Wednesday, July 24, 2013

OONIKU-014: Newcomer Fuuka

Since the recovery of my computer, I've been spending my daily Japanese porn-related activities mostly concentrating on this blog, downloading and reviewing videos, getting the List of Models back up to date, and starting a new page, List of Video Reviews. That's been a lot of fun, but I'm getting a little behind on my Pink Film work. I've kept pretty much on schedule submitting information to IMDb (though I lost a month due to the computer troubles), but I've got a pretty big backlog of posters which need to be uploaded to the Pink film blogs. Working for this blog, I've downloaded 60 videos, and have reviewed only 21 of them, so I've got plenty of material to carry me through for a while. I'll continue downloading, but while my computer is at work I'll concentrate on doing Pink Film posts for a while. For here, I'll plan on reviewing a video only on certain days of the week-- maybe weekends-- and doing less time-consuming posts for other days... announcements of new videos coming out, little essays on actresses, etc.
For tonight, let's look in on our good friends at Maguro. They've got a couple new DVDs on their "Ooniku" label. The one we look at tonight is Potchari hôman yûgi 2 boshû to tôkô de mitsuketa niku on'na atsumemashita! (OONIKU-014), which was released just a few days ago, on July 19, 2013. Among the ladies in this DVD are Sarina Kurisaki, Miki Suzuhara, Miu Nishiki, Yukino, and two amateur models.
But the main model featured in this video is a newcomer named Fuuka. The name Fuuka, of course brings immediately to mind the gorgeous Max-Body model we first encountered in October 2011, and reviewed more thoroughly in February 2013. Whether she is the same, I am not sure.
And this is her butt. Max-Body's model spelled her name in hiragana (ふうか), while Maguro's uses kanji (風花). Maguro's model is 163cm tall, and has measurements of 123(K)-87-108, and Max-Body's stood 173cm with measurements of 143(O)-120-145. So, though they do bear similarities, and with the Maguro mode's face hidden it's even harder to tell for sure, I think they are different...
Fuuka (Max-Body)
And here's a reminder of the vision of loveliness that is Max-Body's Fuuka. On a side-note, Max-Body's site seems to be down now, which is a tragedy, since they had some of the finest-looking images of Japanese BBWs to be found on soapland sites. I'll keep my eyes open to find out where she's gone, if Max-Body has closed shop.

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