Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dekkappai Tweets! Correction from Maria Yuriko & Debukawa 6

My new Twitter page
I've got a little time off to myself this week. Rather than spending my online time with my usual IMDb work-- which I can do during a regular week-- I plan to take some time out to watch and review a few films, organize and post some of the new Pink film images I've found recently, and to look for new information and posters for Pink films from the '60s (my favorites). While doing so, I came across an old friend from Wikipedia, kmrt, who, being Japanese, has a lot of knowledge of Japanese cinema, and Pink in particular. He has a page on Twitter where he posts a lot of great images and information on obscure films, Japanese in particular.

In order to reply to him, I had to create an account for myself. So old man Dekkappai has now become acquainted with a site that the whole world has known about for years. For the background to my page I used Noriko Tatsumi's shapely leg from Mamoru Watanabe's classic Pink Film, Slave Widow (1967), and for my icon I used an image of good old Chester Conklin. I wanted to put out the impression that I'm serious in my research, but silly too, as well as the silly self-importance of us males, in comparison with the divinity of womanhood. Chester may be a bit too much, but Noriko-san's leg is seriously, divinely lovely, isn't it?... Anyway, looking at these messages from Pink/BBW personnel will give me something to do while taking breathers in my work on IMDb, Boobpedia (if I ever get back there), this blog, etc.
Announcement at Candy Drops last month concerning Miyabi Hayama

I've already seen many interesting announcements from Tweeters that I've put on my "follow" list. For example, Candy Drops has an announcement concerning an appearance by BBW lovely Miyabi Hayama last month.
Announcement at Candy Drops last year concerning Miyabi Hayama
Her now-defunct profile page at this site gives us this other announcement, apparently from last year.
Miyabi Hayama at Candy Drops last year
...as well as a few poses that should be preserved for posterity.
Maria Yuriko
In an amazing coincidence, the Japanese Twitter BBW community seems to have just become aware of my blog right on the same day that I discovered Twitter. As soon as I added her to my list, I saw that that cutie Maria-Yuriko-san had just Tweeted about the post I devoted to her last year at this blog, and pointed out an error. I was able to correct that within minutes of her note. (Here are some EXCELLENT pictures of Maria-Yuriko by by new hero, the photographer "Poko"!)
Debukawa 6 - October 11, at midnight!
Mari-Yuriko-san doesn't give any indication whether she approves or disapproves of my following her, but the Debukawa Night Twitter account seems to be enthusiastic. And I most certainly return the enthusiasm for their fine work in highlighting the beauty of these larger Japanese ladies. Their posts these days mainly are for the announcement of the Sixth Debukawa Event, to be held at the Loft Plus One in Shinjuku beginning at midnight on Saturday, October 11. According to the post on the official site, most of the old familiar faces will be there, as well as some newcomers, but this time with a Halloween theme.
LUU goes commando
Winner of the Third "Miss Fat Woman Grand Prix", lovely LUU will be at the event again, giving me an excellent excuse to post this "no bra day" image I recently discovered.
Comedy Duo Honeytrap (Umeki [L] & Yagi [R])
The funny-face-making gentleman from Debukawa 5 returns for 6. He is apparently teamed with the plump lady, and together they will emcee the event.
Meet Mr. Pink and four lovely actresses at Ueno Okura!
Also, if you happen to be more of a Pink Film fan, Ueno Okura theater also has some exciting news for October 11: "Mr. Pink" himself, actor-director par excellence, Yutaka Ikejima will be on hand to announce the appearance of four Pink starlets: Riko Matsui, Yuzu Hoshino (this year's Best New Actress at the Pink Film Awards), Nana Aida (Best Supporting Actress), and making her debut Pink stage appearance, AV-idol Yayoi Tsukimi. This event starts at 3 p.m., so it will be possible to get your Pinkie fix in the afternoon, and then go admire some lovely BBWs at midnight, both in one day! If you're lucky enough to be in Tokyo, go to one or both, and tell 'em Dekkappai sent ya!


  1. Hi Dekk! could you tell me the name of actress in potyaj-007(http://maguro721.com/dvd/detail_179.html) and in abnomal-015 (http://maguro721.com/dvd/detail_311.html). I Love them both :-D. Thanks!

    1. Hi CoPhong! No, sorry, I couldn't find names for either one. My guess would be that they're both newcomers who haven't decided if they want to have long enough careers to take a performing name yet. Hope they do eventually... Nice butts!