Monday, September 12, 2011

Boin Box series now up-to-date

Flopped out a quintuple o' quicklies this A.M.-- BOBB-107-111. Noticed another editor had started an article for Akina right before I logged on, so I added a filmography consisting of the two stubs on DVDs of hers I started yesterday. It's good to see other people interested in these subjects. I added some more data to the Oppai label in the afternoon, then finished the Boin Box series project in the evening-- up to #119, Boin "Miina Kanno" Box 2: Breast Slave Breast Fetish. (Pictured on the right, as if to show that good old-fashioned S&M is not dead.) Working through the Boin Box series #54-119-- 65 DVDs-- proved to easier than expected. Yesterday was the only full day of editing work devoted to it-- and that was about 3 hours in the morning, then I just flopped out 2-5 at a time the rest of the day while waiting for coffee to brew, son to finish homework, when I could duck away from the TV during that lousy movie, or whatever few minutes I could spare. All the real work-- the info-gathering-- was done in my 30-minutes afternoon sessions during the week-- and only two of those...

40 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in the daytime, an hour or two at night on weekdays, and about three hours on a weekend to start 65 articles in a week. So, all-in-all, if time is allocated efficiently, the Wiki-work doesn't have to be a time-consuming hobby. It gets to be time- and energy-draining, and destructive when you allow in large groups of "editors" who are fundamentally opposed to the goals or subject of the Wiki (read, Wikipedia "Deletionists" and Admins) to turn it all into one big debate / argument / bureaucratic farce. Wikipedia's figurehead, Jimbo Wales, once claimed WP aspired for "The sum of human knowledge", which is an "Inclusionist" statement if ever there was one. Yet he has allowed the project to be hijacked by people whose sole goal at WP is to remove sourced material they don't want to see. BP, to its credit, has only two administrators, and both of those are in favor of the subject of the project. When one of them deletes something, there is no need to worry if there is some hidden agenda behind it, because they have shown that they are completely in favor of BP's goals. Moreover, the subject of the project is stated clearly and not open for endless "Wikipedia is not..."-type debates: The subject is boobs (well, "big" boobs, C-cup or above-- I'd quibble with that limitation, preferring boobs, just plain old boobs, period. But since this was stated plainly and clearly when I joined up, I have no problem accepting that.) WP's ever-increasing exclusion criteria-- at a project claiming to aim for "the sum of human knowledge"-- are all mob-made, changeable, subjective, open to interpretation, and based on a shell-game sham version of "consensus". There are Wikipedia administrators who are quite open-- both on and off Wikipedia-- in expressing their contempt for both the "community" and the goals of the project. And these thugs-- seen as "hardliners"-- get the most respect at Wikipedia. It's got so bad now that a subject's ethnicity and family background are considered inappropriate information in a biography. What a Godawful, hopeless mess that site is! It is now, officially, totally useless.

Anyway... That was fun working through those 65 DVDs and updating that series, but I'm hankering to get back to my lovely BBWs now. Of course, I should probably start a few stubs on the new Boin Box actresses first though... (at left, Yui-chan from PCHA-013 beckons, "Dekkappai-san! Come back to where your heart is! Enough of skinny girls in handcuffs! Start an article for meeee!!!" Coming, Yui-chan, darling, coming, coming, coming...)

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