Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Miyabi Hayama Tweets!

Beautiful Miyabi Hayama whips up a tasty confection
It's late. It's been a long day. I'm drunk. And I didn't plan on posting anything tonight... BUT! I just had an exchange with none other than Miyabi Hayama! I couldn't let this moment pass without memorializing it!... It was a funny little exchange over a picture she posted with an apple seated on her spectacular bosom.
And Sara Aikawa samples the wares
Here are a couple pictures of this beautiful lady from the June 2013 Tokyo Pochadoll event. Miyabi-san has been one of my all-time favorites... for over a decade... ever since her first appearance at Tokyo Topless.... (I would post one of those pictures now, but the fate of my hard disk is still in limbo-- at least there's hope though...)

Thank you, Miyabi-san, you made an old and loyal fan very happy tonight!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Batty, Botty, Booty, Butt... A Rose by Any Other Name...

Sara-san's sweet face is not our topic of discussion tonight...
Tonight we have an interesting linguistic lesson, courtesy of one of this blog's favorite models: the lovely Ms. Sara Aikawa. But kiss her pretty face goodbye for now, because tonight we look at things from another angle.
Sara's bounteous batty in an early, youthful appearance: Pocha pocha princess pretty: Migoto! (TIA-020; 2008)
Lately Sara-san has been using the nickname "Sara Batty", much to the puzzlement of her English-speaking followers. "Batty?", we wondered. "Crazy?" Well, she gave me the explanation and cleared up the mystery today, and it's quite fascinating.
Sara's bodacious batty fully mature
"Batty" is Jamaican patois word for "Butt"... "Ass"... "Rump"... "Sit-upon"... "Arse"... "Derrière"... "Fanny"... or whatever you want to call that nice, soft, warm, comfy asset that Ms. Aikawa shows off so pleasingly in the picture above. As such, I wonder if "batty" has any relation to the more standard British/American slang, "Booty". I associate "booty" with African-American slang of the 1960s and 1970s, which came into the general lingo during the disco era. But Oxford says "booty" originated in the 1920s. The presumed derivation of "booty" is from the British children's term "Botty".
Batty buddies: Sara and "Mimi", another lovely lass
And since I read that the Jamaican word is pronounced "bawty", perhaps "botty" is the better spelling for Ms. Aikawa's nickname... At least it would prevent us clueless white guys from pronouncing it as if it were related to the flying mouse-like critter, and wondering what bats have to do with it...
Battling batties! Sara-san takes on all challengers at Tokyo Pocha Doll, June 2013
I would hazard a guess that all these terms for the noble gluteus maximus ultimately derive from the Old English word, buttuc, or buttock in Modern English, or simply, "butt" for short... though, then, they could also derive from "bottom" too...
Kiss Sara-chan Good night! MMMmmmwaaah!!!
But, as the Bard so aptly put it, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet... Now don't you wish learning about languages could always be this fun!?...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nurses LUU & Mika Make Dekk's Day Brighter

Nurse LUU, at your service!
I planned on spending my online time today in the rather dull and solitary task of translating credits for Pink films released in 2000 to submit to IMDb later. I did do that. But instead a dull day online, it turned out to be quite an eventful one. This morning I was still recovering from Sara Aikawa's nod to me yesterday when none other than LUU thanked me for a reply of a few days ago. She then went on to favor her followers with some racy photos, one of which you can see above.
And Nurse Mika standing by!
But wait, there's more! As if that weren't enough, I later had a full-fledged conversation with Mika Hoshima... OK, on reflection, I guess it was pretty short... alright, if you want to get technical, she tweeted me twice while tweeting several other followers... but still... it's Mika Hoshima! And get this: she thanked me for writing about her! Writing about Mika-san is a pleasurable job if ever there was one.

It was very sweet of both of these lovely young ladies to take time out to reply and make a fan's day brighter... Thank you, thank you!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

La Divine Sara

Sara Aikawa
I've often said that I enjoy admiring a beautiful woman completely clothed just about as much as I do seeing her in the raw... and certainly more than in a hardcore video. So tonight, gorgeous Sara Aikawa gives us a chance to prove that claim. Recently she tweeted two lovely pictures showing she is just as captivating habillé as she is au naturel. Wouldn't you love to sit down next to her, give her a big squeeze, and put a smile on her face, boys and girls? Old Man Dekkappai sure would!

