Monday, February 4, 2013

Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns

I managed to catch up on my IMDb schedule, submitting Pink film entries into May, 1992. At this rate, I should be done with the year by the middle of the month... But tonight let's pause and look at a few choice ladies I've stumbled across in my searches, and set aside for closer admiration, but whom I can't identify.
First up is this cheerful, full-figured lass I found in a Google-cached image search. The image's site had replaced this image with another girl's. It seems to be from a soapland/deli-health... If she hasn't appeared in DVDs, let's hope she does! Look at that sweet smile, those apple-red cheeks, and those... apples! [P.S. February 5: I suspect this may be Sora Nanami (七海そら), the new GAS girl from GAS-256. I've found new images of her looking similar to this, which I'll post soon.]
I found this image at a blog. It appears to advertise a site or DVD, but the link went to a generic porn site that appeared to have nothing to do with the image... The girl on the right interests me most, and I think I've seen her before, but can't place her... The text in the image says "Lake of Booze / Forest of Flesh; Chubby / Lesbian..." (I can't quite make out the first two characters ("Kyu/air", something) but it seems to be the name of an establishment.) Whatever it is, booze + Asian BBWs sounds like my idea of paradise!
This incredibly gorgeous woman was posted without information on tumblr. Judging from her face, she might not be Japanese, but that's just a guess...
This buxom vixen was also on tumblr. The image contains a watermark that goes to a site for finding Chinese wives. Her face does look Chinese-- though I rather doubt she's available at any pen-pal marriage club... I also have some doubts as to whether this image is completely authentic. For one thing, her boobs look Caucasian...
...Yulia Nova comes to mind...

...and for another thing, the image was found along with the one of Saori Hara above left, which is obviously a faked-up version of the real one, on the right, so both images could be work from the same Photoshopper...
Amy Villainous as Velma Dinkley
And we'll wrap up this session with a couple of Americans. Above is a woman who seems to be engaged in a US cosplay version of Scooby Doo, Where Are You!'s Velma Dinkley. The lady does an excellent job of filling in the character.
(9 Aug 2014 Note: Reader MawBTS informs me below that this knock-out is Amy Villainous, who has a nice profile with pictures at Model Mayhem, and an account at Tumblr. Check her out!)
Velma, above left, was smart, thick and solid, short and buxom, wore glasses, and had strong, thick legs ... I could never understand why the guys were always fawning over Daphne when Velma was my dream girl... That's Daphne above, right. Nothing against Daphne, but if you'd take her before Velma, you're obviously at the wrong blog!
...And finally, this appears just to be a lady. A beautiful, smiling lady. Probably not an actress or any other kind of public performer, but good God, what a vision of loveliness!

As the research and discoveries march on, any help in turning up information identifying any of these charming women would be appreciated!


  1. The gaijin Velma cosplayer is Amy Villainous. :)

    1. Thanks, MawBTS! Jinkies! I'll update the post with this new information!