- rather than cataloguing the work of others-- becomes strong now and then... but it passes. Whether this work of my own will be writing, composing, or something else I've dabbled in in the past, I'm not sure. Maybe I just needed a temporary down-time before diving back into IMDb/Japanese/Korean stuff. I spent those months browsing around on the Internet, reading a lot (Steinbeck, Thomas Hardy, and now Haruki Murakami), watching a lot of movies (westerns, Pink, sci-fi, film noir), listening to a lot (Bach, Russian opera, Khachaturian, Sibelius...) in limbo between major projects.
Yûki Manaka & Tamaki Yasuoka in JUC-206... Coming to IMDb this year?

Anyway, last week I got back on track. It turns out I was just hungry for a new direction. A project I've had in the back of my mind for a long time now has been to start a BBW AV database similar to my two Pink film databases (Pre-1990 Pink Film Archive and Pink Film Archive). I've got both Pink Film archives full and stable enough that I'm just adding things when I come across them now. Every month when the new Pink releases are announced, I identify, translate and upload them within half an hour. My goal for the new BBW AV database will be the same: Upload all the old ones I already know, get a good, solid representation of the Busty/BBW genre throughout in JAV history, then get the system honed so that whenever I come across a new VHS or DVD cover, I can upload it and identifying information, in proper chronological order, within a couple minutes.
Tamaki Yasuoka in SND-25, now at IMDb & in my JAV Archive

Like with the other databases, they would function as informational displays of images on their own (though, unfortunately, they get very little traffic), but they would also serve their IMDb pages by linking to the corresponding Picasaweb image (my Picasaweb Pink film folders do get a lot of traffic). A complete Pink film database project is impossible enough. Attempting a complete AV one would be insane. Instead I'll just focus on the busty/BBW genre (even that will be impossible enough), linking the cover images to the videos/DVDs I've added to IMDb, and creating IMDb listings for the significant ones that aren't already there.

Early Japanese BBW favorite, Yôko Koizumi in FDS-17, both now at IMDb!

To get my feet wet, figure out what would work well, and set up a format, I started on a smaller series: the 62 JAMS SND- DVDs. Once I was able to get adding these DVDs down to a quick and efficient process, I took up a more challenging series, the early BBW VHS "Horny Fat Woman" tapes, FDS-. These were more difficult because they often don't name their models, and the exact release dates aren't known. I worked out some ways of compensating for this. I don't think a series like this-- all unknown/amateurs-- needs to be at IMDb (though unlike Wikipedia, I would not stand in the way of anyone who wanted to do the work to add them), but I did submit the two tapes which had major early BBW stars. This means that the incredible BBW pioneers Yôko Koizumi and Anna Watarai are now listed at IMDb! This has inspired me to spend the year in deep research into BBW/busty JAV, making entries for as many as I can at this archive, and starting entries for most of them at IMDb.

Usagi Minagi (& Tamaki Yasuoka) in KBKD-534 - coming to IMDb this year!

So, in a nutshell, 2015 is going to be The Year of the BBW JAV!: The new database will keep me busy, and I'll be spreading the joy of Japanese BBW-dom by adding the data and linking the images to IMDb. I'll also continue maintaining Pink film blog/IMDb entries at a slower pace than previous years, and posts at this blog will probably continue to be skimpy throughout the year... certainly until I'm able to recover my external hard disk data. With this long-contemplated JAV database started, the only other future project I am thinking about is a Personnel database, giving images and biographical data on Actresses, Directors, and anyone else I can track down who works in the Pink and/or JAV fields... In my silence here, you can follow me at Twitter where I will continue quick tweets on my favorite subjects: JAV, Pink films, cult films, music, my viewing & listening activities, new discoveries, etc. as well as to see me flirt with some of our favorite Japanese BBW models in my poor Japanese.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tokyo Pochadol Collection: Valentines, 2015

I know, I know, I know... I've been letting this blog go dormant again... I'm preparing a long-winded post wrapping up last year and looking forward to my plan for this year. But in the meantime, here's an exciting announcement from Makoto-san at IZM:
The studio is gathering together a collection of its loveliest, plumpest, gorgeousest models for the Tokyo Pochadol Collection event, Valentines Day this year. If I read the announcing tweet, correctly, the event is selling out fast, with advanced tickets available at E-Plus (イープラス). Some of this blog's favorite ladies will be there! These lovelies include:

Masaki Amamiya: Lovely to look at and fun to Tweet with!

