Wednesday, October 8, 2014

BBW Wife Nasty Mansion

BBW Wife Nasty Mansion (RMAN-004)
I've been thinking about how to best fit my new Twitter account into my Pink/BBW work. Here's the deal: Instead of cluttering up these posts with, "I added this, this & that to IMDb today, now, here's the ladies", I'll just introduce the ladies here, then post the quickie IMDb update notices at Twitter. And speaking of Twitter: Courtesy of a Tweet from long-time favorite, the beautiful Iori Kuroki, I became aware of a DVD that will be of interest to followers of this blog. Titled BBW Wife Nasty Mansion (RMAN-004), it will be released tomorrow by Takara Visual, and appears to be based on a manga. As you can see from the logo above, this one has an actual English translation in the title, which will make adding it to IMDb that much more convenient and useful to the Anglosphere-- I will try to add it on its release date tomorrow.
Images like this, from the DVD's trailer, indicate that this is a live version of a Manga, but I haven't been able to find any information on it. The author is apparently Rei Shinozaki (しのざき嶺), who appears to be a general erotic manga author, rather than a BBW specialist.
It would be nice to accurately match up the ladies with their cartoon counterparts, but without more information on the manga, that is difficult to do. Since I don't follow manga, I can't tell, but it's possible these images were just created for the video, rather than coming from a pre-existing series.
Iori Kuroki in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion
For followers of this blog, the major center of interest in this DVD will, of course, be Iori Kuroki herself. I think she has become even lovelier as she matures, and since she has left the dominatrix roles. Here she appears in chubby, motherly housewife-mode, which she has taken up lately to great acclaim from yours truly.
Rin Aoki in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion
Another highlight of the cast is Rin Aoki, who was previously a thin gravure model. She has been maturing and filling out quite nicely since joining the AV world.
Hiromi Kishikawa in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion
Voluptuous beauty and active Tweeter Hiromi Kishikawa makes a trio of major big-bust/BBW stars in the DVD.
Maho Kiriya in BBW Wife Nasty Mansion
Making the celebrated trio a quartet is pulchritudinous Maho Kiriya. I don't know about her yet, but judging from the images presented here would be happy to see her more often.
The BBW housewives have a chat (skinny Ôka Fujimiya: right, center)
Ôka Fujimiya (center on the couch to the right in the image above) rounds out the cast as the one thin girl in this festival of female flesh. I might guess the charming, chubby ladies are encouraging this slim lass to eat more and make her hubby happy... but, of course, I'm reading my own preferences into the scenario... It's probably more likely that the mature and plump ladies are jealous of a thin young newcomer...
But we'll have to watch the DVD to find out for sure. So, keep watching the skies! A feast for fans of big, bouncy ladies! Coming out tomorrow! To a DVD outlet near you!

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