Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Osaka Fats

Today in my Pink film work, I finished transliterating the entire filmography of Million Films. They produced and distributed films from 1968 to 1988. In the poster-linking project, I finished 1999 and started into 2000. But in boobish news, tonight let's leave Tokyo to venture into Osaka for some BBW action. The aptly named Osaka Fats offers such a list of girls that I can't decide on just one... so let's sample a bunch of 'em!

First we have 22-year old Mayu, whose measurements are 128(M)-87-109(cm).Her profile says she is an AV actress, but does not give any specifics. Reader Adipose first pointed me to Mayu, believing that she is actually the long-missed, gorgeous Mitsumi Nanao.
Mitsumi Nanao (Mayu?)
And above is the exquisite Ms. Nanao for comparison. Though we can't see her most identifying features-- her half-Caucasian face, and very large aereolae, I think he could very well be right.
Next up is 24-year old J-cup, Yuuki, whose measurements are 126-86-116cm, and stands 167cm tall.

21-year old 143-99-113 K-cup Rina, above, is a heftier girl, living more up to the name of the establishment, than just being busty like the other girls.
And last, but not least, we conclude our tour of Osaka with 23-year old 117(I)-81-110cm Mei.This Osaka Fats shop, while it does seem to offer some extremely nice girls, has the major drawback-- at its site-- of fogging out the faces. Without the face, they all blend into just a sea of faceless cleavage, which leaves out their individuality. Oddly, also, they all wear the same two outfits in the pictures... In any case, there are worse ways to be than adrift in a sea of cleavage...


  1. Thanks for the mention, I later discovered however, that it's Yuuki Manaka. If you click her OF blog, , you can see it's her. I think there're links there to her other blog somewhere.

    I want desperately to go to one of these places, but lacking Japanese ability and being a gaijin puts me off. I have survival Japanese, is that enough (and I mean, survival)? I have read accounts online before from gaijin who had success in visiting OF. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Adipose. Thanks for that info! I'll update the post later... Yes, I think that's conclusive evidence that Mayu is Yuuki Manaka, but it's strange-- I still see more of Mitsumi than Yuuki in those images... Hard to say which of the two I like better. They're both gorgeous women...
      I have absolutely no real experience with the Japanese fuuzoku world. I've just followed it through magazines and films, since the '70s, and now through the Internet. I lived in Korea for a few years, and my wife is Korean. My brother-in-law took me on a few wild nights in Seoul-- nothing too naughty, just a lot of drinking, then to "hostess bars" where you could feel up the women & vice-versa, while they poured you drinks. My impression there was that if I had not been with them-- my Korean family/friends-- that there's no way I could have even got through the door... I suspect the same is true in Japan. i.e., get a good Japanese friend/contact who can show you into the secret world... I have noticed a lot more English used at these sites-- at least the BBW ones that I look at-- and I would like to hope that means they're more open to gaijin these days, but I don't know... Personally, while I too would LOVE to experience one of these places, especially with one of my favorite gals, I am content to just view it from a distance and dream...

    2. Yeah both of them are gems, but Mitsumi's areolas just pip it for me, then again, Yuuki's thighs... ah, call it a draw.

      I do know a few Japanese guys, maybe that's the way to go. If you came to Japan and wanted to visit one of these places, then you should show them the promotional work you do for them online, should get you some free sessions. ;)

      I guess I need to learn more Japanese, got to get cracking.

    3. Between the two of them, Yuuki's thighs are the single most irresistible attribute to me. As an overall package though, I might give the edge to Mitsumi... Good luck on your adventure, and keep us posted!

  2. Their website says that foreigners can use the shop IF they can speak Japanese well enough.

    1. Thanks for the info, Anonymous! That's both a good reflection on the BBW soapland community's openness, and a very good reason to brush up on one's Japanese!