Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad news... great boobs...

...bad news for this blog: I finally got my computer guy to replace the power board on my external hard drive... the power board took, but the hard drive needs to be re-formatted, meaning I'll lose all my data (videos, images, data collected, and writing written during the past year and a half)... there is possibly good new though: I used a data recovery program to look at the disk, and it seems possible to recover a lot of the data... the problem is, I don't have another 4-terrabyte disk to recover that data to, before reformatting the old one... maybe I'll get one for Christmas... in the meantime, here's some tits... (this pair belongs to lovely, gorgeous, beautiful, bespectacled Rin Fujisaki, now a Twitter acquaintance of mine)... enjoy!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lexxxi Does Tokyo

Soon to make a splash in the Japanese DVD market?
Jeez, it's been almost a month since my last post here... My first flush of ecstasy over finding this amazing new site, Twitter, has calmed down a little, but I'm still checking my followees' Tweets every other minute or so when I'm online. It's nice to see the minute-to-minute thoughts of some of these Pink personnel and BBW lovelies that I've been following from a distance for so long. The benefit for this blog is that I now have a constant source of information / updates / new things to talk about, etc. The drawback is that it sucks up a lot of time.
I've also been busier on IMDb than usual, without doing much on my main project of 2001 Pink films. Instead, I finished the GAS project, entered a lot of biographical data / links for the actresses (that's still not done yet). I submitted "Movie connection" links to all the series, and a week later IMDb has now accepted them. This weekend I returned to the 1968 Pink film work. In an effort to make sure I'm on the Top Contributor list this year, and get as many edits as possible accepted before the end of the year, I started fixing the Japanese Cinema Database links which were changed. (I earlier sent an email requesting that these links be mass-fixed, but the ever-non-communicative IMDb staff apparently ignored it.)
But enough of that shit. What brings us here tonight is news discovered thanks to Twitter concerning the visit of an illustrious American BBW emissary, hoping to strengthen our BBW ties with Japan. Long may our two nations work as allies in that noble enterprise! Blog posts at IZM and Ryudai indicate that Anorei Collins, now known as Lexxxi Luxe will soon be appearing on an IZM DVD. I haven't found a catalog number or title yet. The images say "BBB176", but "BBB" is not an IZM prefix, and 176 is apparently Lexxxi's bust measurement in cm, not a catalog number.
It seems like there has been an increase in collaboration between the Japanese and the American BBW genres lately: Sofia Rose, and a group of other American models went to Japan to appear in DVDs earlier this year, Sara Aikawa came here to L.A. just last month, and now Lexxxi, lends her awesome presence to the Japanese industry. Notice in the promo image above that the IZM/Izumu mark is also in Roman letters, further indicating a reach into foreign markets.
Fuko: Japanese P-cup
Since my eyes are always focused on the Asian models I sometimes forget how enormous our home-grown domestic white, brown and black girls can get, dwarfing even the largest of the Asian girls... Lexxxi is said to be a P-cup. Keep in mind, however, that the P-cups we know and love here at this blog-- e.g., Fuko, Mika Hoshima-- are Japanese P-cups.
Lexxxi: US P-cup
Lexxxi's an American P-cup, which is a whole different ball of wax... Visual comparison of the two photographs above makes me guess that both of Fuko's boobs could fit into one of Lexxxi's... I haven't seen any images of Lexxxi interacting with any of her Japanese counterparts at IZM-- say, Miyabi Hayama or Masaki Amamiya perhaps-- but that is certainly a meeting I'd like to see... Just in the interest of cementing good international relations, you understand... ahem...
Despite my avowed preference for the Asian ladies, I have to admit this girl is quite a cutie. The cross-pollination between the US & Japanese porn industries is nice to see, but a bit worrying to me, because I like the Japanese style, but don't like the American. I recently skimmed through some Kelly Shibari videos, and this confirmed my opinion: She's a lovely lady in every way, and I'd probably be a big fan of hers if she were in Japanese AVs, but I just don't like the American style. (Particular gripes include: silicone, tattoos & piercings, shaved pussies, and dongs dongs dongs... and I don't mean Vietnamese currency...) My worry is that the Japanese industry will become more like the American, rather than the other way around... Still, I suppose December 7 is as good a day as any to say that I hope our two countries always remain on friendly terms, and allied in the noble cause of providing for exciting viewing material for BBW fans everywhere!
A parting message to the geniuses at Blogger
Since I've been too preoccupied lately to do much complaining, I'll conclude this post with a nice little rant... In this post I attempted, and gave up, the high-tech, cutting-edge special effect technique of placing two images side-by-side on the page. I found it was too tricky to work with text in Blogger's new, "improved" interface. Before the "improvement" it was simple, but now it's impossible. Image re-sizing and other types of formatting that were once easy are now impossible. Yahoo's new "improved" mail system, which they forced on their users, completely destroyed the filmography lists I had stored on them. Luckily I never trust those bastards and had them all backed up... With all the useless, stupid background crap being added, even simply typing on web pages has become difficult... Eventually Yahoo, Google, Blogger, and the rest of the web will be "improved" so much they will be totally useless... Let me conclude with a little personal anecdote... I recently had cause to visit the Silicon Valley. Those ignorant little Yuppie pricks drive just like they program: Arrogantly and incompetently. Two years later, and Blogger's new interface is still GARBAGE... And with that brief rant finished, I wipe the spittle from my chin and dodder off wishing you all a good night!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

