Sunday, July 19, 2015

Catch-up time

OHO-014 video cover
Crystal Eizô's Nyûrin-dô series added, including Nene Mikami in OHO-014
I think I mentioned in my last post--two months ago?!-- that I had slipped behind in my JAV Archive work, and gotten about a month behind my 10-a-day schedule. I'm still holding to that schedule, and finally got caught up to date in the Archive posting-- which shows I've been very busy in these past two months. Ten posts a day is not really that hard, but more than that is pushing it. And, to catch up, I have to maintain that 10-a-day rate, plus 20- or 30- after a day or two off, PLUS at least another 10- a day to lessen the backlog by a day...whew!
PPPD-028 video cover
Rin Aoki in PPPD-028
I did fall behind again by four days this weekend, due to a bout with the flu, but managed to catch up today. I was fortunate that my main day of recovery coincided with a Kaiju marathon, and had a nice, fun, relaxing time watching the movies and Tweeting along with a gang of fellow Godzilla buffs. Catching up again will be easy this time since I've undertaken another major series-- OPPAI's PPPD- prefix DVDs-- which will allow quicker, standardized formatting/posting.
KYN-02 video cover
KYN-02 with Rei & Kyôko on Alpha International's early VHS double-kyonyu label, "Big Paradise"
IMDb submissions are still way behind-- about a month-- so that will be the next catch-up project. IMDb submissions are naturally going to lag behind the archive work, because the archive work is where I gather and translate the data. But because the IMDb submissions go fairly fast, and not ALL these archive posts deserve an entry at IMDb, I'm not too worried about that... As long as I don't get behind again for the next six months, I should reach my year-end goal.
PPUD-003 video cover
OPPAI label's "Ultramania series", PPUD-003 with mysterious 145cm R-cup girl, Hitomi
Half-way through my JAV year, the advantages of this work is beginning to show itself. I've been using the Archives myself to search data/images on videos, studios & actresses. I'm beginning to see this as preparatory work for some real writing on the subject, maybe starting next year... The first step in this writing may be the Actress database, which I set up earlier this year, but have not made any real contributions to. Full biographies/career reviews of the ladies, with links to their appearances in the Archives. Some of these may be redundant to Boobpedia work, but I see it as something different-- first, just because I want to work alone, without the danger of having someone else come along after me and reformat/rewrite/add errors/remove data, and all the other things that go on at Wiki-type projects. Second, because the career reviews will include personal observations & judgments which are not at home at a Wiki-type project, or at IMDb either, for that matter.
F128P-001 video cover
Ran Masaki final (真咲乱ファイナル; 1987)
At the Archive, recently, I've worked on pushing the two outer limits: Keeping up with current releases so that I have at least a couple future releases in the queue, and old VHS releases. Masaki Ran seems to be the main, first "big bust" star, of the latter envelope. I've got every one of her videos that I could locate-- she didn't make a lot. Her video career seems to have been mainly 1986.
GONEXD-09 video cover
Found & added Pray's improbable "GONE mania" series to my archives (GONEXD-09)
The work at Tumblr has proven to be quite popular-- much more so than the Blogger archives. I have over almost 300 followers at the JAV Archive, and getting more every day. Even after working for several years at Blogger, I only have a couple dozen followers total between all my blogs... I get a couple dozen "Likes" a day at Tumblr... And last, a belated announcement that THIS blog passed its 1 millionth view last month. I've been researching in this field of study since the '70s, but was unable to share mine findings with other enthusiasts. It's nice to be able to spread the information thanks to the Internet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Checking in: JAV work update, Twitter activities & new Chihiro images

FA-59 video cover
A mysterious, undated Yôko Koizumi VHS recently found and posted to my JAV archives
Now that I'm spending all my online time working on the JAV project, this blog once again has fallen by the wayside. As predicted, I've gotten behind on my 10-a-day JAV post pace, however I have kept up collecting data & images. I spent this weekend catching up on the other aspects of the project. Submitting the videos to IMDb lags farthest behind.
DEW-12 video cover
Anna Watarai & friend, in an Alpha International BBW opus on VHS
One of the major recent tasks at the JAV archives was the BBW videos & DVDs of Alpha International, which employed both Yôko Koizumi and Anna Watarai. Most of their videos give their models only single names, but when I'm able to locate one series that gives family name also, I'm able to link that to all the model's other appearances on the label. This is one reason I'm happy I'm double-posting between Tumblr & Blogspot: Tumblr's search engine is incredibly, stupendously bad. Blogspot's is very good... on the other hand, Blogspot's image-uploading interface is horrible, while Tumblr's is very good. At first I thought these Alpha International videos would never be IMDb material, due to the anonymous models and no release dates. But since I'm identifying some of the models, this takes them one step closer to having a place in film history through IMDb. Maybe I'll find accurate release dates for them eventually.
OONIKU-014 video cover
Fuuka on DVD!?
One of the benefits to doing this JAV project is that I'm able to identify actresses who are either unidentified in other sources, or given only by first name. I discovered, for instance, that there is a "Fuuka" on DVD, in Maguro's OONIKU-014 (above)... I'm not 100% sure this is our own Fantastic Fuuka, but it sure looks like her... and it means she is now immortalized at IMDb!
Lovely Miyabi Hayama on the ropes
I keep up with Twitter these days, following the actresses, and other Tweeters of interest. One of the more remarkable events recently is a kinbaku artist working with a couple BBW models. Miyabi Hayama appears in the most photos of this nature. Bondage isn't exactly my cup of tea, but Miyabi-san is gorgeous from any angle...
The Amazing Chihiro returns!
And finally, through an anonymous tip this morning, I got three new Chihiro images, which seem to have only recently appeared online-- which may be an indication that she is still active. Dare we hope?... I then found a couple other images on my own, and then added them all to my shrine to this incredible lady.
ECD-08 video cover
Tamaki Yasuoka double-header: Another DVD recently added to the archive
And with that brief update, I dive back into full JAV/IMDb work until checking in again in a month or so... But I'm still keeping an eye on this blog...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Update & Welcome to Twitter, Erika!

