Sunday, July 28, 2013

Q-cup Ayane: BOMC-008

Tonight, Sunday, gives us a little extra time to do a video review... We had a quick glance at this one in September 2011, when I started a stub article on it at Boobpedia. I translated the title there as Ayane: 26 Years: Q-cup 141cm (BOMC-008, September 2010). Mousouzoku's official page on the video reports that the video's star, Ayane was then a 26-year old shipping company employee from Sapporo whose enormous bosom attracted the attention of staff and clients alike, and quite understandably so.
The first 10 minutes or so of the video put the viewer in the position of a mirror in Ayane's room, while she primps a little, but mostly plays with her boobs. Said boobs remain in her bra throughout the scene, though her cleavage alone is stupendous and highly arousing in itself. In the next section Ayane disrobes those boobs and licks them, then continues playing with them. After about 10 minutes of this, a man's hands joins her in with the play. This takes us to a total of about 40 minutes into the video, during which the only action we've seen is Ayane's boobs taken out and lightly played with.
For the next half hour, the man gets in bed with Ayane, sucks her boobs and plays with them, she fellates him over his pants then he gives her cunnilingus off-camera while we see her face and boobs. My favorite part of this section, if not the entire video, was the cunnilingus scene (seen above). Normally I don't like cunnilingus-- in JAV, that is-- because it gives us nothing but a huge, pixeled screen, preventing us from seeing the more attractive features of the model-- her boobs, face and butt. In this one, however, the man does his work entirely offscreen, and we get to see Ayane's pretty face and her spectacular boobs laid out on top of each other. She plays with that huge mass of boobery a bit too.
Again all clothes remain on, except for Ayane's breasts. The man, who records the action with a cam-corder, is the same man we see in all of BomBom Ojisan's videos. I suspect he is Ojisan himself. If so, I respect him as a model scout, a filmmaker and a blogger, but I have to say, he is unattractive... really, really unattractive... almost to the point of taking away from the enjoyment of the videos themselves... I certainly understand his wish to be part of the action, but still... jeez... Anyway, this scene also goes on for a long, long time, giving the viewer who wishes to really hone in on, and concentrate on Ayane's boobs more than enough time to do so.
We get about three minutes of unsatisfactory paizuri-- Ayane's boobs are clothed and not fully-seen, followed by about ten minutes of Ayane bouncing on top of the man-- clothed, with boobs out over bra-- while he occasionally plays with her boobs. The last five minutes (sampled above) consist of a more satisfying paizuri scene than the previous one, with some POV shots. After the man climaxes, we get a long, slow look at his cum on Ayane's boobs.
Like all of Bombom Ojisan's videos that I've seen, this is just one long scene in a bedroom with our girl, with no story at all. Also like the rest, given the extraordinary nature of the model, that's all we really need. The bad point of this one is that the model remains clothed throughout, showing us only her boobs. On the other hand, she does show us her face, which is is a bonus not common in Bombom's videos. Ayane is a very pretty, big girl. She's the kind of thick, earthy girl I'd just love to grab and hug. I would have loved to see her butt, legs and belly, but the compensation of her lovely face somewhat makes up for that loss. Watching this video is never unpleasant, though because nothing really happens, it is very slow-moving. This slowness gives the viewer who wishes to do so a long time to concentrate on any action that is of interest. The problem is, there is no real sex, and only a little boob display. Overall, I'll still give this video absolute highest ratings for a boob fan because of Ayane's proportions. I'll judge it a high rating for BBW fans (again, because of the top-level model, down one notch from top because it shows us nothing but face and boobs). From the point of view of butt fans or sex scene fans, I give this a N/A rating, since there just isn't anything in these areas at all.
Due to the extraordinary nature of Ayane, a few notes on her later career may be in order. Two months after the release of this video, Ayane went "all the way" in Ayane, Including Fucking, 26 Years Old, Q-cup 141cm (BOMC-010, November 2010). This promotion of more extreme action builds up the hope that Ayane might actually go nude in this one... Unfortunately, all stills I've seen of BOMC-010 show her clothed nearly as much as she is in BOMC-008.
She returned the following year, with her boobs increasing to borderline R-cup in
Exclusive! Q - R-cup Ayane, Bigger Super Tits! She Fucks, 27 years 144cm
(BOMC-024, June 2011). Judging from stills, she shows a little more skin in this one, but not much. She remains mostly clothed again. This is the last performance of hers I'm aware of, but I'll keep my eyes open for the other two videos for reviews. Clothed or not, Ayane's assets are worth further investigation!

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