Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tamaki Yasuoka: AGD-13 pt. 2

Tonight we finish up our look at Tamaki Yasuoka's Plump Mature Mama Incest: Tamaki Yasuoka (April 2009; AGD-13).
Next up is a bathroom / shower scenario, which is always fun... unfortunately a male counterpart intrudes on the action... Just watching Tamaki soap herself up and clean herself off would be more enjoyable, in my view...

A popular mother-son sex scene follows. Clips of this of this can be found on many video sites, and justifiably so. Mama Tamaki gives one of her best performances here .

When she gets on top and bounces her boobs around, JAV history is made, in my view... does anyone do this kind of scene better than Tamaki Yasuoka? She's got the equipment, and she knows how to use it to its best advantage!

The scene, and the video, end with Tamaki getting it socked to her on the floor. This is another top-notch just-sex-only video from Tamaki. She does what she does best: Looks motherly and domestic, and screws enthusiastically and entrancingly. The only complaint about a video like this is that the lady's acting talents, as seen in the few in which she has a story to perform, are sadly wasted. As we're learning from going through Tamaki's career, she is not only lovely to look at, but quite a talented lady in the realm of erotic entertainment. I keep hoping some Pink film director will cast her in a more story-based and interesting theatrical release...

Inu to obasan (1995)
In IMDb news, I submitted data on three more 1995 Pink films: New credits for the two existing entries at Aria ga kikoeru and Sachi Hamano's bestiality-themed  Inu to obasan, and one new film: Yokohama night: Hyaku-oku no kemonotachi.

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