Saturday, July 20, 2013

GAS-279: Marino Hoshizaki

Tonight we will review another DVD-- a GAS DVD from director Akira Takatsuki. We noted the released of this DVD in a post in April, and now have had a chance to see it.
Titled Sugoi karada: Hoshizaki Marino: 119 cm - L-cup no chô naga chichi! (すごいからだ 星咲まりの 119cm-Lカップの超長乳!; GAS-279), this DVD was released on April 20, 2013. Based on the cover, the model, Marino Hoshizaki (星咲まりの), bears a close resemblance to Hana Uehara, and on first glance at this cover, I thought it was a return to DVD for that memorable, now-sadly-retired model. The immense size of her breasts, on a relatively small, though plump frame, plus her long hair are probably what made me think of Hana. Within the video, however, she does look quite different from Hana.
This is Marino's debut video, and the promotion plays up the unique size and shape of her breasts: Small, firm nipples, with large areolae, and boobs so long they reach to her belly button. Marino is not as chubby and enormous-breasted as Hana was at the time of her retirement, but then Hana wasn't that size at the time of her debut either. I'd say, actually, Marino's body does look a lot like the early Hana.
The video itself is competent, but rather uninspired and repetitive. It consists of standard set-ups we've seen a thousand times, beginning with the interview, and the unveiling of the goods, which we see above. Marino has a shy smile which she uses a lot, and doesn't appear to dislike sex, as used to be the standard practice in Japanese AV. Thankfully that kind of forced sex on a reluctant actress seems to be less popular these days... at least in the big-bust / BBW genre AVs that I follow.
Following that are the usual "momi-momi" boob-massages by a man behind the model, paizuri, fellatio, missionary & girl-on-top sex-- nothing adventurous, and shower scenes. They are well-filmed, and functional. They present this new and lovely lady to the audience, and nothing more.
As indicated in a review a couple nights ago, I think that when girls have longer, floppier breasts like Marino does, they look better on their back, with their boobs bunched up around their faces. Fortunately, director Akira Takatsuki gives us many views of Marino in this position.

Overall I'll give this video a mid-high rating. It's got a top-notch model, and a debut at that. The direction is adequate, nothing more. Not obtrusively artsy, not incompetent. It gets the job done. There is no story at all, just a series of vignettes. With a model this good, if there had been a little trace of originality, or something to distinguish it from thousands of other JAVs it would have gotten a high rating. As it is, it's a nice first look at a beautiful lady we hope to see more from in the future.

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