Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pocchari Pink? Inspiration strikes!

I spent last night adding birthdates and places to a couple dozen entries on Pink Film personnel at IMDb. Meanwhile, work at Dekkappai's Pink Film Archive continues. I suffered one minor set-back a couple days ago when Google deleted both my blogs and blocked my account. No explanation was given, but my guess is that it was because I was posting so much at the Pink Film Archive, and giving the posts seemingly random dates (I date the blog entry to the release date of the film, which is going to be a problem whose solution I haven't come up with yet once I start working on films made before 1970...). I guess I caught the attention of a spam-filter bot or something. Hopefully that's in the past now... The magnitude of the Pink film project is beginning to dawn on me. I've only finished 2011 (which is only half a year), and 2010 back to mid-2007, and just past the 200th post... Considering that I've got Pink-related stuff going solidly back to 1963, and tricklings of pre-pink stuff from earlier... I won't be lacking for things to do in my spare time for the next decade... (Gorgeous new discovery Fuuka [ふうか]from Max-Body above, left and below, right.)

Though I've always found these Pink films to be quite interesting, my eye must wander elsewhere for pocchari pleasure. Why not combine the two? Hey-- Yutaka Ikejima! Sachi Hamano! Mototsugu Watanabe! One of you guys make us a nice pocchari Pink film series, and we lovers of the full-figured Asian lady and interesting cinema will be eternally grateful. Though it may not be mainstream, BBW fandom in Japan seems to be quite strong already, and growing, so I think it's a viable genre for Pink film or two... And for possible star material? Well, obviously, there are the lovelies who grace the DVDs of IZM, JAMS, et. al., but let me refer you also to the fine establishment of Max-Body. There you can choose from potential star material such as our old bosom friend Masaki Amamiya, whom you see in the bath to the left, and whose shop page can be seen HERE, or from lovely newcomers like Fuuka, seen also in a clean mood above to the right, and all the way at the top of this post, to the left.

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