Erika, now on Twitter!
First the big news: Blog favorite, the gorgeous IZM model Erika is now on Twitter. Friends and fans of hers have been welcoming her, and she's started posting some nice pictures. I quickly added her Twitter page to her IMDb profile. Follow this lovely lady at: Now on to blog business:
STAR-128 video cover
Hitomi Tanaka's AV debut, now at Tumblr & IMDb
As I wrapped up my week off last weekend, I made an experiment to see how quickly I'd be able to post. Rather than work on entire series-- since that takes in some videos outside the main topic of my BBW/busty JAV interests-- I'd like to just post what I find that catches my eye. Since Tumblr allows me to attach 10 images to one image post, I grabbed ten DVDs at random, gathered data, translated, then posted them to see how fast I could do it... not fast enough, it turns out... I'll have to work on a way to speed up the process... I think this may be the best way to work though, at least for a while... The last morning of vacation I did the same-- 10 posts-- with some Hitomi Tanaka DVDs. I have 1,335 entries in the JAV archive already. If I could manage to keep posting an average of 10 a day for the rest of the year, that would give me another 2,750 for a total of 4,085, which wouldn't be bad... So far I've been able to keep up the pace. One night I'll grab a few dozen images, post them in sets of 10s in the image blog, each set representing one day's work. Then I gather the data, translate & upload the posts to the main JAV Archive during the week. So the work isn't done exactly 10 each day... but does come out to 70 a week...
ICD-269 video cover
Erisa Natsumi in her latest: ICD-269
I spent my online time today submitting the week's work to IMDb. I managed to get 32 submitted, and still have two days to go... The IMDb posting slows things down a little, but I find I can adjust that by uploading a set of non-IMDb-worthy videos so I can catch up-- videos without release dates, or with amateur/un-named performers... It would be nice to keep up this pace, but my attention will no doubt wander... The Actress database especially has me thinking about actually writing-- bios, descriptions of actresses and their works, etc. Even a general history of bustiness/BBW-itude in Japanese adult entertainment, writing more subjectively than any of the ~pedia projects would or should allow... All this data/image collection & translation will be valuable for such project if I ever do get around to it.
VC-031 video cover
VCA's D-Cup label: VC-031
After my week of concentrated work on the JAV Archive, real life has kept me too busy this past week to do much online work. However I did finish up the VCA/D-Cup label project. I found a whole new section to the label I hadn't known about-- the VC- prefix videos-- so it turned out to be more work than I expected. I wouldn't be at all surprised, of course, if there were still a LOT more videos on the label out there that I don't have yet. In fact I KNOW there are several missing. But since these videos are almost 30 years old, it's pretty challenging finding information about them online. I know I have at least one-- maybe more-- of those videos in my own collection, in boxes somewhere in the garage. One of these days I should dig them out, scan them, and add them to the databases...
Game-changer Kimiko Matsuzaka in a compilation video
this takes a first stab at filling in Japanese "Big bust" entertainment in the days before Kimiko Matsuzaka's debut in February 1989. As can be seen from these video covers, "Big bust" before Kimiko wasn't anything to compare with today's BBW girls like Erika. Kimiko's career raised the bar on the big-bust genre, and Mariko Morikawa's debut in 1994 raised it even higher. Eri Kikuchi, who debuted in 1986, was probably the major big-boob actress before Kimiko. Ran Masaki debuted the same year, but apparently only worked for a year, while Eri has a very prolific career. She was still working a few years ago.
TFC-4093 video cover
BBW icon, Yôko Koizumi in TFC-4093
This weekend, in preparation for the coming week's work, I've discovered a treasure trove of early BBW videos, some of which I'd known before, some of which are new to me. Most of these are not IMDb material, since the models are either anonymous amateurs, or one-timers, but we do glimpse the occasional BBW celebrity: Yôko Koizumi and Anna Watarai among them.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

BOMC done & a look back at early VHS

BOMC-007 video cover
Rinko in BOMC-007
My next major project for the JAV archives was the Bombom Cherry DVDs, which I worked on the day before yesterday and finished yesterday morning. A pleasure for me, and all my followers, I'm sure.
TFC-1008 video cover
 Ran Masaki in TFC-1008:(1986)
After working on that currently-running series, I got another hankering to investigate the early days of big-bust video in Japan. First I wanted to finish up the VCA/D-Cup label project. In the process of investigating those releases, I discovered that Behemoth-- one of the good guys at Wikipedia-- had started an article on busty Nikkatsu Roman Porno and early JAV star Ran Masaki. (Being a contributor of content rather than a drama-queen and rule-maker, naturally Behemoth is now blocked... Have I said it lately? If you want to do productive work, Wikipedia is the LAST place you should be! They don't even want contributors anymore, only drama-clowns...) This pointed to some nice images of Masaki's work in AV-- she appears to have worked only in 1986. I quickly posted a couple of those, and will ear-mark them for IMDb submission.
Eri Kikuchi in  (ST)Q-19 (1986)
Next, I found a treasure trove of Eri Kikuchi videos. While digging into her work, I found myself in a Hydra / Sorcerer's Apprentice situation... every lead I followed brought up dozens of more videos, and dozens of more leads to follow... I'll ear-mark busty Ms. Kikuchi for serious work later on, after I finish the above two projects.

