Thursday, September 15, 2011

Started one bio this a.m.-- Yui Tachibana-- skinny, pretty gal... I offer her image at right for your enjoyment and edification. These bio stubs go a lot slower than the DVD stubs, because I've been accumulating the DVD info when I'm at faster computers, then putting the articles together and posting them at the slower ones. Using time more efficiently, in other words. I finished 65 DVD stubs for the Boin Box series in less than a week. Yet here I am a week later, and have only added a dozen or so bios... And interest begins to dissolve when things go that slowly. I'll have to think about devising a way to put the bios together in a similar way, in order to increase productivity.

Now's as good a time as any, I suppose, to mention that I plan on curtailing my editing activity after the first week of October. Other hobbies call, and I've been gradually easing back into them over the past couple months. I'd originally intended to spend the last month or so of full-time Wiki-hobbying working on Japanese cinema at Eigapedia and Korean cinema at Yeonghwapedia but I received news that the "explicit" posters of some of the Pink films articles I'd started at Eigapedia (and the "Ero" films I planned to start at Yeonghwapedia) would have to be deleted, making the articles pretty useless, I think. When I want to work on articles with bare-bones info and no poster, I contribute to IMDb. So, Boobpedia becomes my final full-time wiki-hobby outlet, and it is a fine place to wind up this hobby. I'll plan on adding to Boobpedia and this blog whenever new inspiration-- and information-- hits, but it won't be as regular as it has been, or will be until early October.

Anyway, the Boobpedia server was screwing up in the afternoon, so all I got done was to add a few Amazon numbers to the newest Cinema Unit GAS DVDs and info on the latest Shaking Big Boobs series releases. I flopped out a quadruple of bio-quicklies in the p.m.--Momoko Saeki (the lovely lady seen to the left), Suzuka Arinaga, Yumi Kitami, and Mei Asuka-- then called it quits.

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