Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ran Yamagishi in Soapland

I haven't quite decided what tactic to take towards getting to work on the Pink Film blogs, so for now I'm concentrating on finishing linking the poster images between the blogs and the Picasaweb albums. I finished 1997 and started into 1998 tonight. There are still over 500 to go (out of 3,100+). Pretty soon I'll copy all the posters I've accumulated since switching computers in November over to the old computer for cleaning, then upload and ID them. I have started some minor work on the first (1955-1990) blog, by removing the bald html links to poster images, and pasting them as caption/hypertext links under the images themselves.
But for tonight's visit to BBW-land, let's look at a big, big girl, the Super BBW, Ran Yamagishi.We reviewed Ran's appearance in the DVD, To Love the Blazing Chubby Beauty: Ran Yamagishi (激ぽちゃ爆乳美人を愛す - Geki pocha bakunyû bijin wo aisu: Yamagishi Ran; TIA-028; February 25, 2009) in the post of January 24.
Ran's profiles give her birthdate as June 30, 1971 and measurements: 153-123-137(cm) with a P-cup bra. She tips the scales at 138 kg, or 304 lb.
She turns out to be quite active in the soapland world. During my searches for information on other BBWs, I've come across Ran quite a bit, and I always save her pictures when I do.
Tonight I present for your enjoyment a few of the nicer images I have harvested from her recent appearances in these fine institutions.
This last one reminds me of David's Death of Socrates... though I rather doubt the photographer had that in mind...

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