Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shion Sakuraba - TIA-026

I've taken off working on the IMDb project for the weekend, spending my online time concentrating more on research for this blog. I've got ahead of myself here, and have posts scheduled for a few days. I'll do three days worth of IMDb submissions tomorrow. It really only takes about half an hour, tops, to get my 6-film daily quota in, so that should be no problem...
But back to here, with the recent discoveries, we've taken a break from our review of the Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series before finishing it off. Tonight let's return to it, and take a look at Shion Sakuraba (桜庭しおん) in To Love the Blazing Chubby Beauty: Shion Sakuraba (激ぽちゃ爆乳美人を愛す - Geki pocha bakunyuu bijin wo aisu: Sakuraba Shion; TIA-026; November 22, 2008).
We previously met Ms. Sakuraba in the wrasslin' post of June 2012. She keeps a blog, which gives her birthdate as October 1, 1977.
I'm not always a fan of really, really big girls, and Shion IS a really, really big girl, but she is shaped nicely and has a rather pretty face, I think.
Her measurements of 158-123-142(cm) / 62-48-60(in), M-cup bust, and 140 kg (308 lb) are packed onto a 158 cm / 5'2" frame.
Brief samples of video clips of Shion in action can be seen at and
Here our hero measure up the size of the challenge...
...and tries the competition on for size...

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