The Pink Film archives-- now in semi-stable condition-- have created a pretty good illustrated filmography for the Pink Film careers of these actresses. By linking them to IMDb, they can be found by English-speaking audiences. This new JAV archive will help to add their AVs to their IMDb filmographies, as well as a link to images of the video covers.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Mother" finished; a visit with Naomi Fuji; and on to more MAGURO

MOT-070 video cover
Aya Manabe in MOT-070, set to post on April 5
Yesterday morning I finished the "Mother" (MOT-) label, posting to both Blogger and Tumblr simultaneously. I then added them all to IMDb, and added the IMDb entries to the Blogger/Tumblr entries once IMDb accepted them. By going through linking to IMDb I was able to review the 69 videos I had submitted to them, and found three typos, which I corrected this afternoon.
As a break from this recent series (2013 - present), I thought I'd look back to the early days of AV, and post some entries for Naomi Fuji (藤尚美), who debuted in 1982. Unfortunately, it looks like she only acted in Pink films, or at least I couldn't find any of her AV work. Since she seems rather obscure, but quite busty for the era, she became the subject of my second entry at the Actress database (which I didn't really plan on starting until next year).
Here at this blog we took a glance at this lovely lady back in August of 2012. I haven't given the formatting for this new Actress database much thought yet, and was having difficulty putting together this simple post. I was a little tipsy by that time, so, rather than risk seriously screwing up some formatting, I ran the Blogger-to-Tumblr program and finally finished all the transferring from Blogger to Tumblr. My two (pre- and post-1990) Pink Film Archives are now merged into one 3,500 entry archive at Tumblr.
UTOPIA-002 video cover
Kaori in UTOPIA-002 (2012) now at IMDb
Today I posted more Tumblr-only The bakunyû series DVD entries over to Blogger until they started forcing me to prove I wasn't a bot at every post. Then I finished the day by uploading the six Maguro "Utopia" DVDs to both blogs and IMDb. IMDb accepted the first three right away, but it looks like I'll have to wait till tomorrow to be able to link the other three from my archives.

(P.S. 3/27/2015 IMDb has now accepted all six; and, the day's work lost me a total of six Twitter followers...)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First cross-blog posts: Mother series

MOT-012 video cover
Yukari Orihara in MOT-012
 Yesterday, while browsing around the Web, waiting for the clocks to strike midnight in New York, so I could post more at Tumblr, I saw several nice covers in the "Mother" (MOT-) series, and so decided to make it my first full cross Blogger/Tumbler series. I collected and translated the data during the day, then uploaded to Tumblr & Blogger simultaneously last night and this morning. This cross-posting worked fine, until I hit Blogger's post limit, after which I had to verify I wasn't a bot every time I tried to save an entry.
MOT-029 video cover
Misuzu Tomizawa in MOT-029
I'm still working out my philosophy with regards to the JAV Archive. With the Pink Film ones, my goal is completion. That's an improbable goal, but not a completely impossible one. However it is literally impossible for one guy to make a complete database of JAV. My JAV database is intended just to reflect my own personal tastes.
MOT-052 video cover
Yukari Orihara in MOT-052
This MOT- series has some very eye-catching, lovely ladies in it, and nice covers-- as you see throughout tonight's post-- but it also had a lot that didn't interest me. I'm not sure how to go about handling series like that. If I'm doing a series, I might as well do the whole thing, which is what I did in this case... But now I've got several entries of videos that don't suit my taste at all... and that doesn't feel "right"... so in the future I might just pick out the videos that I like, and leave the series incomplete...
MOT-056 video cover
Shiho Terajima in MOT-056
Another new aspect of my posting is that I have set Tumblr to echo my posts live on Twitter. I noticed that when I was in the heat of posting-- about 40 posts within three hours this morning-- I lost two followers. I see this happen a lot: I gain followers through my musings on film, music or other things, and then they disappear when I post on JAV/Pink related stuff. I imagine I get a few porn-hound followers too, who roll their eyes in boredom when I start prattling on about opera... I guess you can't please all the people all the time. And, on the other hand, I think I've gained a couple followers at Tumblr through these Twitter posts, and someone did "Favorite" and Re-tweet one of these post/Tweets, so I guess it's a good thing in the long run.
MOT-061 video cover
Naho Hazuki in MOT-061
My IMDb work has slowed down while I've been working Tumblr into my posting routine during the past month. Today, after I finished posting the MOT- series to the blogs, I started submitting them to IMDb. I'm a little over half-way done with that now. I should finish in the morning, then link the IMDb pages from the blog entries. So, with the "Year of the JAV" about a quarter of the way through, I've got my posting routine about worked out. I don't have it down to as fast as I'd like-- where I can see a video cover, grab it, translate the data & post it within a minute-- but it's getting there. I was able to get this 74-entry series onto both blogs within a day... and now almost at IMDb half a day later... so it should all run more efficiently from now on.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Two Birthdays & a Return to Blogger