And here she flashes that sweet smile. Kiss kiss to you too, Sara Batty! I have no idea what "Batty" means, but she has been using the name at her blog and other sites. [note: This mystery is solved in the post of October 21, 2014.] Also she has been reposting a lot of images from American BBW porn lately, since she has appeared for an American company... this is an unfortunate development for me, from my purely aesthetic point of view... though it may be a good move for her financially... I'm cooking up one of my patented pompous, long-winded rants on that subject. But for now, let's make this a short and sweet one, and wish Ms. Aikawa all the best!

[Update 10/19/2004: Sara herself "Favorited" and "Re-tweeted" my Twitter message on this post! A nod of approval from one of our favorite models is a real honor for this blog.]

Friday, October 17, 2014

LUU at Debukawa Night

I don't have time to put together much of a post tonight, but one of the good things about Twitter is that I'm getting so much information from people I'm interested in, I can throw out a short post in a few minutes. So tonight we just have time for a quickie.
Spectacular LUU at Debukawa Night #6
In two tweets from a couple days ago, lovely LUU-san reminded us that she remains a presence, a force to be reckoned with in the BBW world. She Tweeted or re-Tweeted some images from last week's Debukawa Night event.
And they are spectacular! I've tweeted responses to LUU a couple times, in my terrible Japanese, but she's ignored me so far... LUU is a cruel, cruel mistress! But I LOVE it!...

[P.S. 10/20/2014: LUU-san just gave me a "Thank you"-- I'm a happy man!]

[PP.S. 10/20/2014: Here is a page with a video clip (bottom of the page) that claims to show LUU performing in an AV. I've seen claims of LUU in AVs before, but have always found them to be false. (One claimed that Erika was actually LUU.) This one may have some merit though. Any experts care to weigh in on this matter?]

Thursday, October 16, 2014


As I continue to poke around and figure out how to use Twitter, one of the new sites I've been following is a soapland called Pocharina (ポチャリーナ), and its bevy of busty babes. As will be seen from the images I've culled from their posts and sites, their style looks similar to that of the late, lamented "Max Body". That site's images were accused by fans of being Photoshopped. And, as I stated with regards to that site: If they are, I don't care. The images are simply lovely themselves. I'm never going to meet one of these ladies, or visit one of these institutions. So I am perfectly happy with these lovely fantasies, if that's what they are. But enough dithering around. Let's get to the main course:
Oh nuuurse!... Fuyutsuki aka Marimo Momoi aka Marimo Kitani
First on the menu we see Fuyutsuki (冬月), who stands 154 cm tall, wears a 130cm L-cup bra, and has a 120cm hip measurement.
Any loyal follower of this blog will immediately recognize Fuyutsuki as none other than IZM star Marimo Momoi, otherwise known as Marimo Kitani. I just added her new blog to her IMDb profile, but I can't fix it at Boobpedia-- Boobpedia won't let me log in, giving me the message that my computer is blocking cookies... but it ain't...
Next on the agenda is Tamaki Shiina (椎名たまき) is 154cm tall and wields a 125cm L-cup which is mounted up a 118cm fundament. "Tamaki" is an illustrious given name in the annals of Japanese erotic entertainment. Tamaki Katori was star of "Flesh Market", officially the first Pink Film, making her, officially, the first Japanese porn starlet. Readers of this blog will no doubt know the other great "Tamaki"-- Tamaki Yasuoka, surely a strong contender for the greatest Japanese BBW actress.
Tennis anyone?

Judging from this picture at this Tamaki's blog, she's a sports fan... and if all sports fans looked like this, I might join the crowd...
175cm tall 123cm K-cup, 130-cm hipped Shimizu (清水) offers us a video clip which reveals she's even more bottom-heavy than her shop photos indicate... not that that's a bad thing... not a bad thing at all! You can also follow her at her blog.
And lastly on our feast of Pocharina's pocha selection is Hyûga (日向)... lovely, lovely Hyûga. 24 years of age, she stands 155cm tall, sports a 126cm K-cup bust and a highly slappable 121cm bottom.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last night MAGURO announced the November 21 release of two new DVDs. The first, MAGURO-052, stars Chitose Nanakusa (七草ちとせ), and definitely looks like an item of interest.
ABNOMAL-016 due November 16
But the second, ABNOMAL-016, is an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, eyeball-popping debut of a mature model whose name I could not find. But you can rest assured I will keep scanning the horizon for more information on this DVD and this model.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Disaster in Dekkappai-land

The last day of my vacation has turned out to be a total disaster... One those computer disasters that seems to strike regularly has just struck again, and this could be a big one. My beloved 4-terrabyte hard disk suddenly stopped working this morning. The power board seems to have gone out. The computer shop said they might be able to put the disk into a new box, with a 50-50 chance of saving the data... That means all my images, movies, research, etc. obtained over the past couple years could be lost. I still have my older stuff saved on my old computer, but that's all pretty obsolete now. Also, I've saved a lot online through my Pink Film blogs... but still, this could be a major loss... Just now I went to look for a good image to illustrate this post-- maybe Sara Aikawa sitting on a guy's face, representing the Dekkappai version of fate crushing down on me, like the giant foot dropping from the sky and splatting some poor slob in Monty Python-- but then I realized... I have no images to upload! I'm back to ground zero! I have nothing! Zilch! Nada!

