Friday, October 17, 2014

LUU at Debukawa Night

I don't have time to put together much of a post tonight, but one of the good things about Twitter is that I'm getting so much information from people I'm interested in, I can throw out a short post in a few minutes. So tonight we just have time for a quickie.
Spectacular LUU at Debukawa Night #6
In two tweets from a couple days ago, lovely LUU-san reminded us that she remains a presence, a force to be reckoned with in the BBW world. She Tweeted or re-Tweeted some images from last week's Debukawa Night event.
And they are spectacular! I've tweeted responses to LUU a couple times, in my terrible Japanese, but she's ignored me so far... LUU is a cruel, cruel mistress! But I LOVE it!...

[P.S. 10/20/2014: LUU-san just gave me a "Thank you"-- I'm a happy man!]

[PP.S. 10/20/2014: Here is a page with a video clip (bottom of the page) that claims to show LUU performing in an AV. I've seen claims of LUU in AVs before, but have always found them to be false. (One claimed that Erika was actually LUU.) This one may have some merit though. Any experts care to weigh in on this matter?]


  1. Heh, she kind of looks like a member of Nudist Beach. You'll have to look around anime places to know what I mean.

    Sorry if this is too personal, but you've mentioned earlier that your wife is a Korean plus-sized woman. How would she fare appearing on this blog?

    1. Hi Brandt-- Yeah, I see what you mean, I don't know if that was her intent...

      Mrs. Dekk? No, I'm afraid there's no chance of her gracing these pages... she's mine & mine alone ;-)