Saturday, September 10, 2011

Träume keine kleinen Träume

Went out most of the day with the family, enjoying Korean, Japanese & Chinese stuff... Finally started posting the Boobpedia articles to the Boin Box series DVD articles, got BOBB-054 - BOBB-078 The first DVD-- Boin "Yume Sazanami" Box-- stars the dreamy Yume Sazanami, who is built solidly enough to have starred in works by big-girl studio JAMS (see: Working Busty Girl! Bomber Boobs Spartan Nursery Nanny ;February 2010 and Big Ass Maze! Enormous Breast Carnivorous Empress; December 2010). She is seen in action at left in a DVD not yet started, Code name: ALB-063. Needless to say, Ms. Sazanami meets with my full-hearted approval. And the day's concluding Boobpedia work was - Boin "Momoko Saeki" Box 2, starring another fine lass, though one whose article has not yet been started.

The cinematic selection of the evening was Private Snuffy Smith (1942), originally titled Snuffy Smith, Yard Bird. An OK Poverty Row (Monogram Pictures again) comedy. Another film directed by Eddie Cline (See Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus from a few days ago.) Offensive Hillbilly stereotyping, I guess, but the dialect they spoke was so bizarre I couldn't recognize it as Hillbilly-ese... The Snuffy Smith comic was still popular when I was younger-- I don't know, is it still around?-- but I don't remember reading it much. A high point was good old Edgar Kennedy doing the gruff authoritarian role that he does so well. The star-- Bud Duncan was a "Little person" according to IMDb. He was funny enough, made a decent Snuffy. His wife looked very much as I remember her in the strip. Strange, but not necessarily very funny... Come to think of it, the strip wasn't very funny either... The son loved it though, and is all set for the sequel, Hillbilly Blitzkrieg (also 1942). Here, fix yerself a heapin' helpin' o' Snuffy fer free at the Internet Archive.

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