Birthday boys, Bach & Meyer
Yesterday was the birthday of two of my all-time heroes.  For some reason, I never knew they were born on the same date. First, Johann Sebastian Bach. The world without him would be considerably less joyful, but his work is outside the subject areas of this blog. However, the second: the great American auteur Russell Albion Meyer, was an enormous fan of one of the prime subjects of this blog: enormous boobs.
Kitten Natividad & Russ Meyer
I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Meyer on a few occasions. First, at a showing of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, with Roger Ebert. Second and third at a small theater near my old apartment in L.A. The theater-owner was friends with Meyer, and would occasionally run a Meyer retrospective with the master in attendance, always accompanied by a few of his buxom starlets. I remember Haji and Kitten with him one time. He and Pandora Peaks sat in the row right behind me another time... I didn't even realize they were there until a twin shadow floated over my head, I turned around and saw it was Pandora standing up. I think this was the time they had women in the audience come up on stage so Meyer could pick the honorary "Russ Meyer girl" of the evening...
The incomparable Tura Satana in the incomparable Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965)
Another time, there was a rare Meyer film being shown-- The Seven Minutes, I think-- which I really wanted to see, but I had a previous appointment. I went in to see just the first half hour, then had to leave. Mr. Meyer was standing in the lobby talking with the theater owner. When he saw me leaving, he muttered, "Idiot!" I went over to explain the situation, and he shook my hand and said, "Well, don't be late!"
Kitten & Russ
One of these days I'll have to post a more thorough appreciation of Meyer's work. But for tonight, let's just leave it off with a Happy Birthday to one of America's great eccentric artists, and a man who clearly enjoyed his work.
"Dekkappai girl", Ren Nagasawa in BOMD- series, now at the JAV archive
I'm still transferring the Pink Film archives over to Tumblr, and have been adding a few new JAV series to the JAV archive when able-- mostly transferring old Boobpedia work. I'll have to start adding these to IMDb too... It occurs to me that the whole reason I'm moving the archives over to Tumblr is not because of posting difficulties, but because of image limitations... and if I'm hosting those images at Tumblr, and if posting between the two services is simply a matter of copy & pasting... and if Blogger has MUCH better searching capabilities... then I might as well keep maintaining the Blogger Archives too... As a matter of fact, several times I've tried to find a Pink Film poster at Tumblr, and found it impossible, given up, and searched at Blogger and found it in a split second. So I've been wondering if I should just post the HTML code linking to the Tumblr image, both here at Blogger and at Tumblr at the same time... I experimented with this idea last night on the Ruby Bomb (BOMD-) series, and it just added very, very little more time to the posting process, since the code is almost identical. The only real adjustment I had to make was to resize the image at Blogger before posting, and that just takes two clicks.

Monday, March 16, 2015

The bakunyû & BBW Chihiro at Tumblr

AV-Channel banner for a special sale of The bakunyû series
This weekend I finished transferring the pre-1990 Pink Film Database over to its Tumblr equivalent. 1,808 posts so far, and that's just half of it, since I'm going to merge the newer Blogger Pink Film Archive into one Tumblr archive after I've adjusted the post years back 20 years so that the timeline between the two is consistent. Also, I dived back into the wonderful, obscure world of busty VHS titles, and added Akira Takatsuki's pioneering pre-Cinema Unit GAS big-bust series for VCA: The bakunyû (ザ・爆乳).
Morikawa Mariko in The bakunyû vol.1
I'd really like to add all these to IMDb, but it's hard to find exact release dates for these early videos. The main series seems to have run between 1994 to around 2001. The first release starred JAV BBW icon, Mariko Morikawa. Another release of hers about, the same time, has an almost identical title, but I can't tell if it is part of this series or not.
Yôko Koizumi in The bakunyû hôman musume #6
There are a few related sub-series, including the BBW-themed The bakunyû hôman musume series (ザ・爆乳豊満娘), three volumes of which star Yôko Koizumi. In general, I'm finding I like Tumblr more than Blogger, though I do see a couple things Blogger does better. The main thing is that Tumblr's searching function is almost non-existent. Unless you include the search term as a "tag", and then type exactly that term, you ain't going to find it in the blog. Even Google-searching doesn't seem to work. That's a major fault. I've started adding the video code as tags, but I'm afraid I might have to start including the titles too... Also, Tumblr supports HTML, but doesn't give you any kind of HTML editor/generator. I've been using Blogger's editor to get the HTML code, then either saving it as a template for later Tumblr posts, or just copying and tweaking it for my purposes at Tumblr. Cross-posting between this blog and its sister blog at Tumblr is easy with HTML too-- just copy & paste.
Chihiro, complete collection (as far as I have) at Tumblr
For this blog, probably the most significant of my Tumblr activities today is that I decided to take a tentative, preliminary start on that JAV actress database/blog that I've been thinking about for a awhile. This will have bio info and images of my favorite actresses/models, linked to their appropriate JAV archive/Pink archive tags for the filmographies I have compiled therein. IMDb linkage will ensue (I'm a bit behind on that, but always leave a blank marker to remind me of submissions that need to be made.)
The only entry currently at this new archive is the amazing, spectacular, and all too mysterious Chihiro, whom we discussed in May of last year. Ironically, because I am unaware of any videos or films in which she appeared, links to the other databases won't apply in her case, only a storage of images. But she is the reason that I decided to start the archive now. I spent a lot of time hunting around and finding images of her last year, but now those are all inaccessible on my old hard disk. I came across two big stashes of her images yesterday. Now I have arranged them in something like a logical procession, and want to save them all together in one place, just in case of more future hardware trouble. So, HERE IS CHIHIRO. Feast your eyes, ladies and gentlemen! She is GORGEOUS!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tumblr: Kyonyû etsuraku & Pocharinko series

