Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Tweet

I'm still spending my online time working on IMDb Pink films (2001 & 2002 currently), and obsessively checking Twitter for new posts from my favorite ladies. A lot of them  got into the Halloween spirit. With the time difference, Halloween is all done and over with, yesterday, in Japan, while it's still going on here.
A Debukawa Halloween
Debukawa's bevy of BBWs starts the evening off in a happy mood. With my iffy Japanese, I'm not always sure, but I think this picture was taken at the last event, which had the Halloween theme, rather than last night.
New to Twitter: Masaki Amamiya!
My newest Twitter friend-- and she is new to Twitter herself-- is the lovely and voluptuous Masaki Amamiya. She didn't give us any Halloween pictures, but she has been posting some beautiful pictures, such as the one above, which she uses for her avatar... so you can see why I enjoy every Tweet she makes!
This picture of her gorgeous legs is the one that inspired me to strike up a chat with her. We're supposed to pay attention to her shoes, but I can't take my eyes off her calves.
A squeaky clean Halloween with Miyabi Hayama
Miyabi Hayama's cobweb-covered cleavage gave her male fans something to ogle on their phones while taking their kids trick-or-treating...
LUU gets serious!
No namby-pamby, watered-down, Disneyfied Halloween for Cosplayer LUU! She took the season in its original spirit and gave her devoted fans this eerie image.
Mika Hoshima, also being of the cosplayer persuasion, got into the seasonal spirit as well, but in a more cutesy manner. First she gave her fans this lovely, spooky picture.
Nice smile, huh?
And then she gave us a second Halloween themed portrait, this one with a lucky Jack-o-lantern happily nestled in her cleavage...
Congratulations, Sara Batty!
Sara Aikawa didn't give us any Halloween pictures this year, but earlier in the week she thrilled her loyal followers with this image of her her own monumental cleavage in celebration of the attainment of 2,000 followers.

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