Monday, July 29, 2013

The White Bird of Glamorous D: Shiratori

Just a quick note tonight, since I'm busy on the Pink Film blog again. Checking in on our two favorite soaplands, I find that Max-Body site is still down. This is very disturbing news since they had some of the most beautiful of all Japan's BBWs in their stable. But a look at our other favorite soapland, Glamorous D, turns up some new images of old favorites, which I'll save for sharing later, and a new face.
Namely, the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Shiratori (白鳥). I don't think I've every seen her before. The site offers very skimpy information, but doesn't explicitly state she's a newcomer either. She's 29 years old, stands 163cm tall and both her bust and hip measurements are 135cm, with an O-cup bra. She keeps her waist measurement a secret.
She has what I've always thought of as the classic Japanese face, a sweet smile, plus pale skin, which I love, not to mention that truly stupendous pair of boobs. I'll be sure to check Glamorous D often for new pictures of this lady!

There's another thing I'll mention before turning in for the night... it's a thought that crossed my mind yesterday, while watching one of Uncle BomBom's videos which I plan on reviewing soon. I find nothing to back up this idea in any web-searches, but it's a thought: Picture in your mind T-cup Haruki. Now picture Moa Anzai... Don't their faces look very similar? Don't their boobs also look very similar-- the shape, the areolae... except that Haruki's are larger, of course, though she gives all evidence of being a post-pregnancy model... Moa appeared only once, in 2008, then vanished... Is it possible?... And with that thought, I wish my readers pleasant dreams...


  1. From what I hear most of the images they had were Photoshopped, as explained in this thread:

    It's a shame, too, because I believe that they are beautiful without it, and shouldn't be so inclined to rely on it. Then again, it's a fetish for a lot of people for a woman to look like she was drawn by Doomcomic (quite the proficient artist, on the bright side)

    How is your research with Maryou and Luu doing? They've been a bit more active since Comiket 84 is coming up, and I'm eagerly looking forward to more stuff each day!

    1. Thanks for the news, Brandt, but that is a big disappointment-- the arrest/shut-down, I mean. Too bad, I thought they were operating within the law. I'll have to run a post on that news though...

      Whenever I've looked in on LUU lately, I see no activity at all. It sounds like you're following the cosplayers more closely-- feel free to point me to info, and I'll do more research!

    2. Well, it seems like Cutie Fat LUU is met with huge critical praise, which is great for this niche, at least with us.

      She opened up a account which is here:

      I think you'll have to act quickly though, because apparently they're shutting down literally today!

      A big project that's somewhat secretive is a co-op cosplay that they are doing: there is a new chubby character in the Nitroplus series called Super Pochaco
      That seems to be a, sure, of fan favorite Super Sonico. If the rumors are true, then Maryou plans to be Sonico while Luu is Pochaco, and then the whole world dies of blood loss.

      You still have their Twitters, right?

    3. Thanks! I got the material. I haven't looked into the cosplayers for a while, but I don't recall having their Twitter accounts... These DVD reviews, and the IMDb/Pink Film work is keeping me busy, but I'll research for more posts on LUU and/or Maryou later!