Yui Igarashi,

Miyabi Hayama: BBW legend, and a charming and intelligent lady.

Sara Aikawa: Here announcing her new site! Check it out:


...and Iori Kuroki!

More details on this BBW-fest can be seen at IZM's blog entry. So if you're lucky enough to be in Tokyo on February 15, head over the Lefkada to see these beautiful babes in person! Tell 'em Dekkappai sent you!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, 2014

Merry Christmas to all. I realize I'm ignoring this blog more & more lately, and I'm actually drifting away from this line of online hobby. I've been neglecting Pink & IMDb work for the past couple weeks too... But, it's Christmas, so let's take a look at Christmas messages from some of our favorite BBW lovelies, as well as a few of the latest offerings from IZM.
Lexxxi Luxe in ICD-266
First, the news everyone has been waiting for: News on Lexxxi Luxe's appearance on a Japanese DVD label.
It was released today, by IZM, the catalog number is ICD-266, and its title is Bust 176-㎝ no daimanyû joshi ga Nippon danshi o-yaru!!
Miharu & Hiromi Kishikawa in ICD-265
Another Christmas release, ICD-265, Double jukujo chigyaku yûgi, stars Hiromi Kishikawa along with Miharu.
Marika in ICD-263
ICD-263, released on November 20, gives us some big-booty housewives, including cover girl Marika.
ICD-262 (Delicious, Nicole & Sofia Rose)
Also in November, Sofia Rose, Delicious & Nicole starred in ICD-262 (Chôzetsu double bakujiri chichi health: Delicious, Sofia, Nicole). And as far as the IZM releases that command my attention, that takes us back to ICD-259, starring Miyabi Hayama, which we already covered in an earlier post.
Merry Xmas from P-chan/ Fuko
Meanwhile, back on Twitter, several lovely ladies have given their followers some extra Christmas goodies in the way of images. Cutie Fuko offered this Christmas picture to her fans.
Merry Xmas from LUU
LUU whipped up this tasty Christmas confection for her lucky followers.
Merry Xmas from Mika Hoshima
Mika Hoshima gave her fans just what they wanted: A stocking full of cleavage...
Happy Holidays from Juri Morozuki!
And let's conclude this post with this nice cup of Christmas cheer which Juri Morozuki gave her fans.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad news... great boobs...

...bad news for this blog: I finally got my computer guy to replace the power board on my external hard drive... the power board took, but the hard drive needs to be re-formatted, meaning I'll lose all my data (videos, images, data collected, and writing written during the past year and a half)... there is possibly good new though: I used a data recovery program to look at the disk, and it seems possible to recover a lot of the data... the problem is, I don't have another 4-terrabyte disk to recover that data to, before reformatting the old one... maybe I'll get one for Christmas... in the meantime, here's some tits... (this pair belongs to lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, bespectacled Rin Fujisaki, now a Twitter acquaintance of mine)... enjoy!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lexxxi Does Tokyo