I hadn't really planned on posting tonight, but the disastrous disk event has caused considerable reflection on my part, as you can imagine... literally thousands of hours worth of work may be lost... Unless my computer guy can restore the disk later in the week, I may have to re-think my very online existence... Maybe I'll just report what catches my eye on Twitter now... because I've lost the huge backlog of Pink & BBW images and information that I accumulated over the years. Maybe I'll just devote more time to offline off-computer work like... This kind of thing can sure shake one's faith in the reliability of electronic media, and make one lose one's enthusiasm for contributing to it...

And so we have an image-less post tonight, and I don't know if I want to do any more... I'm pretty loaded up on whiskey right now, and feeling pretty negative about the whole computer world... data, blogging, tweeting.. the whole thing... My old friend Kmrt & I had a talk about Kôji Wakamatsu this morning... maybe I'll watch one of his films I haven't seen, and then call it a night...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Poko-san and the Tokyo Plumper Girls!

I had planned on spending my day entering Pink films of 1968 into IMDb. But Twitter continues to introduce me to vast new horizons demanding immediate exploration After I had submitted the data for two or three films, the Debukawa Night account mentioned a BBW photographer called "Poko".
Photographer Poko-san, a man who loves his work, and for very good reason!
My curiosity was piqued, so I looked at his account and his website, and found a cornucopia of beautiful pictures of big, beautiful women. I think he must be the heir to the throne of Jun'ichi Natsui (夏井淳一), whose work we have researched and covered in past posts, such as September 2, 2012, September 9, 2012, July 13, 2013, July 14, 2013, and the Usagi Minagi video, PAD-016 on August 25, 2013.
I would love to see Poko photograph Usagi-san! Above is a model of his, Ena, who does resemble Usagi-san from this angle. Poko-san started his website,, in 2011, and has maintained a blog since January of this year. His books are available digitally through the gekkan site, and on Amazon's Kindle service, He also has a Youtube page with one video uploaded so far.
Tokyo Plumper Girl vol. 01: Megumi
As usual with these publications, it's difficult to find original release dates. The sales outlets tend to give the dates that the items arrived at their service, rather than the actual publication dates. For the first issue in the Tokyo Plumper Girl series, which, at five volumes, is Poko's longest-running series, I see release years of 2014, 2013 and 2012. 2012 appears to be the accurate one.
It stars Megumi, and this volume treats us to her hand-written and recorded spoken comments.
Tokyo Plumper Girl vol. 01: Megumi/Part 2
Megumi returns for Part 2 of her appearance in the series, in Tokyo Plumper Girl #2. This time the text gives Poko's thoughts as a photographer working with BBW models.
I have no idea if this image of Megumi is actually from this book, but I've always loved women with glasses, so here's my chance to post this one!
Tokyo Plumper Girl vol. 03: Nao
Tokyo PLUMPER Girl #03 "Nao" was published Mar 19, 2013. From what I can make out from reading his writings with my limited Japanese skills, I find I have a lot in common with him. In his profile at, he notes that he has been attracted to chubby women all his life, and I am the same. I remember as a child of 5 or 6 getting a secret thrill by admiring the fat legs of plump women...
Poko-san also has sympathy for the social prejudice against chubbier women, as I always have had too, since I find them so lovely...
Tokyo Plumper Girl # 04: Ena
Tokyo Plumper Girl #04, featuring "Ene" was released Apr 23, 2014.
Ene-san was one of the attendees of this month's Pochakawa Night event, and it was Pochakawa Night's mention of this photobook that alerted me to the work of Poko-san. From this angle, she looks a lot like Usagi Minagi-- one of my favorite models of all time.
Tokyo Plumper Girl # 05: Aya
The most recent issue in this series, Tokyo PLUMPER Girl #05 stars Aya, and came out on September 1, 2014.
Besides the Japanese sites, these Tokyo PLUMPER Girl books are available for Americans to download through Apple. The item descriptions at Apple note that the books contain high resolution images with handwritten messages from the models, as well as recorded voice messages which play as the pages are turned.
Sotsugyô #01: Sara
Another series put out by Poko is Sotsugyô, or "Graduation", the first volume of which came out on August 29, 2014.
I gather that the "Graduation" refers to Sara's graduation out of the sex industry. Best of luck to her in her future! What a beautiful young lady she is.
Sotsugyô #02: Sara
Sara's second "Graduation" photobook was just released, on October 10th. Given her efforts to leave the sex industry, I hope it's not too inappropriate to say, this young woman has absolutely incredible thighs! The good news is that Poko-san has said in Tweets that a third volume is coming.
The pictures of Sara are hard to find, so I'll just post what I can, even though each image is of the same photo. But what a beautiful photo it is! Normally I resize larger images to fit them into the page. But this photo must be seen in full size so that every detail can be adored. Isn't Sara absolutely gorgeous?!
In his blog entry for the day he took the cover photo, Poko says he doesn't care for pornography. And to tell the truth myself, I just tolerate it so that I can see the woman's body. I prefer soft-core pink films and female nudes. I'd be perfectly happy just seeing the women on their own, frolicking around in the nude. Even fully clothed, chubby women are a heavenly sight to me. And I certainly don't need a man in the picture blocking the view... but we have to tolerate them for the women sometimes...
Tokyo PLUMPER Lover #01 "Satsuki"
Tokyo PLUMPER Lover #01 "Satsuki" was released on March 1, 2014, and seems to be only a single volume so far.
My take on Japanese "hardcore" pornography-- the AVs-- is much the same with the B&D / S&M stuff in the '70s when Naomi Tani was the top Japanese erotic actress. She was my favorite then because she was such a beautiful woman, plus a very good actress-- but I could have done without all the ropes and candles... Fortunately Poko's images seem to be lacking both in males and in S&M...
Hada no jiheimen #01
Hada no jiheimen (肌の地平面) appears to be the latest of Poko's series. This one features close-up contemplations on the skin of voluptuous ladies. Hada no ji heimen #1 was released on August 29, 2014. Though presumably each volume features in this series features only one model, I could not find names.
Hada no jiheimen #01
Generally, I prefer pictures of the whole lady-- I want to see her face, at the very lease, but I have to admit, that is a spectacular landscape above!
Hada no jiheimen #02
Hada no ji heimen #1 was also released on August 29, 2014.

