Monday, October 20, 2014

Nurses LUU & Mika Make Dekk's Day Brighter

Nurse LUU, at your service!
I planned on spending my online time today in the rather dull and solitary task of translating credits for Pink films released in 2000 to submit to IMDb later. I did do that. But instead a dull day online, it turned out to be quite an eventful one. This morning I was still recovering from Sara Aikawa's nod to me yesterday when none other than LUU thanked me for a reply of a few days ago. She then went on to favor her followers with some racy photos, one of which you can see above.
And Nurse Mika standing by!
But wait, there's more! As if that weren't enough, I later had a full-fledged conversation with Mika Hoshima... OK, on reflection, I guess it was pretty short... alright, if you want to get technical, she tweeted me twice while tweeting several other followers... but still... it's Mika Hoshima! And get this: she thanked me for writing about her! Writing about Mika-san is a pleasurable job if ever there was one.

It was very sweet of both of these lovely young ladies to take time out to reply and make a fan's day brighter... Thank you, thank you!


  1. oh, thank the stars! Someone on 2chan just posted a bunch of photos they took with LUU!

    I'll share the link as soon as I repost them,

    1. Looking forward! Did you see that site with video clips of Debukawa 4 I added yesterday?