Soon to make a splash in the Japanese DVD market?
Jeez, it's been almost a month since my last post here... My first flush of ecstasy over finding this amazing new site, Twitter, has calmed down a little, but I'm still checking my followees' Tweets every other minute or so when I'm online. It's nice to see the minute-to-minute thoughts of some of these Pink personnel and BBW lovelies that I've been following from a distance for so long. The benefit for this blog is that I now have a constant source of information / updates / new things to talk about, etc. The drawback is that it sucks up a lot of time.
I've also been busier on IMDb than usual, without doing much on my main project of 2001 Pink films. Instead, I finished the GAS project, entered a lot of biographical data / links for the actresses (that's still not done yet). I submitted "Movie connection" links to all the series, and a week later IMDb has now accepted them. This weekend I returned to the 1968 Pink film work. In an effort to make sure I'm on the Top Contributor list this year, and get as many edits as possible accepted before the end of the year, I started fixing the Japanese Cinema Database links which were changed. (I earlier sent an email requesting that these links be mass-fixed, but the ever-non-communicative IMDb staff apparently ignored it.)
But enough of that shit. What brings us here tonight is news discovered thanks to Twitter concerning the visit of an illustrious American BBW emissary, hoping to strengthen our BBW ties with Japan. Long may our two nations work as allies in that noble enterprise! Blog posts at IZM and Ryudai indicate that Anorei Collins, now known as Lexxxi Luxe will soon be appearing on an IZM DVD. I haven't found a catalog number or title yet. The images say "BBB176", but "BBB" is not an IZM prefix, and 176 is apparently Lexxxi's bust measurement in cm, not a catalog number.
It seems like there has been an increase in collaboration between the Japanese and the American BBW genres lately: Sofia Rose, and a group of other American models went to Japan to appear in DVDs earlier this year, Sara Aikawa came here to L.A. just last month, and now Lexxxi, lends her awesome presence to the Japanese industry. Notice in the promo image above that the IZM/Izumu mark is also in Roman letters, further indicating a reach into foreign markets.
Fuko: Japanese P-cup
Since my eyes are always focused on the Asian models I sometimes forget how enormous our home-grown domestic white, brown and black girls can get, dwarfing even the largest of the Asian girls... Lexxxi is said to be a P-cup. Keep in mind, however, that the P-cups we know and love here at this blog-- e.g., Fuko, Mika Hoshima-- are Japanese P-cups.
Lexxxi: US P-cup
Lexxxi's an American P-cup, which is a whole different ball of wax... Visual comparison of the two photographs above makes me guess that both of Fuko's boobs could fit into one of Lexxxi's... I haven't seen any images of Lexxxi interacting with any of her Japanese counterparts at IZM-- say, Miyabi Hayama or Masaki Amamiya perhaps-- but that is certainly a meeting I'd like to see... Just in the interest of cementing good international relations, you understand... ahem...
Despite my avowed preference for the Asian ladies, I have to admit this girl is quite a cutie. The cross-pollination between the US & Japanese porn industries is nice to see, but a bit worrying to me, because I like the Japanese style, but don't like the American. I recently skimmed through some Kelly Shibari videos, and this confirmed my opinion: She's a lovely lady in every way, and I'd probably be a big fan of hers if she were in Japanese AVs, but I just don't like the American style. (Particular gripes include: silicone, tattoos & piercings, shaved pussies, and dongs dongs dongs... and I don't mean Vietnamese currency...) My worry is that the Japanese industry will become more like the American, rather than the other way around... Still, I suppose December 7 is as good a day as any to say that I hope our two countries always remain on friendly terms, and allied in the noble cause of providing for exciting viewing material for BBW fans everywhere!
A parting message to the geniuses at Blogger
Since I've been too preoccupied lately to do much complaining, I'll conclude this post with a nice little rant... In this post I attempted, and gave up, the high-tech, cutting-edge special effect technique of placing two images side-by-side on the page. I found it was too tricky to work with text in Blogger's new, "improved" interface. Before the "improvement" it was simple, but now it's impossible. Image re-sizing and other types of formatting that were once easy are now impossible. Yahoo's new "improved" mail system, which they forced on their users, completely destroyed the filmography lists I had stored on them. Luckily I never trust those bastards and had them all backed up... With all the useless, stupid background crap being added, even simply typing on web pages has become difficult... Eventually Yahoo, Google, Blogger, and the rest of the web will be "improved" so much they will be totally useless... Let me conclude with a little personal anecdote... I recently had cause to visit the Silicon Valley. Those ignorant little Yuppie pricks drive just like they program: Arrogantly and incompetently. Two years later, and Blogger's new interface is still GARBAGE... And with that brief rant finished, I wipe the spittle from my chin and dodder off wishing you all a good night!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