Yûko Mizumori in Kyonyû etsuraku #51
I think I've got my pace in the work at Tumblr now. Followers of this blog should also enjoy my JAV archive there, which will be my main work this year. Since I'm specializing on busty/BBW releases only-- rather than all releases, as with the Pink Film archives-- there will be more there to feast your eyes upon. Yesterday I uploaded dozens of new JAV covers in record time, and then posted the entries for them. Mainly I worked on the Kyonyû etsuraku (巨乳悦楽) series.
Ren Nagasawa in Pocharinko vol. 6
Then, almost as an afterthought, at the end of the day I did the Pocharinko (ぽっちゃりパラダイス ぽちゃりん娘) series, which I had posted at Boobpedia in 2008, when it was new. I'm finding that it's now very difficult to find images and/or information on several of the videos I worked on back in those days, spurring me on to preserve more of our JAV BBW heritage in these blog pages... I should finish Kyonyû etsuraku tonight, then maybe upload some more series images, and finish the night off by transfer-posting more to the Pink Film Archive. Still a long way to go, and a lot of reformatting to do, in the Pink Film work. I'm merging the two Archives into one at Tumblr, requiring a lot of date-change work.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Quest Continues

...Sorry to keep posting about my blog/archive troubles, but it does affect the future of these projects.... maybe I'll go back and decorate them with tasty illustrations later... But here is the latest news:

The move over to Tumblr is proceeding as well as can be expected-- at 250 posts per day, it will still take about a week to get everything over there. My experiments with making new posts there has run into a little glitch though. When I upload images directly to Tumblr, they are sized-down... I don't like that. So, searching for a way to work around this, last night I found that I could upload to Picasaweb at an amazingly fast rate-- much, much faster than at Blogger-- and then post HTML link code into Tumblr. Et voilà! Problem solved! Full-sized images, with the added advantage of being saved at two sites simultaneously for better security!

But not so fast, there, Mr. Dekk! This morning I got a message from "Google Plus"-- which I wasn't even aware I was using-- that I had been violating their adult content policies... I guess here's how it goes: Blogger allows adult content, and it uses Picasaweb to store its images... however, Picasaweb has a policy against adult content... nice inconsistency there... So if you post to Picasaweb through Blogger, that's OK, but if you post directly to Picasaweb, that's a violation... I guess... Which means I'm back to figuring out how to post to Tumblr full-sized, or finding a different image storage site...

Does everyone have this sort of trouble? I don't see why they should... I must be going about this wrong...
Shiori Tsukada in PZD-019
P.S. (March 8, 2015) OK, I THINK I might have found out a solution to this problem. Instead of using the "Text" variant of posting under Blogger, with image attached (this gives the downsized image), post the image as "Photo". Now, whether I also have to make a separate Text post to get it to show in the archive, or whether the "Photo" posts will post right along with the Text ones, I don't know, since I've reached my max posts for the day and can't test this theory yet. The only problem I see with the "Photo" option is that it doesn't allow a Title (that I can see anyway), just descriptive text. That might be OK, or making a text post with a link to the photo post might work too (it looks like some other blogs do this)... Anyway, above you see the JAV cover I've been using as my guinea pig on this project-- Shiori Tsukada (whom we met in GAS-305) in PZD-019.
P.P.S. (March 8, 2015) OK-- the post "Photo" option DOES give larger images, and links to the original sized image... BUT it doesn't allow a Title for the post... I searched the Internet and found complex work-arounds to this, with pages full of code, and just thought, "How FUCKING stupid!" Why the hell wouldn't they just put a space for a title, as with Text posts!? Jesus Christ!... So now I've got to decide whether to have posts with smaller images, with a title, or title-less posts with fuller-sized images... or maybe double-post-- one blog just for Photo posts, then a blog with Text posts with code linking to the images...
Miwa Sasaki in FBS-48
I've opted for the last solution. I started up a separate Photo-only blog. This allows 10 images per post. I tested it out with the first ten Kyonyû etsuraku series videos:
Then linked those images into Text posts in the main JAV blog:
This allows Titles, Video information, a fuller image, with a click-link to the complete full-sized image. Pretty much just how I want it. This will involve a  little extra work, but the images upload much faster than at Blogger. Once I've got the posting process worked out, it should go smoothly and quickly enough.
Mitsumi Nanao in FBS-59
P.P.P.S. (3/9/2015) I think I've worked out all the kinks, and have put my posting routine at Tumblr into some recognizable, logical order today. In the first test-drive I started in earnest on the Kyonyû etsuraku series. I was able to upload about 88 images at the image blog in an amazingly fast amount of time compared to Blogger, which has about the most illogical, clunkiest, unreliable image interface their engineers could possibly design. I made 20 full Text posts at the JAV archive in a reasonable amount of time, with links to the image blog, and then back-links from the image blog to the main blog, for users who happen upon the image blog rather than the main blog. Things seem to be falling into place. I'll continue making a few more posts for the rest of the day, then spend the rest of my allotted 250 daily posts in transferring the Pink blog over just before midnight, EST.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Revised plans

