Monday, November 3, 2014

BOMC-080 - BOMC-083

By now I have either bored, confused or offended all the ladies I Tweeted, as is my usual effect on women, so tonight let's leave Twitter alone and catch up on one of our favorite DVD labels: BomBom Cherry/BOMC. Since we last visited with them, in July, they haven't released a lot. Only four more DVDs.
On Twitter, BomBom Ojisan has been promoting a new girl, Momo, but I haven't seen her in a DVD release yet. Possibly she's going to be in BOMC-084, about which I have found no information. In any case, Momo is a busty skinny girl, which is not really my type... not that there's anything wrong with that... I just prefer the chubbier, more mature girls...
N-cup Ririka in BOMC-080
Two of the four DVD releases we look at tonight are compilations of past favorites. The first, BOMC-080, features the lovely 23-year-old 123cm N-cup girl, Ririka in three DVDs she has appeared in for the studio: BOMC-060, BOMC-063, and BOMC-065.
She's a little younger and thinner than I usually like, but her nice smile and overall voluptuousness win me over. This claims to be a limited edition collection of all her appearances for the studio, so get it while you can!
L-cup Hotaru in BOMC-081
BOMC-081 is a debut for the new model, 118cm L-cup Hotaru. She looks a lot like Ririka above, and so all my comments about her apply here as well-- pretty, voluptuous, but a bit young and girlish for my tastes.
The promotional material says that she's a shy, nerdish teenaged girl. The shyness and nerdishness appeal to me a lot. If she were older, and had glasses too, she'd be even more irresistible in my book!
M-cup Kaera in BOMC-082
BOMC-082 stars 25-year old 110cm M-cup Kaera, whom we previously met in BOMC-073 and BOMC-077.
As BomBom Ojisan's models tend to be, she's a rather reluctant amateur, and this appears to be her last performance. Plumper and older than the two previous models we've encountered, with Kaera-san we're getting more into my taste range.
S-cup Annu in BOMC-083
The last of tonight's DVDs is another retrospective. BOMC-083 gathers together the four DVD in which 35-year-old, 142cm S-cup Annu-san appeared: BOMC-061, BOMC-064, BOMC-067, and BOMC-068.
Now here we have a nice, plump, mature, Margaret Dumont-ish matron I'd love to take to the opera, or a Marx Brothers movie some time!...

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