Saturday, October 11, 2014

Would you prefer tea or beer?

Debukawa 6
I didn't have much online time at all today, but reports from the Debukawa event last night are good, and judging from the happy group above, the event was a success. I couldn't be there in body, but my heart was there.
The best seat in the house! thing I know, though. If I had been sitting behind this young lady, I would not complain about her blocking my view of the stage. Instead, I would say she gave me the best view in the house!... The event organizer has already announced the time and theme of the next Debukawa Night: March 14, 2015, White Day! (I was the happy recipient of "White Day" festivities from my wife when we lived in Korea-- That's the day when the women treat the men, rather than vice-versa, as is usual on "Valentine's Day".)
Nobody serves tea like Mika Hoshima!
I took time out from my busy day, however, to flirt shamelessly, via Twitter, with the splendid Mika Hoshima with a tweet promoting her Tea Parties.
Ami Yanagida
Also, in my searches, I came across a new discovery: Ami Yanagida. She stakes claims to a P-cup, but a P-cup is Mika Hoshima / Fuko territory, and my eyeballs don't tell me her measurements are quite that vast.
First love at first sight, courtesy of Ami-san
A hand-check for volume might remove my doubts though...
Care for a refreshing libation?
...and if Mika-san serves tea like no one else in Tokyo, I doubt anyone in Nagoya serves beer in a more captivating manner than Ami-san!

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