Thursday, February 21, 2013

GAS for March 2013: #275-278

I didn't get much done on the Pink Film projects, spending most of my time exploring material related to this blog... The big news here, tonight, is the announcement of GAS' latest releases. Four again this time-- I always thought they released three per month, but that may be incorrect. All four are due out on March 16. And without further ado, let's look in on this month's offerings...
First up is the less-than-spectacular looking Real shirôto: Shôgai ippon no AV: Twitter de nanpa shita onna no ko wa sex chûdoku no I-cup! (REAL素人 生涯一本のAV Twitt●rでナンパした女の子はセックス中毒のIカップ!; GAS-275).
103cm I-cup "amateur" from GAS-275
Not only does the unnamed, thin, "amateur" model not quite seem to measure up to her purported 103cm I-cup, the unfortunate practice of face-hiding now seems to have crept into the GAS series... Hopefully this will not become a regular occurence... A video clip in WMV format, and MP4 format is available at the official site.
Second up on the program is my personal favorite: Chônyû Nayu: Sex keiken ichi-keta no ero-i M-cup: Satsuki Nayu (超乳なゆ セックス経験一桁のエロいMカップ 沙月なゆ; GAS-276). This one features 132cm M-cup girl, Nayu Satsuki (沙月なゆ). This is her solo debut, having previously appeared in the fourth "National Big-Boob Caravan" (全国爆乳スカウトキャラバン4; GAS-262; November 2012), in which she was the most-requested model.
Nayu Satsuki in GAS-276
As demonstrated above, her boobage more than lives up to GAS' high standards in this area. Though soft and wobbly enough in action to fend off claims of surgical enhancement, her boobs are said to be as firm as rugby balls. They give every indication of validating that claim! She has a profile at Moe no rinjin and one at Pocha-jiten, both giving her measurements slightly smaller, and listing her as an L-cup. She does seem more filled out in the GAS images though...
Nayu Satsuki in GAS-276
She is classified as a chijo (痴女), or "perverted woman", at least in one section of the video. "Perverted" here means, I guess, she's a woman who likes sex. And, as seen above, she does put on an enthusiastic face while going through her paces. This is always a pleasure to behold...

Nayu Satsuki in GAS-276
And, finally, without going as far as to being classifiable as BBW really, she gives the appearance of being a happy and well-fed girl, which is always a good thing in my book. All-in-all, Nayu-san bears close watching. Rest assured, I've put her on my radar and will follow her career with interest. The video clip is in WMV format, and MP4 format. Check it out, it's well worth your while.
Next up is Meru o hikitata seru kyokushô-fuku oppai pururun (meruを引き立たせる極小服 おっぱいぷるるん ; GAS-277), featuring Meru, who is nice, but a bit too girlish for me. She's got a fine set of kassooms, certainly, and will no doubt age nicely, but currently too thin and young-looking for my tastes...
Meru in GAS-277
She seems to be a bit of a whiner/screamer in the sex scenes as well, which is not one of my favorite attributes. I prefer happy, smiling Nayu up above. The video clip, as usual, is in WMV format, and MP4 format.
And the final morsel on GAS' platter for this month is Gyôretsu no dekiru paizuri-ya-san: Yumeno Reiko shikkari shibori totte ageru (行列のできるパイズリ屋さん 夢野怜子 しっかり搾りとってあげる ; GAS-278) featuring the delectable Reiko Yumeno. We met Reiko in last month's look at GAS. She starred in GAS-271, a DVD I intend to look at in more depth later...
Reiko Yumeno in GAS-278
If not for the appearance of Nayu, she'd be my favorite of this month's selection. She's just a little more on the girly/thin/floppy side than Nayu
Reiko Yumeno in GAS-278
But she gets points for happily shoving a face-full of boob while on top. Always appreciated. Check out the video clip in WMV format, and MP4 format. Here endeth our monthly visit with GAS!

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