Monday, July 15, 2013

GAS, July 2013: GAS-290 - GAS-292

My month offline got me a little behind on following and announcing new releases, so we'd better do a little of that between reviews. We're still about a week away from the next Cinema Unit GAS trilogy, which is due out on July 20.
The first of the three releases to come out this month is Bakunyû Rosa: Latin-kei half no eroi K-cup (爆乳ローザ ラテン系ハーフのエロいKカップ ; GAS-290), starring the half-"Latin" Rosa.
 Despite being a little too thin for my tastes, she looks cute enough, and Asian/Latin American mixes can be absolutely gorgeous, but she has that major drawback of a hidden face... big, dark sunglasses in this case... Oh well... Video clips: WMV format; MP4 format.
Old friend Jun Minami returns in the next DVD, Deka-bra wakazuma: Minami Jun: Otoko o kuruwaseru onna (デカブラ若妻 美波じゅん 男を狂わせる女 ; GAS-291).
The sample images, and the sample video indicate that Jun-san sports brassieres thoughout most of the video. I know some guys have a lingerie fetish, but I don't especially. I like seeing women in clothes, but it's what's wondering and anticipating what's underneath that has me excited. Video clips: WMV format; MP4 format.
I'm not sure about Aki Haneda, but Meru and Reiko Yumeno have both been seen previously on the GAS label. Above is Reiko-san. Video clips of this compilation: WMV format; MP4 format.

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