Monday, July 22, 2013

GAS, August 2013: GAS-293 - GAS-295

So soon after our look at GAS' releases for July, boob-meister Akira Takatsuki has announced his line-up for August. All three scheduled for release on August 24, this trio seems to focus on specialty fetishes within overall big boob fandom.
First we have the lactation fetish, a fetish that never really grabbed me. I understand that's what breasts are for, but for me, when they're lactating, they belong to baby. Hurry up and finish, so I can get back to them! Anyway, our first model is Mei Shinoda, whom I don't recall encountering before.
As with most of GAS' models, Mei-san is quite pretty. She wears a Japanese 100cm J-cup bra.
And for those of you who don't care so much for lactation, next fetish specialization is... lactation... Yep, GAS has not one, but TWO lactation videos coming out next month. This is great news for lactation fans, of course. And I suppose they need fodder for their own fantasies... Who am I to complain?
Anyway, the model in this video is Mio Sakuragi, who also sports a 100cm J-cup bra. She's also very pretty, and apparently another new model.
Lastly we have a retrospective, omnibus video collecting past scenes of... no, not lactation... big-boobed lesbians! Finally something I can enjoy! Yes, I do enjoy seeing two big-boobed Asian gals enjoying each others company. Not because of a special interest in lesbianism, but just because instead of two boobs, you get FOUR!
 Compilations videos like this, while not providing any new material (unless they contain some previously unreleased footage?), do allow us to recall fond mammaries of the past. Above we see two of my favorites from the early GAS era, whom I don't think I've covered here yet. The lovely Ringo Aoyama (also known just as "Ringo", or Ringo-chan)-- easily identified by her uniquely inverted nipples on such large breasts, and the equally lovely, bespectacled Pine Miyazaki (alias Momoko Okada and Yui Kyomoto).
...and since we're in retrospective mode, I can't help availing myself of four more hefty cups of nostalgia from two more all-time favorites, both of whom went on to much-lamented retirements. On top we have GAS' leading lady of her time, Hana Uehara, and on the bottom, the immortal Miyabi Hayama, who, to a round of enthusiastic cheers from her fans, has recently come out of retirement!

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