Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hexvoodoo requested we not edit Boobpedia today, since it was being moved to a new (better, hopefully) server. I watched Where Danger Lives (1950) instead. Excellent little film noir marred only by an unbelievable happy ending. Robert Mitchum is a promising young doctor engaged to be married, who falls in love with a murdering psycho, heads for Mexico with her, leading to all kinds of misery. After she's shot and Mitchum is recovering in the hospital, his fiancee is waiting, sweetly, for him. Hunh? WTF? Not in my experience. She'd have kicked him in the balls and ripped his eyes out-- and that's if she forgave him!

Mrs. Dekkappai, being a chubby, buxom Asian woman herself, knows I like to look at other women-- chubby, buxom, Asian, and/or not-- and she's fine with that. But do you know what would happen if I ever ran off with some floozy, like Mitchum did in this movie?... Do you???

THIS would happen!

And this!
And THIS!!
And THIS!!!


But let's take a breath and pull ourselves together now... Anyway. Claude Rains redeemed himself after the rather disappointing Angel on My Shoulder from a couple days ago. He was superb as the bitter, soon-to-be-murdered cuckolded husband in this movie, though he only had a short part.

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