Monday, October 7, 2013

Annu: BOMC-067

Tonight I'm happy to pass on news of another DVD coming out starring one of the most popular big, BIG Japanese girls around: Bombom Ojisan's mighty discovery, S-cup Annu. I notice that other English language sites are calling this model "Anne", which is probably the correct name. But the Japanese kana for her name (アンヌ) literally sounds like "Annu", so that's what I've been calling her... I'll continue calling that until I see evidence from the model or Bombom Ojisan that her name is actually intended to be "Anne",
Like BOMC-066 mentioned in this blog a couple days ago, this one is due out on November 1, 2013. Titled, Kanzen dokusen! Sekai no S-cup Annu! Dare mo mita koto no nai paizuri honban! 142cm 34-sai (BOMC-067), it promotes Annu's second "homban" or real sex.
While the purpose of an AV, obviously, is to show us girls undressed, I've often mentioned my enjoyment of seeing these big, buxom girls in clothing. The DVD cover amply shows what I'm talking about-- look at what Annu's enormous figure does to a shirt! Imagine coming across her in your daily life! ...And look at the image above and imagine the pleasures of fluffing up those pillows for a place to rest your head... or face...
Of course, one of the pleasures of seeing them in clothing is watching the act of unfurling those awesome orbs from that shirt. Letting those wonders loose into the open air for breathing.
What is the old adage about more than a mouthful being waste? Well not in my book! And not in Bombom Ojisan's world either, if that is the director and legendary big-boob scout we see in this still...
If my count is right, this is Annu's third appearance for Bombom Ojisan, and I suspect he is enjoying her as much as his audience is. Keep them coming, sir!


  1. Yes, annu is back! So how old is she?

    1. Hi Anon-- According to the DVD cover, she's 34 years old.

  2. Do you have any idea where i can buy or download her movie ? im finding it difficult to obtain it because im not living in japan..i really love her tits , its so big & totally amazing

    1. Hi, frizky!
      Japanese Amazon has this DVD for sale at:
      unfortunately they won't ship adult items overseas...
      DMM doesn't seem to have this one, but it does have Annu DVDs:
      in Eglish:
      I believe they do ship or provide streaming for customers outside Japan. A quick look around the Internet didn't turn up any other outlets selling Japanese AV overseas (maybe some readers can help). But you might also look at the download sites:

      Hope this helps!