GAS October - December, GAS-334-342

We haven't looked in on the latest releases from Cinema Unit GAS since August, which means we're three months behind! So without further ado, let's see what's been happening during the last quarter of GAS' tenth anniversary year.
We start out with a trio of DVDs released on October 1, 2014. The first of this set, Zenkoku bakunyû scout caravan 7: Shôgeki no 130-L, iki makuru 125-J, ôbo shirôto 105-I (GAS-334), is the seventh in the "Scout Caravan" series. In these videos, our intrepid GAS researchers travel the nation scanning the countryside in search of big bazooms to expose.
Candy in GAS-334
Above we see ample Candy, one of the three busty ladies discovered in this latest expedition. I hope she turns up in more videos, if only because she's now got an IMDb listing that needs to be expanded! A video sampling of this caravan can be seen in WMV or MP4 format.
The middle opus of the three GAS offerings for October is Kyodai chibusa no paizuri: Hamada Haruka: Nuru-nuru oppai de go hôshi (GAS-335), starring Haruka Hamada.
Haruka Hamada  in GAS-335
A video sample of sweet Haruka-san and her stunning breastusses can be seen in WMV or MP4 format.
GAS-336: A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.
The third of the October releases, Deka-bra wakazuma: Matsuzaki Nana: Otoko o madowasu pheromone no K-cup (GAS-336) starring Nana Matsuzaki is one of two "Deka-bra" series bra-fetish videos to be seen in this post.
Boobs! Boobs, it is!... Nana Matsuzaki in GAS-336
Bras I find interesting... sort of... but only for the golden treasures they house. A sample of those treasures in motion can be downloaded in in WMV and/or MP4 format.
Next we move up a month to the studio's November 1, 2014 releases, the first of which is Bakunyû Yuka: 117-cm K-cup no bijin tsuma Nakaji Yuka (GAS-337), starring sweet and sultry Yuka Nakaji.
Yuka Nakaji in GAS-337
Click on your pick of video sample format: WMV or MP4 to get a glimpse of buxom Yuka.
Gyôretsu no dekiru bonyû paizuri-ya-san: Uehara Hinano (GAS-338) starring Hinano Uehara is the next item under our consideration. If the title didn't tell you, the cover informs us sufficiently that this is a lactation video... and that sort of thing ain't my bag, baby... not that there's anything wrong with that!...
Hinano Uehara in GAS-338
...ditto gang-bang scenes... but if either of those are your bag, then a video sample of the proceedings can be perused in WMV and MP4 format.
A very tempting morsel comes up next in K-cup jukujo Kanô Kimiko: Shinseki no ie de onattetara, metcha bakunyû no itoko no okusan ga tetsudatte kureta! (GAS-339), starring lovely Kimiko Kanô. Kimiko-san is an activer Tweeter.
Kimiko Kanô in GAS-339
She debuted in May with GAS-319 and has already appeared in three DVDs for GAS. Today she tweeted images of DVD covers to most of her filmography, including this Glory Quest DVD due out on December 4. A video sample of her latest GAS appearance can be downloaded in WMV and MP4 format.
And finally we come to the latest crop of DVDs. If anybody's been following the links, you'll see that all of the DVDs above have IMDb listings. These last three will not be released until December 1, so they don't have IMDb listings yet.
Nana Aoyama in GAS-340
First is Deka-bra maniax: Aoyama Nana (GAS-340), starring Nana Aoyama. A video sample of this bra-fetish video can be seen in WMV and MP4 format.
Yappari niku ga suki: Shiro muchi-pocha J-cup Hamada Haruka (GAS-341), starring the very squeezable Haruka Hamada is next on the agenda.
Haruka Hamada in GAS-341
She can be sampled in WMV and MP4 format.
...and, as is traditional, the last DVD of the year, is the year-end review. Bakunyû best 2014: 13-nin no best scene subete misemasu! (GAS-342) gathers the best scenes of the year from thirteen of the studio's models.
Misuzu Tomizawa in GAS-342
A video sample of this parade of pulchritude can be downloaded and enjoyed in either WMV and MP4 format. And so ends Cinema Unit GAS' first decade in business. Let's wish them many more!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sara, Kaori & Miyabi

