Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Batty, Botty, Booty, Butt... A Rose by Any Other Name...

Sara-san's sweet face is not our topic of discussion tonight...
Tonight we have an interesting linguistic lesson, courtesy of one of this blog's favorite models: the lovely Ms. Sara Aikawa. But kiss her pretty face goodbye for now, because tonight we look at things from another angle.
Sara's bounteous batty in an early, youthful appearance: Pocha pocha princess pretty: Migoto! (TIA-020; 2008)
Lately Sara-san has been using the nickname "Sara Batty", much to the puzzlement of her English-speaking followers. "Batty?", we wondered. "Crazy?" Well, she gave me the explanation and cleared up the mystery today, and it's quite fascinating.
Sara's bodacious batty fully mature
"Batty" is Jamaican patois word for "Butt"... "Ass"... "Rump"... "Sit-upon"... "Arse"... "Derrière"... "Fanny"... or whatever you want to call that nice, soft, warm, comfy asset that Ms. Aikawa shows off so pleasingly in the picture above. As such, I wonder if "batty" has any relation to the more standard British/American slang, "Booty". I associate "booty" with African-American slang of the 1960s and 1970s, which came into the general lingo during the disco era. But Oxford says "booty" originated in the 1920s. The presumed derivation of "booty" is from the British children's term "Botty".
Batty buddies: Sara and "Mimi", another lovely lass
And since I read that the Jamaican word is pronounced "bawty", perhaps "botty" is the better spelling for Ms. Aikawa's nickname... At least it would prevent us clueless white guys from pronouncing it as if it were related to the flying mouse-like critter, and wondering what bats have to do with it...
Battling batties! Sara-san takes on all challengers at Tokyo Pocha Doll, June 2013
I would hazard a guess that all these terms for the noble gluteus maximus ultimately derive from the Old English word, buttuc, or buttock in Modern English, or simply, "butt" for short... though, then, they could also derive from "bottom" too...
Kiss Sara-chan Good night! MMMmmmwaaah!!!
But, as the Bard so aptly put it, A rose by any other name would smell as sweet... Now don't you wish learning about languages could always be this fun!?...


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