Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Golden Tops: Tamaki Yasuoka

Today's IMDb work was pretty minimal. I submitted my quota-- six-- and left it at that.
Tonight let's do something completely different and visit... Surprise! Our Goddess, Tamaki Yasuoka! Tamaki's probably our most-visited model. I just can't get enough of her, and neither can this blog's audience, judging from searches that bring readers here.
The images presented here are all from soapland review site, Golden Tops 2, which has provided us with an interview, an image gallery and a video clip of Ms. Yasuoka at her profile at the site, in conjunction with her appearance at the soapland, Moe no rinjin.
In the interview, besides the usual talk about the difficulty of finding a good brassiere, Tamaki says that appearing in AVs taught her to enjoy her boobs.
Her profile at Moe no Rinjin indicates that she is currently working there. She'll be there today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday this week.
She also has a new DVD appearance scheduled for release on the 15th of this month-- Nikuyoku hôman fuzokuten: Nikuyoku ni nureta otome no yoru no potchari seikan (肉欲豊満風俗店 肉欲に塗れた男と女の夜のぽっちゃり性感; OONIKU-011). Besides Tamaki, favorites Yuuki Manaka and Masked Kaori are to appear in this DVD.
The images of Tamaki I and Kaori am finding for this DVD are new to me, but the ones of Yuuki are old, so this DVD may either be a compilation of older material, or a mix of new and old...
The three images above are from the .wmv-format video sample which can be downloaded from Tamaki's profile at Golden Tops 2. Be sure to check it out, and to drop in on her at Moe no Rinjin if you're lucky enough to be able to do so. Enjoy! And bye-bye for now, Tamaki-san!


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    1. They don't get much better than Tamaki-san! Hey-- whose picture is that you use as an avatar, AV3?

  2. that picture based on a cute model of a online shopping site in china.