Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Iori Kuroki: GUN-804

Tonight's video stars one of IZM's most popular models, Iori Kuroki, this time making a non-IZM appearance. At Boobpedia, I translated the title as Give Me Big Tits or Give Me Death: Unrivaled 130cm Bust * The Ultimate Woman. The Japanese title (Kyonyû or die: 130cm muteki no basuto * saikō no ūman) doesn't make much sense that I understand, so I gave it an idiomatic, American English paraphrase. It was released in June 2009, and was produced by Radix. The Give Me Big Tits or Give Me Death series is on their Batsugun label.
Iori Kuroki is a bit of a problem for me. In her videos for IZM, she specializes in their big, strong, dominant, abusive women videos. Physically I find her absolutely gorgeous: Big, busty, thick... everything I like. But in her dominant/Sadist persona makes her so full of herself, that that becomes a turn-off. Note should be made here, I suppose, that Sado-Masochism has very, very little interest to me. I'm naive enough not to see sex as a power struggle, but as mutual fun. Of that genre, though, I do prefer Iori's type-- i.e., strong, Sadistic woman whipping some wimpy man's ass...
One historically interesting, quaintly old-fashioned thing about Iori-san is that she lets her armpit hair grow, and makes a show of it during her performances. This is irrelevant to the fashion of women shaving or not shaving their armpit hair, but is instead an interesting little quirk developed out of Japanese censorship. Pubic hair was an absolute taboo from the '60s till the '90s, so armpit hair became a substitute for that. Recently, and including in this video, pubic hair is either so thinly scrambled, or even clearly visible, that armpit hair is irrelevant. In some videos she uses the armpit hair as a form of domination, "Sniff THIS!" but in this one, the camera just zooms in on and fetishizes it, like they sed to do in the Pink Films back in the old days when it was clearly a visual euphemism for pubic hair.
The next scenario involves the fantasy of a perverted girl found hanging around outside one's home. Well, that's very convenient! Why don't we take her inside for a litte hanky-panky? Yes, that's a good idea indeed!
This leads to the next scene, a foot-kissing scenario. Foot fetishism is another of those S/M things that I never got. I don't understand the pleasure in either worshiping the foot, or in having them worshiped. But this eventually leads to the boob-kissing, seen above, which I DO understand. Oh, yes, very much!
 One other thing that strikes me about Mistress Iori is that she strikes me as fat than girls who have much more flesh on them-- Usagi Minagi, Tamaki Yasuoka or Miyabi Hayama for example. Those three are just naturally round, roly-poly girls, and God, I love them for that! But Iori seems like a tall, stately girl... big and strong, certainly, but it seems she would naturally tend to be thinner than she appears here. That is not what bothers me though. What bothers me is that throughout this video, the camera seems to make a point of hiding that fat... and I'd like to see it! Her belly is almost always covered, and I know from other appearances that she has no obvious scars or other flaws that need to be hidden.
A straight sex scene concludes this visit with Mistress Iori, involving all the usual stuff-- fellatio, girl-on-top, missionary, doggy, etc. Unusually for typically dominant Iori, the sex bout ends with her on bottom, as seen in the image above. Outside of her IZM image, she is playing more the role of a regular woman, rather than a domineering, whip-cracking mistress. The satisfied conclusion to all this rambunctiousness we see below.
Technically, the video is well-done, and the direction and camerawork almost never gets in the way at all. My only major complaint was in that Iori's body is at least partially hidden through most of the video, as if there were an intentional effort to hide her belly. One sequence is so poorly lit it is almost unviewable, but that is very brief. All said, this video gives us the magnificence that is Iori, with a bare minimum of her usual S&M schtick. Because it is so mild on the SM/degradation stuff in comparison to other Iori appearances I've seen, it was much more enjoyable to me. I'll give this video a high rating. It's a solid recommendation for any fan of big, beautiful Asian women.

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