Now that the threat of censorship is gone-- at least for now-- I have run into another limitation at Blogger. Coincidentally both in my Pink Film Archive, and my new JAV Archive, I have come up to the 1,000 image limit at Picasaweb within the same week. Blogger/Picasaweb used to handle this limit by automatically starting a new album associated with your blog and starting from image #1 there... but that made too much sense... Now, once you hit the 1,000 limit, they let you keep adding images to the same album, but you can't access or link to them... which makes no sense whatsoever, and, therefore, is best in line with the way the Internet has been headed over the past decade... Apparently Blogger also has an image limit: TWO thousand (note the inconsistency between the two programs, lest any of this start to make sense), after which you just can't add images at all...

Anyway, these limitations don't pose much of a nuisance to this blog (Hail, Hail Boobpedia!), but they are unworkable for the archive blogs. Tumblr, on the other hand, seems to work better for the archives than Blogger did, but it doesn't work very well for this, more text-based, blog. Commenting on posts, for one thing, is absurdly complex at Tumblr. Once I hit the limit here at this blog, I'll just start a new one ("Hail, Hail Boobpedia Continues!" or something), since this blog is just a random collection of my own discoveries, subjective observations, reviews, etc. and not a systematic, objective, chronological listing of film & video releases, as are the archives. The 250-post per day limit at Tumblr is a pain in the ass for me right now, while I'm mass-migrating these blogs, but it won't be a problem once I'm creating new posts there. I doubt I've ever come anywhere near to making 250 original posts in one day, even when I'm posting from a file of pre-prepared, templated information...

So, here is my revised plan for the year: I will migrate the two (three) archive blogs over to Tumblr, but keep this one here at Blogger. The new JAV Archive, and adding/linking that data to IMDb remains my main project of concern this year. The new address for this archive is: My posts at this blog this year will depend on available time and if I find something really compelling to comment on. I won't delete any of the blogs at Blogger, because that would remove the images which are now linked from Tumblr. Uploading them to Tumblr would be a huge pain in the ass, and waste of effort. The Blogger archives will in their current state here, with no more film/video entries added. I may continue double-posting this "Hail, hail" blog though. This one here at Blogger blog will remain the "real" one, but I may copy the "good" ones over there-- the ones actually dealing with the subject, and loaded up with tempting imagery, rather than my own personal troubles and rants. I've quickly acquired several followers at the Tumblr mirror blog ( Maybe call it, "The Best of Hail, Hail..." Tumblr seems to be oriented towards community, but I don't intend to use it that way-- just as a holding location for my Pink Film poster & JAV cover images & information.

During all this unexpected turmoil, my IMDb work has slowed a bit, but continued (the 2002 entry for the Pink Film Award and the GUN- "Kyonyû or die" series are my most recent major submissions), and my Twitter activities have diminished a bit, but they'll continue as before once I've got everything situated and back into regular running condition.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Not QUITE Dead!

Well, this is an anti-climax... After I worked myself up into such a lather of self-righteous indignation, now Blogger has changed its mind on pulling the plug on "adult" content. So, now what? First I'd planned on using this weekend to work on my new JAV Archive... THEN I planned on using it to move all my blogs over to Tumblr... NOW, I think I'll go back to the JAV work, but duly warned.

My confidence in Google has been shaken, certainly. And this no "ads for or links to commercial porn sites" limitation, in particular, has me worried. I get no kind of pay-back at all for this hobby, and have no links for commercial intent, but I do cite producers and distributors as the source for the information I present in these blogs, and as sources for readers seeking further information... It's possible they could mis-interpret that as commercial intent...

I've put my foot into Tumblr, and already had some welcoming signs-- three followers already. On the other hand, it always takes time to learn a new platform, and I'm having difficulty figuring out some pretty basic stuff on Tumblr. Formatting posts, with links, etc. looks to be surprisingly difficult, involving html coding, etc. I must be missing something pretty basic, because I doubt it's really that involved...

The main drawback to moving this blog over there is that Tumblr didn't take any of the comments, which is a big loss. I'm not seeing how to link directly to the images, with full descriptions, as I've been doing with Blogger/Picasaweb in the IMDb pages... I suppose I would link to the Blogger post itself, though I'm not sure IMDb will accept that...

I couldn't figure out how to use Tumblr to accept the .html file back-up of the whole blogs (I read reports that it won't), but I think WordPress will do this... and then it's possible to export from WordPress to Tumblr...

This Tweet encourages the use of to back up blogs under threat of deletion. I had meant to look into using that after I had moved everything over to Tumblr. I still plan to at a later date, but their is not so much urgency now...

Anyway, this scare forced me to look into safety systems. It's nice to know that they are there, and I will keep my eye on them just in case Google decides to change its mind again... I think for now, I'll continue here at Blogger as before, but I will start using Tumblr, as a back-up for these blogs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This is the end

I've been away from this blog for a while, busy working on my BBW JAV archive, but now it looks like this archive, and the two Pink Film archives have all been a waste of time. After long claiming to be anti-censorship, pro-free-speech, etc., Google has announced its intent to join the forces of censorship and remove all blogs with "adult" content.