GAS October - December, GAS-334-342

We haven't looked in on the latest releases from Cinema Unit GAS since August, which means we're three months behind! So without further ado, let's see what's been happening during the last quarter of GAS' tenth anniversary year.
We start out with a trio of DVDs released on October 1, 2014. The first of this set, Zenkoku bakunyû scout caravan 7: Shôgeki no 130-L, iki makuru 125-J, ôbo shirôto 105-I (GAS-334), is the seventh in the "Scout Caravan" series. In these videos, our intrepid GAS researchers travel the nation scanning the countryside in search of big bazooms to expose.
Candy in GAS-334
Above we see ample Candy, one of the three busty ladies discovered in this latest expedition. I hope she turns up in more videos, if only because she's now got an IMDb listing that needs to be expanded! A video sampling of this caravan can be seen in WMV or MP4 format.
The middle opus of the three GAS offerings for October is Kyodai chibusa no paizuri: Hamada Haruka: Nuru-nuru oppai de go hôshi (GAS-335), starring Haruka Hamada.
Haruka Hamada  in GAS-335
A video sample of sweet Haruka-san and her stunning breastusses can be seen in WMV or MP4 format.
GAS-336: A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.
The third of the October releases, Deka-bra wakazuma: Matsuzaki Nana: Otoko o madowasu pheromone no K-cup (GAS-336) starring Nana Matsuzaki is one of two "Deka-bra" series bra-fetish videos to be seen in this post.
Boobs! Boobs, it is!... Nana Matsuzaki in GAS-336
Bras I find interesting... sort of... but only for the golden treasures they house. A sample of those treasures in motion can be downloaded in in WMV and/or MP4 format.
Next we move up a month to the studio's November 1, 2014 releases, the first of which is Bakunyû Yuka: 117-cm K-cup no bijin tsuma Nakaji Yuka (GAS-337), starring sweet and sultry Yuka Nakaji.
Yuka Nakaji in GAS-337
Click on your pick of video sample format: WMV or MP4 to get a glimpse of buxom Yuka.
Gyôretsu no dekiru bonyû paizuri-ya-san: Uehara Hinano (GAS-338) starring Hinano Uehara is the next item under our consideration. If the title didn't tell you, the cover informs us sufficiently that this is a lactation video... and that sort of thing ain't my bag, baby... not that there's anything wrong with that!...
Hinano Uehara in GAS-338
...ditto gang-bang scenes... but if either of those are your bag, then a video sample of the proceedings can be perused in WMV and MP4 format.
A very tempting morsel comes up next in K-cup jukujo Kanô Kimiko: Shinseki no ie de onattetara, metcha bakunyû no itoko no okusan ga tetsudatte kureta! (GAS-339), starring lovely Kimiko Kanô. Kimiko-san is an activer Tweeter.
Kimiko Kanô in GAS-339
She debuted in May with GAS-319 and has already appeared in three DVDs for GAS. Today she tweeted images of DVD covers to most of her filmography, including this Glory Quest DVD due out on December 4. A video sample of her latest GAS appearance can be downloaded in WMV and MP4 format.
And finally we come to the latest crop of DVDs. If anybody's been following the links, you'll see that all of the DVDs above have IMDb listings. These last three will not be released until December 1, so they don't have IMDb listings yet.
Nana Aoyama in GAS-340
First is Deka-bra maniax: Aoyama Nana (GAS-340), starring Nana Aoyama. A video sample of this bra-fetish video can be seen in WMV and MP4 format.
Yappari niku ga suki: Shiro muchi-pocha J-cup Hamada Haruka (GAS-341), starring the very squeezable Haruka Hamada is next on the agenda.
Haruka Hamada in GAS-341
She can be sampled in WMV and MP4 format.
...and, as is traditional, the last DVD of the year, is the year-end review. Bakunyû best 2014: 13-nin no best scene subete misemasu! (GAS-342) gathers the best scenes of the year from thirteen of the studio's models.
Misuzu Tomizawa in GAS-342
A video sample of this parade of pulchritude can be downloaded and enjoyed in either WMV and MP4 format. And so ends Cinema Unit GAS' first decade in business. Let's wish them many more!