Monday, September 19, 2011

Boin Box Bios done, Uncle Bon Bon outdoes himself

Finished the Boin Box series bio-stubblies for the new actresses this a.m. I know I have a moral obligation here to live up to my "Adult Content" warning, but I can't resist... allow me to once again indulge my fetish for clothed women. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous Boin Box sweater-girl Rei Minami to your left, here from a DVD code-named TMEM-012 on the as-yet unexplored Baltan label. Combine that with the unveiling on the right, and you have as pleasant a little scenario for your viewing pleasure as you could ask for.

I went back and started a couple bios on older Boin Box actresses which had been left, but the server started fizzin' up (the trusty old "Forbidden" message), so I counted up my bios from the past week and added them to my curriculum vitae-- 37 bios in all. And now with that obligation out of my way, I'm free to take another safari into my beloved pocchari territory.

I then took a little time to browse around a little and found that DMM has released the highly-anticipated screenshots to the Bon Bon Cherry series DVD BOMC-029 (Exclusive! Never Before Seen! 26-Year-Old 144cm T-Cup Haruki, 50cm Difference Between Top and Under Bust), bearing a record-breaking T-cup model. Unfortunately none of the images have her face visible. To the left, Haruki further satisfies my fetish for clothed models. However, note the rounded window pane in the background of the image at left, indicating that either Haruki lives in a home constructed by hobbits, or the photographer felt the need to enhance the model's supernatural attributes with that fish-eye lens I was complaining about a couple days ago. I mean, what the hell, Uncle Bon Bon?! This is may be the biggest bazoom yet captured in the history of Japanese AV, and you feel the need to exaggerate it with photographic manipulation?

The image at right seems to give a better idea of what the lady's chestular attributes look like clothed, with a minimum of photographic interference from our dear Uncle.

Now, if I can direct your attention back to the left, we see the goods in the process of unveiling.

Et voilà
. Glance to the right, and no more words are necessary. I will leave you to contemplate the goodness of nature's bounty... DMM kindly offers a video clip to sample the harvest...

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