Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moving On to Pink Film Archive & IMDb!

Posting here over the past month has been fun and given me ideas on what can and can't be done in this format. As mentioned earlier, I'll be cutting back on Wiki-type work after the first month of October, and with that, posting at this Boobpedia blog will dwindle. Still I'll plan on posting the occasional essay whenever I come across a new discovery to share here and at BP.

My next project is to upload the Pink film poster images I've accumulated and identified over the years while working on the subject at Wikipedia and Eigapedia. Dekkappai's Pink Film Archive is the first step in that project. (I'm hoping Blogspot allows thousands of posts/images, because that's what it's going to take.) Step two will be adding the info on these films to IMDb, where I've been contributing to the subject sporadically, but quite successfully over the past couple years. (I had to chuckle when I read the message at IMDb on adding new films, along the lines of, "We already have almost every feature film ever released, your new one is probably already here." Well, IMDb, you've barely scratched the surface of the fascinating world Pink film... So, allow me to introduce you to about 100 films a year you've overlooked...)

IMDb will be a better place for this information than the so-called "encyclopedic" Wikipedia and Wikia. Not only is IMDb-- despite what Wikipedia claims-- a much more "reliable" source, because it checks all information before adding it, it doesn't allow any fool to edit it. No one edits it except for IMDb staff. We submit data with sourcing for their consideration, and then they add or reject it. At Wikipedia, where "anyone" can edit, people who are opposed to certain topics come there simply to remove that information, no matter how well sourced. Unless you want to spend most of your time fighting to keep legitimate information in, you are wasting your time contributing there... One drawback to IMDb is that it charges to add posters to their pages, so I won't be doing that. But I'll link to the posters in my new blog at external links at the IMDb page. I've already got a few Pink film posters from 1967/68 linked to another poster image album of mine which never went very far. Those posters are very tame compared with the recent ones. I'll go in with the understanding that they'll probably reject most of the poster links, but at least the info will be there, and the posters will be in my Archive, searchable in English, for anyone curious. I'll continue adding to Boobpedia whenever inspiration and/or new models strike. And I leave you for now with one of the loveliest of Japanese BBW models, one who looks as good coming as she does going: The sublime Tamaki Yasuoka in two images from the DVD MAGURO-008. Tamaki-san, the relish is ready if you've got a nonce to spare for some flippin'!

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