Saturday, September 3, 2011

Uncle Bon Bon's Opus

Flopped out a triple o' quicklies from the Bon Bon Cherry series this A.M.-- BOMC #7, 8, & 9. Some of the gals in this series are far from AV-idol attractiveness-- though I'd flip any one of them in a nonce with relish, of course-- but Ayane from Ayane: 26 Years: Q-cup 141cm (seen at right), is a quite lovely and quite abundant BBW. I'd flip her with extra relish in half a nonce. Stupendous bazooms, pretty face, nice, pale skin...

Spent about 15 minutes in the afternoon un-fucking my fuck-ups on the BOMC stubs-- I'd put the DMM address in wrong. My habit of editing from a skeleton / template file, which pastes each bit of info into every location that I'm going to use it, makes fucking up on a grand scale much more efficient. One typo caught after I've posted an article necessitates 3-4 fixes. I started the category for "Uncle Bon Bon", the auteur of the series. Been so long since I started a director category I'd forgotten how...

I watched The Affairs of Cappy Ricks (1937) in the evening. Sort of a drawing-room farce set on the high seas, and on a desert island. Walter Brennan starred as the grizzled old salt. He cornered the market on grizzled. It wasn't bad. Son liked it a lot. Gave us both a couple laughs.

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