Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cutie Fat LUU

I still wait for an answer from IMDb to the question I sent last week on why they have rejected all the poster links they took before. This is nothing unusual though, since, if they do answer a question, it usually takes at least a month. I figure the answer's just going to be an explanation though, and that they are no longer taking those links, meaning I have no more personal incentive for submitting work to them. I'm trying to finish up submitting the Pink Film releases for the year of 1992 before calling it quits there-- I've only got about 10 more films to submit-- but I'm getting pretty anxious to really dig into the Pink Film blogs, shaping them up into real reference sources. For now I'm downloading all the Cinepo images that have come up since I moved computers in December...
But on to our subject for tonight-- a brief announcement in this case. New visitor to this blog, lillnsanepanda, notified me that beautiful cosplayer LUU is making a mark in the world with a new photobook. At her blog she also makes mention of appearing at the third Debukawa event, which featured a wealth of all-lovely, all-chubby Japanese ladies. Apparently she has appeared in a cosplay feature on the TBS TV program, "Watashi no nani ga Ike nai no? ~ Josei no odoroki no Karada 20 renpatsu SP" (私の何がイケないの? ~女性の驚きのカラダ20連発SP).
And the 130-page photobook, Cutie Fat LUU (キューティファット ルー; ISBN 978-4-86511-000-5), will be released by Myway Publishing, at a price of 2100 yen. It's available at Amazon after February 26. I'll add any new information here as it becomes available.


P.S. [2/20/13] In the comments below, reader Brandt points us to an online video of the TV show mentioned above. The program gives a brief glimpse into the photo session for LUU's Cutie Fat LUU photobook, and provides us with our first look at LUU in motion. To say she is breathtaking is an understatement...
Her weight-- previously undisclosed, as far as I know-- is revealed as 100 kg. Also, towards the end of LUU's segment we get to hear her voice just for a short time. I found it low, husky and extremely attractive.
A very short look at Debukawa Night follows LUU's segment. In the group photo above, LUU is second from the left.
Debukawa's first "Miss Fat Woman" winner, Atchan, is above. LUU is behind her, with her face fogged out. Let's hope this is just a start, and more video of LUU comes available in the future! LUU is beautiful enough, in my opinion, to bring the BBW genre to the mainstream in Japan!


  1. Great research! I found what I believe is the video, and she appears around the 69:22 mark. It confirms her weight as 100 kilograms (220.4 pounds), and because her height is around 5'07", a BMI of 34.5.


    I'll admit her voice isn't as cute or sexy as I hoped, but she's still lovely on the exterior!

    1. Wow! That's a great find, Brandt! I haven't got a chance to hear the audio yet, but, to an obsessive LUU-fan such as myself, it has plenty I can use to add more info to this post. Sexy or not, I can't wait to hear her voice...