Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GAS: November 2013: GAS-302 - GAS-304

...And tonight we look at the upcoming releases from Cinema Unit GAS. These DVDs are all scheduled to be ready for purchase on November 23, 2013.
First we have GAS-302, titled Chônyû Hina: Iki makuru binkan M-cup: Kurosaki Hina and featuring the debut of 133.5cm M-cup Hina Kurosaki.
Besides her generally all-around huge bust, Hina-san's most celebrated physical features are her 10-centimeter areolae. She's also a nice, chubby girl, and I heartily approve of what I see in the video sample, which can be downloaded in WMV or MP4 format.
Nana Matsuzaki's second appearance for GAS is appropriately titled, Second stage: Matsuzaki Nana: Nana to yari makuru! (GAS-303). Since we first met 115-cm K-cup Nana-san in on the occasion of her September debut video, she she has appeared in Weekly Playboy.
Nana Matsuzaki in GAS-303
Unlike her "cuter" debut appearance, in this video, Nana-san participates in "harder" sex scenes, including erotic strangulation. Video samples are downloadable from GAS in WMV and MP4 formats.
The third of this month's trilogy of GAS releases stars Rino Momoi in Gyôretsu ga dekiru paizuri-ya-san: Momoi Rino hatsu kôkai! Kimochi ii paizuri shingata (GAS-304).
Rino Momoi in GAS-304
We first saw skinny and busty 102cm K-cup girl Rino-san in June when we noted the imminent release of GAS-286. WMV and MP4 formats.

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