Monday, February 25, 2013

Come with Mii to H.I.J.

As I mentioned last night, I spent most of my online time yesterday hunting for goodies for this blog. Most of that searching was done at soaplands, so this week, let's take time to visit some of these fine institutions...
Mii of H.I.J.
First stop in our tour of Japan's legendary soapland culture is in Shinjuku, to a shop I had never heard of, called H.I.J. We stop here to meet 22-year old Mii (みい). She stands 154cm, and has an amazing 120(M-cup)-68-98 figure.

None of her shop photos show her face, but she has faithfully maintained a blog at the soapland since September 2012 which gives a few looks at face, and quite a cute one it is too. If you're a fan of cleavage, she offers a wealth of rewarding images of her vast, spacious bosom. The above montage gives you a sampling of the treasure trove Mii provides her fans.
She reports that before going into the soap business, she worked at pubs, snack shops, grocery stores, and florists. She enjoys karaoke and cooking. She doesn't seem to have appeared in any AVs/videos/films yet, but we can hope...

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