I didn't just choose Google/Blogger on a whim when I came here. I checked to make sure they accepted adult content, and I made every effort to abide by their rules and policies. And they reward this by not just changing, but by completely reversing their policies. In May 2008, they published "Promoting free expression on the internet", stating, "Google's commitment to freedom of expression is at the core of everything we do"... HA! In January 2012, they posted, "Don't censor the web", which just looks like a sick joke today, now that they have decided to become the web's biggest censors. They invited us to trust them, then spit in our faces once we did.

So, for the coming month, I will be looking for a new place to display my stuff. This blog has been a lot of fun, and it is, by far, the most popular of my blogs. But my main concern, as far as sharing information and images, is for the archives-- the Pre-1990 Pink Film Archive, the Post-1990 Pink Film Archive, and the JAV Archive. I'm looking at Wordpress, but they have an ominously vaguely-stated policy with regards to adult content. They first say that they permit "mature" content, but then use subjective language which they could interpret, or change, at a whim, to delete a lot of work if they choose to. Google, after all, didn't just re-interpret their policy, the flat-out reversed it.  Tumblr might also be worth looking into-- maybe better than Wordpress?... I don't know... If anyone has a better suggestion for an adult-tolerant, safe, free blog/archive forum, please let me know!

It's been a fun, rewarding four years working on this blog. When I started it, I'd thought I was pretty much the only guy in the world who admired the beauty of big, beautiful Asian ladies. In the course of writing, sharing information, and discovering new models, I've also been happy to meet fellow fans of these lovely ladies. Keep dropping me notes until the last day-- March 23-- and we'll meet again... don't know where, don't know when... but I know we'll meet again some sunny day!


P.S. (Feb. 25) Thanks to reader Brandt, I've started moving this blog over to Tumblr. Apparently Tumblr only allows 250 posts per day, so the move of all four blogs is going to take a week or so. I'll start with this blog though, since I'm the least anally-retentive with it, and I can experiment with formatting, and learn how to use the new site without messing up my archives. Here it is started at Tumblr:

Being a new site to me, it's going to take a little getting used to. But so far it doesn't look too uncomfortable or difficult... I don't see the dates of the posts listed, but that can probably be fixed in settings somehow...


P.P.S. (Feb. 26) I've finished exporting this blog to Tumblr, and started on the first Pink Film Archive. Here it is:

I like the way the pages look on Tumblr, better than Blogger. I don't like that it does the infinite page thing... there must be a way to limit pages to 5 posts or so... I'm also finding editing to be rather perplexing-- adding, posting images, titling, dating, composing, etc... I'll figure it out though... One major benefit I see so far is that Tumblr allows scheduling posts back to 1963 at least, meaning I can combine the two JAV archives into one-- as they should have always been...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

End of the year report / New Year plan

Again I've been putting off posting here. First let's take a look back at the previous year, and then look ahead to what I plan to do in 2015.

All data on Pink films in World Filmography 1967, submitted to IMDb this year

IMDb work in 2014 was been more diverse than the previous two, and that kept my interest going. Besides continuing work on the main, long-term project I started a couple years ago of starting an entry for every Pink film released from 1990-present, I added as much info as I could on every Pink film released in 1967 & 1968, based on entries in Cowie's World Filmography 1967 and World Filmography 1968. I finished 1967, but am only about a quarter of the way through 1968.

Pink Film Award, now at IMDb

IMDb announced they had re-opened submissions for awards ceremonies this year, and this enabled me to start up a long-desired project there. The Pink Film Award page was accepted, and proved to be a lot of work. These pages are still difficult to contribute to, and I haven't yet figured out how to add data on the event itself-- location, date and time of the ceremonies-- which I see in some other award pages. Still it's nice to see the major award of the Pink film world represented at IMDb, even if it's going to take a long time to get it all posted. In December I started adding the Pink films released in 2014-- there were only 38 of them-- and I've almost got them finished now.

Miyabi Hayama's latest: ICD-259, now at IMDb

As planned at the beginning of the year, I took some time off straight Pink film work at IMDb to submit some BBW/busty AVs. I was surprised at how quickly and painlessly these were accepted. Earlier in the year I added entries for the ICD, JAMS, and MAGURO, labels, and in late December I brought them up to date. In the process of adding those DVD, many of our favorite BBW models got their own IMDb entries. When I had them, I linked IMDb to my blog reviews of those videos.

Hana Uehara in GAS-198, both now at IMDb

In November I undertook the largest sub-project of the AV project: The 342 GAS DVDs. This brought me in communication with none other than Akira Takatsuki  himself, and he emailed me release dates on some of the earlier DVDs in the series. In order to fill out their filmographies a little, I also added a few miscellaneous video releases starring busty/BBW icons like Kimiko Matsuzaka and Mariko Morikawa, who already had entries at IMDb due to one or two Pink films they'd appeared in. Though IMDb is pretty stingy about accepting it, I was able to add a little basic biographical data to the actress' entries when I could: Birthplace, height, and links to official and miscellaneous sites. With all the above work, I wound up with the highest ranking of my IMDb career: #48 on the list of top contributors for the year.

