Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ran Yamagishi: TIA-028

My IMDb work continues right on schedule. I submitted film entries into early November yesterday, leaving just about a month and a half of 1991 to finish, which I should accomplish in a couple days. Then I'll get an early start on February's project: 1992...
Back to the recently-discovered treasure trove of Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty series images tonight. The toothsome morsel we visit today is Ran Yamagishi (山岸蘭), who stars in To Love the Blazing Chubby Beauty: Ran Yamagishi (激ぽちゃ爆乳美人を愛す - Geki pocha bakunyû bijin wo aisu: Yamagishi Ran; TIA-028; February 25, 2009).
I've had a little too much Bushmill's Irish Whiskey and Bass Ale tonight, so I'll just leave off and let the images speak for themselves. I think they lay out the narrative of the proceedings more eloquently than words could, especially in my inebriated state. I'll add more information on the video later if I come across some. Until then, ENJOY!

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