Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tamaki Yasuoka at Tokyo Topless and Moe no Rinjin

I spent tonight's Hail, Hail posting time catching up some more on recent activity in the Japanese BBW world, and also in organizing my computer files. These files, which I've collected over the past 15 years, have been gradually scattered between my old computer hard disk, various back-up CDs and floppies, newer computer, online storage, etc. With my recent discovery of external hard disks, I'm finally able to put them all together into one big archive. Having all this organized and easily accessible will help more historical-related posts in the future, especially since a lot of these old images and information is now no longer available online...
Checking the July 1 update of Tokyo Topless, I find old favorite Tamaki Yasuoka is given a second feature promoting her appearance at the Moe no Rinjin, Gotanda shop. With all Tokyo Topless' coverage of this shop, as at the shop's site itself, the models' faces are always hidden.
This always seems odd for models like Tamaki, whose face we have seen in dozens of videos... But even without seeing her face, Tamaki's unique attributes are easily recognized.
Tamaki-san had an earlier feature at TT in connection with her presence at Moe no Rinjin, images from which we see above and below. She also appeared in an even earlier photo session for Tokyo Topless, the URL of which was: This photo shoot seems to have been taken down now. It showed the young Tamaki, early in her AV career, smiling face and all. A sample image from this session can currently be seen at Boobpedia's article on Tamaki as the main portrait image.
A comparison of the above shot from the earlier Moe no Rinjin session with the very similar one second from the top in this post, from this month's session shows that time marches on, even for a goddess like Tamaki Yasuoka. She is developing into a nice mature jukujo beauty, but her recent weight loss, reflected in the top two pictures, gives her breasts a rather deflated look, which is unfortunate... In a society as conformist as Japan's, I'm sure that most of these larger ladies are under very strong pressure to lose weight. But my hopes are that she will relax, let nature take its course, let the weight come back on, and fill out that gorgeous body of hers again...

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