Friday, July 26, 2013

More from S-cup Annu, BOMC-061

In my post of May 31-- just before my computer trouble caused a month offline-- our hero Bombom Ojisan announced a new model at his blog: Annu, The Amazing S-cup girl. Needless to say, this post stirred up a lot of interest and excitement amongst this blog's readership.
During the ensuing couple of months, Ojisan has not been idle. He has continued posting images of Annu, which I think we'd all enjoy a look at.
The video was released on July 1, and is titled Kanzen dokusen! S-cup! Chônyû sekaiichi! Buttsu chigiri debut! 142-senchi Annu 34-sai (BOMC-061). The title informs us that Annu is 34 years old and, besides her Japanese S-cup size bra (imported, according to Ojisan), her bust measurement is 142 cm. Be sure to visit that link for more images and information.
Bombom Ojisan makes it quite clear that he is very proud of this new discovery and debut, and rightfully so. Here we see Annu's twin wonders draped out for our inspection, and they most certainly meet with our approval. Here's hoping this DVD is just the beginning of a long, productive career for the amazing Annu!


  1. Wow.. finally.. 34 yrs! I like it.. thx so much dekkapai

    1. My pleasure, Anonymous. I'll keep watching for more information!

  2. Great! Just address me as plump1977.