Hada no jiheimen #02
Though we don't get faces in this series, we do get more nudity than seems to be the case with most of Poko's other work. Though I can do without the AV-style sex, I do like the nudity... I do... I do!
Hada no jiheimen #03
Hada no ji heimen #03 was released two days ago, on October 10, and continues the series with loving looks at plump women's bodies.
Hada no jiheimen #03
The item description says that this lady was insecure about her body, but that Poko-san's intent is to show the natural beauty within. Judging from the cover, he will do a good job of that!
Hada no ji heimen #04 - due out on October 15, 2014
And just tonight Poko-san has announced the fourth volume in this series will be available online the day after tomorrow. It's nice to find such an artistic, and sensitive depiction of the larger female form in Japan. Let's hope Poko continues this fine work for many, many more years to come!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Would you prefer tea or beer?

Debukawa 6
I didn't have much online time at all today, but reports from the Debukawa event last night are good, and judging from the happy group above, the event was a success. I couldn't be there in body, but my heart was there.
The best seat in the house! thing I know, though. If I had been sitting behind this young lady, I would not complain about her blocking my view of the stage. Instead, I would say she gave me the best view in the house!... The event organizer has already announced the time and theme of the next Debukawa Night: March 14, 2015, White Day! (I was the happy recipient of "White Day" festivities from my wife when we lived in Korea-- That's the day when the women treat the men, rather than vice-versa, as is usual on "Valentine's Day".)
Nobody serves tea like Mika Hoshima!
I took time out from my busy day, however, to flirt shamelessly, via Twitter, with the splendid Mika Hoshima with a tweet promoting her Tea Parties.
Ami Yanagida
Also, in my searches, I came across a new discovery: Ami Yanagida. She stakes claims to a P-cup, but a P-cup is Mika Hoshima / Fuko territory, and my eyeballs don't tell me her measurements are quite that vast.
First love at first sight, courtesy of Ami-san
A hand-check for volume might remove my doubts though...
Care for a refreshing libation?
...and if Mika-san serves tea like no one else in Tokyo, I doubt anyone in Nagoya serves beer in a more captivating manner than Ami-san!