Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fantastic Fuuka

My IMDb work continues apace. Today I finished translating the credits for 1992 Pink films into August, and I submitted films into May. At this rate, I'll probably finish 1992 well before my deadline of February 28. Whether to then continue straight into 1993 instead of waiting for March, or to spend the rest of February working on another IMDb-related task, I haven't decided yet... But down to business:

We've noted many times before what a truly top-notch collection of BBWs the soapland Max-Body offers, and we've introduced a few girls on occasion. But tonight lets take an extended visit with one of the most gorgeous ladies in their stable of voluptuous lasses, the one and only, mind-boggling, stupendous...
FUUKA!!! (ふうか) I haven't covered this girl here much yet, waiting to accumulate more images, but I find her to be just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I have a few more images of her on my old, offline computer, but putting them online will take a bit of work, so I'll leave off on that until a later time. I spent this night's research time scouring the 'Net for new images of this unbelievably beautiful young woman, and it's going to be hard for me to resist posting every single image I find of this young lady!
You've seen her from the front, now say hello to her butt! We first met Fuuka in a post back in October 2011-- how time flies! I usually prefer more "mature" women-- Tamaki Yasuoka, Miyabi Hayama, Usagi Minagi are closer to my perfect age-range. So with her age reported between 25 and 27, Fuuka is a bit young for me. But she's got so much more that I like, that I hope she sticks around for a long time, to watch her age to perfection, like fine scotch.
Fuuka is not just a "BBW" in the sense I normally mean (heavy, not necessarily tall), she is a pretty tall girl, standing 173cm (5'8"). Her bust and hip measurements are a supernaturally impressive 143cm (56") and 145cm (57") respectively, with an O-cup bra. And it is quite obvious from these pictures that she has got a spectacular chest, and an equally spectacular butt.
Above is an image from a profile page of a Fuuka at the soapland Monroe. I have strong doubts that this is the same Fuuka, however, since her legs seem slimmer, her measurements don't match (but are close), and her blog mentions only Monroe, but not Max-Body. If this isn't our Fuuka, though, this Fuuka sure as Hell ain't bad either!
Unfortunately soapland sites tend to be squeamish of showing nudity, and on the rare times they do, either boobs or face or both are fogged out. Above, we have one of the rare pictures I can find of our Fuuka topless with her face also visible... Ah how I'd like to frolic amongst those flower petals...
A few video clips of Fuuka in motion can be seen around the 'Net. Besides her page at Max-Body, her profile at Fuuzoku Byuaraba (風俗情報ぴゅあらば) gives two brief video clips, one of which is also at fuutube.tv. Fuuka's friend and co-worker at Max Body, sweety-cutie Maika Sakura provides the above image of the two girls together in her blog. We first met Maika in my post reviewing Prometheus last June.
Before starting this blog I already knew most of my favorites-- Tamaki Yasuoka, Minagu Usagi, Hana Uehara, even Sara Aikawa, so Fuuka is probably the new "favorite" I've come across since starting this blog, in fact, if I remember right, her first appearance at Max-Body jolted me out of a brief retirement just to report on her.
This has been a short review of Fuuka's beauty, and I'll certainly continue watching for more images. I will come back to her at this blog again after I've collected enough further material for a decent-sized post.
OONIKU-014 video cover
Fuuka on DVD!?
PS (May 11, 2015): I've just discovered that there is a "Fuuka" on DVD: In Maguro's OONIKU-014 (above)... I'm not 100% sure this is our own Fantastic Fuuka, but it sure looks like her... and it means she is now immortalized at IMDb!

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