Sara Aikawa (L) & LUU (R) new Twitter acquaintances of mine

The biggest new event relevant to the blog would be my discovery, in early October, of the mighty resource that is Twitter. I'd heard about it, but thought it was just for teenaged girls sending each other giggly messages. Little did I realize what a valuable source it is for keeping up on the latest activities of my favorite personnel.

Mika Hoshima (L) & Masaki Amamiya (R) two more of my favorite ladies on Twitter

Surprisingly, the response from these people has been generally very positive and fun. Akira Takatsuki helped me with info on the Cinema Unit GAS releases, Sara Aikawa gave me an explanation of her nickname ("Batty"), and Miyabi Hayama, Mika Hoshima, and Masaki Amamiya have all been fun to chat with, in my broken Japanese...

Among the bad news of the year was the latest in my long-running series of computer disasters, which resulted in the (hopefully) temporary loss of all the data on my 4-terrabyte external hard drive. Videos, stills, screencaps, reviews, research, etc. are all unavailable to me now... I'm still in the process of trying to recover as much as I can before re-formatting it, and then wondering how much I can trust it, or WHAT is trust-worthy in digital formats... The loss of access to this material, which I've collected online for the past two decades, was a major set-back to posting at this blog, and dealt a major blow to my enthusiasm in working with computers at all.

My enthusiasm for this hobby waned considerably in the last couple months of last year. I'm not sure why-- It's not due to any battles with censors, drama-mongers, opinionated idiots, or other bureaucratic bone-headedness, which caused my departures from Wikipedia and Wikia. Maybe it was because of the computer/Internet disasters which strike so regularly, and result in so much lost/repeated work. Also, as I'm getting older, the desire to do something of my own-- rather than cataloguing the work of others-- becomes strong now and then... but it passes. Whether this work of my own will be writing, composing, or something else I've dabbled in in the past, I'm not sure. Maybe I just needed a temporary down-time before diving back into IMDb/Japanese/Korean stuff. I spent those months browsing around on the Internet, reading a lot (Steinbeck, Thomas Hardy, and now Haruki Murakami), watching a lot of movies (westerns, Pink, sci-fi, film noir), listening to a lot (Bach, Russian opera, Khachaturian, Sibelius...) in limbo between major projects.
Yûki Manaka & Tamaki Yasuoka in JUC-206... Coming to IMDb this year?

Anyway, last week I got back on track. It turns out I was just hungry for a new direction. A project I've had in the back of my mind for a long time now has been to start a BBW AV database similar to my two Pink film databases (Pre-1990 Pink Film Archive and Pink Film Archive). I've got both Pink Film archives full and stable enough that I'm just adding things when I come across them now. Every month when the new Pink releases are announced, I identify, translate and upload them within half an hour. My goal for the new BBW AV database will be the same: Upload all the old ones I already know, get a good, solid representation of the Busty/BBW genre throughout in JAV history, then get the system honed so that whenever I come across a new VHS or DVD cover, I can upload it and identifying information, in proper chronological order, within a couple minutes.
Tamaki Yasuoka in SND-25, now at IMDb & in my JAV Archive

Like with the other databases, they would function as informational displays of images on their own (though, unfortunately, they get very little traffic), but they would also serve their IMDb pages by linking to the corresponding Picasaweb image (my Picasaweb Pink film folders do get a lot of traffic). A complete Pink film database project is impossible enough. Attempting a complete AV one would be insane. Instead I'll just focus on the busty/BBW genre (even that will be impossible enough), linking the cover images to the videos/DVDs I've added to IMDb, and creating IMDb listings for the significant ones that aren't already there.

Early Japanese BBW favorite, Yôko Koizumi in FDS-17, both now at IMDb!

To get my feet wet, figure out what would work well, and set up a format, I started on a smaller series: the 62 JAMS SND- DVDs. Once I was able to get adding these DVDs down to a quick and efficient process, I took up a more challenging series, the early BBW VHS "Horny Fat Woman" tapes, FDS-. These were more difficult because they often don't name their models, and the exact release dates aren't known. I worked out some ways of compensating for this. I don't think a series like this-- all unknown/amateurs-- needs to be at IMDb (though unlike Wikipedia, I would not stand in the way of anyone who wanted to do the work to add them), but I did submit the two tapes which had major early BBW stars. This means that the incredible BBW pioneers Yôko Koizumi and Anna Watarai are now listed at IMDb! This has inspired me to spend the year in deep research into BBW/busty JAV, making entries for as many as I can at this archive, and starting entries for most of them at IMDb.

Usagi Minagi (& Tamaki Yasuoka) in KBKD-534 - coming to IMDb this year!

So, in a nutshell, 2015 is going to be The Year of the BBW JAV!: The new database will keep me busy, and I'll be spreading the joy of Japanese BBW-dom by adding the data and linking the images to IMDb. I'll also continue maintaining Pink film blog/IMDb entries at a slower pace than previous years, and posts at this blog will probably continue to be skimpy throughout the year... certainly until I'm able to recover my external hard disk data. With this long-contemplated JAV database started, the only other future project I am thinking about is a Personnel database, giving images and biographical data on Actresses, Directors, and anyone else I can track down who works in the Pink and/or JAV fields... In my silence here, you can follow me at Twitter where I will continue quick tweets on my favorite subjects: JAV, Pink films, cult films, music, my viewing & listening activities, new discoveries, etc. as well as to see me flirt with some of our favorite Japanese BBW models in my poor Japanese.