I've been busy on my long-planned, but long-feared project of submitting the Cinema Unit GAS filmography to IMDb. This is nearly 350 DVDs currently, which explains my fear of finally tackling the project. I'm working backwards from the present, and am currently back to 2011. The studio was founded in 2004, so I've still barely even started on it. This project gives me a good excuse to post on the studio's releases since last we visited them, but I'll put that off till tomorrow. Before we get to that review, let's pause to make note of a few things that have recently come to my attention thanks to Twitter.
Sara Aikawa in Los Angeles next week!
First, the Americanization of Sara continues, as everybody's favorite Batty girl, Sara Aikawa visits the States next week. I don't know the purpose for this visit, other than that she mention it was both business and pleasure. I suspect it's part of her entry into US adult media, which is not something that pleases me greatly... I don't like American or European adult entertainment... I prefer Asian models and Asian style. But if Sara-san benefits from this, who am I to complain?... Sara's friend BBW Mistress Nicole Tweets that you can email her for details on a "meet and greet" event. If any followers of the blog are lucky enough to do that, let me know! (Family and work prevent yours truly from meeting Sara...)
Masked Kaori as "Keiko the amateur"
Second, everybody's favorite body, with the hidden face, "Masked Kaori" has starred in a DVD without her mask. She's wearing dark glasses throughout, and this confirms our previous suspicions that she is indeed Ibuki from the Bom Bom Cherry DVDs.
...without mask, and looking lovelier than ever...
Either her face is looking better as she puts on weight, or, as she puts on weight her body is just too incredible to even worry about her less-than stellar face. In any case, she is simply amazing from beginning to end of this DVD, which was released in July 2014.
Miyabi Hayama, now gracing Nagoya
Lastly, everybody's favorite, period-- lovely to look at, and charming and witty in Tweeting-- Miyabi Hayama, is currently in Nagoya. That may not mean much to her fans overseas, but it serves as a good excuse to post a picture of this gorgeous lady!...

