Friday, July 19, 2013

BOMC-063: N-cup Ririka's Sophomore Video

I spent another day's worth of Hail, Hail time organizing my vast collection of information and images on AVs and AV actresses, so I didn't have time to watch or review another video tonight. I did, however, check out Bombom Ojisan's blog to catch up on his recent activities. The most exciting news from him is that lovely Ririka, whom we visited in March and April, has a second DVD out.
Due out on August 1, BOMC-063 promises 22-year-old Ririka's first "honban" or real sex.  As is usual with Bombom DVDs, the model's face is hidden in the images I've been able to track down. Ririka certainly has no aesthetic reason to hide her face, which is very pretty.
Also, her breasts are beautiful-- not always a requirement for an appearance in the DVDs of the Ojisan. He tends to choose them for size only. That Ririka is both beautiful and has an enormous pair of boobs makes her possibly the best model I have seen on this label. Bravo again, Bombom Ojisan!

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