Monday, November 3, 2014

BOMC-080 - BOMC-083

By now I have either bored, confused or offended all the ladies I Tweeted, as is my usual effect on women, so tonight let's leave Twitter alone and catch up on one of our favorite DVD labels: BomBom Cherry/BOMC. Since we last visited with them, in July, they haven't released a lot. Only four more DVDs.
On Twitter, BomBom Ojisan has been promoting a new girl, Momo, but I haven't seen her in a DVD release yet. Possibly she's going to be in BOMC-084, about which I have found no information. In any case, Momo is a busty skinny girl, which is not really my type... not that there's anything wrong with that... I just prefer the chubbier, more mature girls...
N-cup Ririka in BOMC-080
Two of the four DVD releases we look at tonight are compilations of past favorites. The first, BOMC-080, features the lovely 23-year-old 123cm N-cup girl, Ririka in three DVDs she has appeared in for the studio: BOMC-060, BOMC-063, and BOMC-065.
She's a little younger and thinner than I usually like, but her nice smile and overall voluptuousness win me over. This claims to be a limited edition collection of all her appearances for the studio, so get it while you can!
L-cup Hotaru in BOMC-081
BOMC-081 is a debut for the new model, 118cm L-cup Hotaru. She looks a lot like Ririka above, and so all my comments about her apply here as well-- pretty, voluptuous, but a bit young and girlish for my tastes.
The promotional material says that she's a shy, nerdish teenaged girl. The shyness and nerdishness appeal to me a lot. If she were older, and had glasses too, she'd be even more irresistible in my book!
M-cup Kaera in BOMC-082
BOMC-082 stars 25-year old 110cm M-cup Kaera, whom we previously met in BOMC-073 and BOMC-077.
As BomBom Ojisan's models tend to be, she's a rather reluctant amateur, and this appears to be her last performance. Plumper and older than the two previous models we've encountered, with Kaera-san we're getting more into my taste range.
S-cup Annu in BOMC-083
The last of tonight's DVDs is another retrospective. BOMC-083 gathers together the four DVD in which 35-year-old, 142cm S-cup Annu-san appeared: BOMC-061, BOMC-064, BOMC-067, and BOMC-068.
Now here we have a nice, plump, mature, Margaret Dumont-ish matron I'd love to take to the opera, or a Marx Brothers movie some time!...

Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Tweet

I'm still spending my online time working on IMDb Pink films (2001 & 2002 currently), and obsessively checking Twitter for new posts from my favorite ladies. A lot of them  got into the Halloween spirit. With the time difference, Halloween is all done and over with, yesterday, in Japan, while it's still going on here.
A Debukawa Halloween
Debukawa's bevy of BBWs starts the evening off in a happy mood. With my iffy Japanese, I'm not always sure, but I think this picture was taken at the last event, which had the Halloween theme, rather than last night.
New to Twitter: Masaki Amamiya!
My newest Twitter friend-- and she is new to Twitter herself-- is the lovely and voluptuous Masaki Amamiya. She didn't give us any Halloween pictures, but she has been posting some beautiful pictures, such as the one above, which she uses for her avatar... so you can see why I enjoy every Tweet she makes!
This picture of her gorgeous legs is the one that inspired me to strike up a chat with her. We're supposed to pay attention to her shoes, but I can't take my eyes off her calves.
A squeaky clean Halloween with Miyabi Hayama
Miyabi Hayama's cobweb-covered cleavage gave her male fans something to ogle on their phones while taking their kids trick-or-treating...
LUU gets serious!
No namby-pamby, watered-down, Disneyfied Halloween for Cosplayer LUU! She took the season in its original spirit and gave her devoted fans this eerie image.
Mika Hoshima, also being of the cosplayer persuasion, got into the seasonal spirit as well, but in a more cutesy manner. First she gave her fans this lovely, spooky picture.
Nice smile, huh?
And then she gave us a second Halloween themed portrait, this one with a lucky Jack-o-lantern happily nestled in her cleavage...
Congratulations, Sara Batty!
Sara Aikawa didn't give us any Halloween pictures this year, but earlier in the week she thrilled her loyal followers with this image of her her own monumental cleavage in celebration of the attainment of 2,000 followers.

Monday, October 27, 2014

LUU at Osaka Fetish-Fest this Sunday!

LUU-san in an appropriately fetishistic mood
If you're lucky enough to be in Osaka next Sunday, November 2, you will want to go to the Fetish Fest, where lovely LUU-san will be in attendance.
Be sure to pick up a few of her photo ROMS & her Cutie Fat LUU book, which we've covered here in earlier posts. I have my own personal copy of this fine volume!
Congratulations to LUU-san!
LUU-san celebrated the attainment of 4,000 followers on Twitter today by favoring her fans with the image above. More success to her!